Federico Garcia Lorca: Biblioteca de poesia

ISBN: 8466202919
ISBN 13: 9788466202916
By: Federico García Lorca

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About this book

Long regarded as one of the premier Spanish modernists, Federico García Lorca's newly revised Collected Poems is a welcome contribution to this outstanding poet's prolific body of work. This bilingual edition includes many recently discovered poems and revised translations, updating the completeness of the verse produced by Lorca during his short life (he died at 38). Lorca's poetry is quirky, playful, not only filled with orange groves and olive trees, but a strange, physical world where a river has "garnet whiskers" or there exists a "recumbent sky" or "mummified ocean." Lorca wrote love poems, though we can never be sure what exactly is desired. His poetry isn't abstract, but the images are sometimes a bit out of reach--if anything, he tried to give the abstract a physical presence. For example, a lovers' exchange is given dimension in "The Poet Tells the Truth": "Let the skein never end / of I love you you love me, ever burnt / with decrepit sun and old moon." What Lorca wrote of a friend gored by a bull in "Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías" seems applicable to his poetry generally: "I sing of his elegance in words that moan / and I remember a sad breeze in the olive grove." Collected Poems is an important addition to any poetry collection, especially for those unfamiliar with Lorca or those who wish to read the poems in their original Spanish. --Michael Ferch

Reader's Thoughts


a cock blooms in a well. it is small and bright. then it gets big. it shoots up the well & kisses children yelling down. they retain the memory of this flashing cock forever. the word "oblong" is beautiful to them forever.


read these poems with the idea that some of them would become puppet shows! they are beautiful in their imagery alone, but thinking in terms of literal illustration made me focus on them in a way that i might not other wise have.tom! i want this book back!!!

Sunny Cooper

Spanish deep songs, gypsy lore, laments, mad love, scandal, revolutions. What's not to adore? If you know that Lorca's body was riddled with bullets and beaten with rifle butts in a cemetery and that still today no one knows where his body rests, his poetry will take on the specter of a ghost who still has things to say.




my favorite anthology of poems!


Beautiful. There is no other word to describe Federico Garcia Lorca's poems.


"Let there be a panorama of open eyes and bitter inflamed wounds.Out in the world, no one sleeps. No one. No one.I've said it before. No one sleeps."


headed to see Little Ashes tonight, did a little reading about Lorca, would like to read more. there's lots of Surrealist lit i always meant to read; need to remember to get after that.

Chicory Poetry

Cryptic LyricismAnother voice silenced by the Franco Regime


Night up we two with the full moon,I began to cry and you were laughing.Your disdain was a god,my complaintsmoments and doves in a chain.


What I read was okay, but I barely skimmed the surface. Will need to finish this in bites...the early work is hard to digest.


since high school I've loved his poems, now I'm trying to learn Spanish and what better way


So I'm still reading this, off and on for ages, but it's a huge book! More thoughts to come.

Peter Crofts

Wow, a massive volume with a great introduction. I don't know what it is with me but I'm always going for the collected works of any poet I'm interested in. I don't know if that is always a good idea as it can be quite overwhelming to encounter a volume such as the size of this one which exceeds a thousand pages. That being said it also features the original language on the facing page which I always like to have when I hit thorny areas, it's also great fun to occasionally try and translate a poem into English for yourself. Lorca is considered one of the great modern poets, that in itself shows that the term modern is so broad as to mean almost anything. I suppose in his attempt to find an authentic vitality rather other than nostalgia, sentimentality or a long past expiry date romanticism he is definetly experimental. Yet there is no doubt that the blood that runs through his work is deep red and of high temperature. Lorca was a poet who wanted his work to feel like it had grown out of the place which was so much of what he was, in this way he's somewhat like Frost. Although they "feel" very different for both the complexity of their thought is ingeniously hidden behind what at first would appear to be rather prosaic sentiments. I absolutely love this book, I wish I had known of Lorca many years ago when I travelled through southern Spain as it would be enjoyable to read them within the atmosphere that inspired them. There is a Selected Poems of Lorca from FSG that may appeal to some who want to give him a try but are a bit wary of the heft of this volume. My only complaint is that, as often seems to be the case, FSG has bound it very cheaply. You bend the spine at your own risk as the book tends to come apart. Considering this publisher is one of the most expensive out there I find it highly frustrating that their books often fall apart.

Patrick T. Randolph

This collection makes the soul dance in great grins1

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