Ezra and Nehemiah (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)

ISBN: 0877842612
ISBN 13: 9780877842613
By: Derek Kidner Donald J. Wiseman

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Reader's Thoughts

Robert Murphy

As always, Kidner knocks it out of the park. So much good stuff said in so few words. The technical parts seem to be interacting with the NIV, which they apparently took to heart. Newer revisions of the NIV seem to incorporate all his comments, as does the ESV. This book has been a great help to me in writing annotated translations, like everything Kidner does and the rest of the TOTC series. This is a splendid commentary and I would recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about Ezra/Nehemiah.

Marshall Walter

Classic Kidner...not deep but a good summary of the book.

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