Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity

ISBN: 020138423X
ISBN 13: 9780201384239
By: Edwin F. Taylor John Archibald Wheeler

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About this book

A concise, direct examination of general relativity and black holes, "Exploring Black Holes" provides tools that motivate tools that motivate readers to become active participants in carrying out their own investigations about curved spacetime near earth and black holes. The authors use calculus and algebra to make general relativity accessible, and use quotes from well-known personalities, including Einstein, to offer further insight. Five chapters introduce basic theory. The book also includes seven projects regarding the analysis of major applications. Discussions provide the background needed to carry out projects. The book's projects guide readers as they fill in steps, compute outcomes and carry out their own investigations. For astronomers, mathematicians and people interested in learning about the relativity of black holes.

Reader's Thoughts

Eugenio Capiello

Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity


for my road less traveled project, I chose to do it on black holes. For the research I read Exploring Black Holes. This book explained how black holes work and the physics and theories behind them. This book provided a lot of info and in-depth research. It surprised me how humans can know so much and so little at the same time. The book was informative but a little dry and sometimes i couldn't understand what they were talking about. A great book if you want straight-forward information.

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