Ezra Pound: Poems

ISBN: 0571204309
ISBN 13: 9780571204304
By: Ezra Pound

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Reader's Thoughts

Alisa Wilhelm

This collection has 6-7 poems that I enjoyed and responded to--those were wistful and lovely. But many of the poems were too densely packed with classical Greek mythology references that I didn't have knowledge of. The introduction was very interesting and helpful in giving context to the poems.


Although Pound's probably not a man you'd wanted to have met when he was alive, what with his support of Mussolini and rampant anti-semitism and such, he's certainly an interesting man.This collection is a glimpse into a body of work so broad and often obscurantist to the point of being unintelligable, and it's not a bad one. You have to start somewhere, and this is as good a place as any.A man who can influence the poetry of both Eliot and Bukowski must have been doing something right.

Hugh Treharne

Feel pretty stupid after reading some of these poems

Brian Wilson

There were a few nice poems at the start, but after a while I got so confused that I lost interest fast. I'm primarily a fan of prose, so I guess Pound is just one of those poets that doesn't do much for me.

Christian Krüger

In die Texte kann ich mich nicht einfühlen.


There has to be a better collection out there. His first twenty pages are magical, everything I expected Pound to be, but it gets into anachronistic Japanese pieces and middle-European canto excerpts and I lost interest.

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