Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat the International Terrorist Network

ISBN: 0756790557
ISBN 13: 9780756790554
By: Benjamin Netanyahu

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Reader's Thoughts

JPP Smorenburg

MP Benjamin Netanyahu mentions the great democratic dilemma when governments must fight terrorism with the means available to them to protect their citizens, they appear to endanger their rights in the process. He examines the security of civil liberties in that process and the utmost importance of determined action against terrorism. He gives a spine tingling overview of domestic terrorism accross the worlds nations from the 1960's, international terrorism in the 1980's, and the rise of militant Islam in the 1990's explaining their respective origin and ultimate goal. The spector of nuclear terrorism leaves the reader in a cold sweat, thinking what might happen when this technology is in the hands of those with little regard for any life, and irrational ideologiclal fanaticism. Recommended.

Kathy Marler

A view from someone who has lived the extreem effects of terrorism...where the U.S. is headed if we don't wake up and do something.


Interesting. Gave the history of modern terrorism, which was new to me.


I became interested in Netanyahu after hearing him on the Imus show. He's was incredibly articulate and comes off as a very intelligent man. I realize he has his detractors- but all that aside- he's got some important things to say. For example- this book- if taken as gospel by our government when it originally came out six years ago- could've prevented the terrorist attacks of 9/11. There's a lot of good background information on terrorists groups- their backers and the motives behind terrorism in the book. I highlighted the most interesting bits in yellow.


No real surprises in this book. If you've followed Netanyahu's political career and policies, you probably already understand what this book will be about. This book is about more of the same, and not about creative solutions. The policies will make sense to readers who share his beliefs that the Arabs are anti-Israel, not because Palestinians lost their land to create a Jewish State, and not because of Israeli policies which impact the arab population, but because the Arabs and Muslims are by their nature anti-Jew and anti-West. Thus, the only answer for Israel and Western Nations is to deal with them from a position of strength and distrust until they see the light. I imagine that this is such an obvious truth to him, that to even consider the effects of alternate paths to peace such as by stopping continued 'illegal' settlements, or compromises leading to a Palestinian state, don't warrant any mention in this book at all.


I read this when I lived in Israel right before Netanyahu won his first election as Prime Minister of Israel.


Written over ten years ago by current (and two-time) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his insights into fighting international and domestic terrorism are just as relevant in 2009.


Great book. This book was written pre 9/11. We should have read it sooner.


An how-to guide on fighting terrorism from the once and future prime minister of Israel.

Martin Streetman

Here is another book with a really old bookmark, all I need is a few more weeks of being snowed in and I will be through all of my started books pile.So this book was written in 1995 and one wonders if our leaders had bothered to read it how september of 2001 would have been different. One big supprise was that he is in favor of gun control, one would think that after the disarming of German Jews by the Nazi's prior to the Holocost he would have a strong position against gun control. I guess you learn someting new every day.

Michael Connolly

The main thing I learned from this book was that the Arab terrorism of the 1970s and 1980s received much support from the Soviet Union. Since the end of the Cold War, Iran has become the major state sponsor of terrorism.

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