First Impressions (Language of Love #5 – Foxglove)

ISBN: 0373510055
ISBN 13: 9780373510054
By: Nora Roberts

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Reader's Thoughts


First Impressions by Nora Roberts was actually two stories in one. First Impressions was my favorite of the two. Vance Banning moves to a rural town to try to get away from his stressful life and find some peace. He doesn't expect to meet his neighbor Shane and find himself immediately attracted to her. The two are drawn to each other but when secrets are found out, their love might not be able to overcome the problems they bring.Blithe Images is the second story, and didn't really appeal to me as much as the first. Hilary is a model who is doing well in her career and is often an exclusive contract with Bret Bardoff who owns a magazine with highest acclaim. He is sometimes difficult to work with, but Hilary finds herself craving all of him including his love.I enjoyed First Impressions more because the characters were more realistic as well as the plot. I wasn't really a fan of Bret from Blithe Images so that drew me away from the story. He wasn't the best hero to read about. I would definitely recommend the first story but am less inclined to recommend the first.


Vance Banning datang dari Washington untuk menenangkan diri. Selama ini Vance merasa sakit hari dan lelah akibat pernikahannya dengan perempuan yang hanya peduli pada hartanya, lantas menjadikan pekerjaan sebagai pelarian Vance. Vance mengasingkan diri untuk memikirkan kembali tentang hidupnya. Ia membeli rumah kosong dan berniat menyendiri hingga batas waktu yang tak ditetapkannya.Rencana itu bubar akibat kedatangan tetangganya yang memperkenalkan diri sebagai Shane Abbott. Meski bersikap kasar agar dijauhi siapa pun, tapi Shane tak peduli. Dia tetap menjadi tetangga yang baik. Bahkan menawarkan Vance untuk merenovasi rumahnya karena mengira Vance seorang tukang kayu yang sedang menganggur.Shane yang ceria, terbuka, impulsif, dan tak bisa menyimpan rahasia membuat Vance tahu segala cerita tentang Shane langsung dari Shane sendiri. Tentang rencana pernikahannya yang gagal dan membuatnya mendapat tatapan iba dari seluruh penduduk kota, ibu yang tak pernah peduli, nenek sebagai satu-satunya anggota keluarga pun kini telah meninggal dunia. Vance sendiri tak pernah bercerita pada Shane tentang dirinya. Tentang siapa dia dan apa yang dikerjakannya di Washington.Vance mulai merasa nyaman dengan hidup sebagai tukang kayu dan pelan-pelan mulai mendapat order pekerjaan dari para tetangga yang lain. Tepat disaat itu ibu Shane yang seorang sosialita muncul dan mengenali Vance sebagai CEO Riverton, perusahaan besar di Washington. Dia mulai memeras Vance dengan mengancam akan membeberkan rahasia Vance pada Shane karena ia tahu Shane sama sekali tak tahu siapa sebenarnya Vance.Sebenarnya cerita bagus tapi entah mengapa saya tak simpati membacanya. Bagi saya karakter Shane agak kurang lovable meski saya sendiri tak mengerti dimana letak kekurangan Shane.@ Halmahera02062013

Desiree reilly



I seldom read love stories. This was given to me. I finally picked it up and actually enjoyed it. It was well written and it kept my interest. I have always liked reading her J. D. Robb books. Glad I finally took the plunge with this story. She made the characters likable which was a big help, I think.


I do not believe that Nora writes bad books, just some are better than others. This book is entertaining, but for me it showed it's age a bit, it was written in 1984. Nora has definately written a lot better stories. It has some funny moments and some cheesy ones. If you are a die hard Nora fan, of course you have to buy it and read it at least once. Otherwise I recommend reading a friends copy or visiting your local library.


This book has the qualities of a fairytale and I love that. The hero literally sweeps the heroine off her feet.It has the usual contemporary romance feel - he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not...Then, oh, HE LOVES ME! It was sweet. I laughed out loud several times during the story. Nora Roberts is so clever with the interaction she has between the two characters.The hero is a disguised prince, note that he is rich and he ends up falling for a small town girl with little possessions. Sigh... Isn't that what all girls dream about?

Terri Stenton

A fun, light hearted read. The story is about a country girl who falls for a wealthy business man but doesn't know that is what he is. The story line is such that it keeps you wanting to read more. Looking forward to reading more Nora Roberts books...

Bleu Caldwell

Ugh. Sometimes Nora Roberts' traditional romances are okay, and I love her In Death series, but this was just way too much cheesy romance for me. I would've given First Impressions two stars -- it was cheeseball but cute -- but Blithe Images set my teeth on edge. The hero was mostly a jerk and the heroine was just too submissive -- I don't mind fluffy stories, but I really hate that dynamic. Also, I wouldn't classify either of these as holiday-themed. Just because it has Christmas in it doesn't make it a Christmas book.

Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*

There was never a thought to deny him. She knew she was already his."I'm not an idealist, I simply don't automatically assume there's someone waiting to take advantage of me. I think you miss a lot more by not trusting people than you risk by trusting them."This book was absolutely fantastic! Such a sweet and wonderful love story that took place around the holidays! The only thing I would change about it would be to make it longer, since I didn't want it to end!A great book to read near Christmas time to really lighten your spirit and warm your heart!


This was a good one by Roberts. A girl (Shane) from the rural part of Maryland returns home from the city. She is intent on starting her own business and needs to redo her grandmothers house. Her next door neighbor (Vance)happens to be a carpenter so she enlists his help. Vance wants nothing more than to be left alone, especially from women. He's currently hiding out from his old life and job as the head of a major construction business. I liked the storyline, I thought it was cute but I was a little confused when Shane's mom showed up. It was a little random and felt like it was just thrown in to add some drama to the story. Besides that fact, I couldn't get over the similarities between the character of Vance and Roarke from her In Death series.I realize this book was written way before the appearance of Roarke, and I have a feeling she may have been basing Roarke's character on the same person Vance was based on, or Roarke came from Vance. Either way, whenever he came onto the stage I couldn't help but think about the similarities.It didn't ruin the story, but it was distracting.


It's not very Christmasy. Pretty weak on the part of the Silhouette editors to release this as a part of Nora Roberts' hardback Christmas series. But whatevs.It's Nora Roberts, and it's a solid, sweet story. Some of the stuff in the book made me shake my head and go "no way" so it wasn't completely believable, however it was enjoyable.And fast. I read it in a couple of hours.

Fanny Roswita Ria

Lebih suka cover series inggrisnya dari pasa seri terbitan gramedia *lho?!*Nora Roberts selalu berhasil menciptakan chemistry antara Hero&Heroine secara gamblang namun halus. Sama spt novel2 lainnya, bahwa ketika Shane bertemu dengan Vance di toko kelontong Donna,,Shane lansung tahu bahwa Vance itu adalah "pria untuk dirinya". Yah itu adalah satu hal yg sampai skrg gw pikir adl khayalan tp beruntung sekali ketika seseorang bs mengalami hal tsb.Vance sendiri adl seorang yg kaya raya,pemilik perusahaan konstruksi terkenal&terbesar, mengasingkan diri karena merasa pribadinya menjadi sosok yg tdk dikenalnya. Terlalu larut dlm pekerjaan, tdk lagi menikmati setiap prosesnya dan terlebih masih ada luka yg ditinggalkan mendiang mantan istrinya yg sangat mengguncang dirinya.Dilain pihak, ada Shane Abbot, seorang guru sejarah yg memutuskan utk kembali ke kampung halaman setelah nenek yg dikasihinya meninggal dunia. Terlalu beresiko memang, ditengah modal yg begitu pas2an Shane memutuskan utk membuka museum kecil&toko barang antik di rumah peninggalan neneknya yg penuh dg atribut2 "antik" dari kakek buyut Abbot yg ikut berperang pada masa itu.Ada interaksi yg membuat mereka harus bersama, ada dorongan yg menjadikan mereka waspada, ada intrik yg membuat mereka berpisah dan ada kesadaran yg akhirnya menyatukan mereka..Happy reading

Carol [Goodreads addict]

I found First Impressions by Nora Roberts a few months ago while browsing in a little tiny thrift shop. Nora Roberts is one of my all time favorite authors and the beautiful Christmas cover also attracted me. This was a perfect book for this time of year. Vance Banning is the president of the nation’s largest construction business. But, he needs a break from the city and from his past. So he buys the old Farley place in the country to restore it and try to find himself again. Somehow, though, the small community thinks he is an out of work carpenter. Right next door lives Shane Abbott. She spent four years in the big city as a teacher. But, after the death of her beloved Grandmother that raised her, she has gone home to restore her Grandmother’s home and convert it to a museum and antique store. Shane is one of those wonderful people that wears her emotions on her sleeve. When she laughs, you can’t help but laugh right along with her. But being so emotionally open also subjects her to be easily hurt. The first time she laid eyes on Vance, she felt something. She knew she needed to find out just what that feeling was but Vance was having none of it. He made it clear he did not want company. But, Shane decides she needs his help with her house and thinks that Vance needs the work so she hires him as a carpenter. As they get to know each other, she breaks through Vance’s brittle exterior and slowly helps him to heal. But what will happen when she learns the truth about Vance’s past? Will she be able to forgive him for not being honest? And there is someone in Shane’s past they will have to deal with as well. This wonderful Christmas story is told in true Nora Robert’s fashion, with beautiful scenery and characters with complicated lives. She has a way in her words of making me almost feel the snow down my back and the cold on my cheeks. It was a perfect book to set the mood for the holidays.

Anita Fleming

I found this on my local library Christmas display table. I loved this book! It is about Vance, a man taking a break from his life by buying an old rundown farm in a small town where no one knows him. Shane and Vance meet and it is true love at first sight. Both feel it but they take a little time figureing that out. She makes him feel alive again after so many years of guilt while she comes to terms with the death of the one true family member she has left!


First Impressions - G+Nora Roberts Escaping the rat race and the lure of gold-digging women, wealthy businessman Vance Banning moves to a small, rural retreat, telling the townsfolk that he's an out-of-work carpenter. All he wants is peace, quiet and to keep away from women. So the last thing he needs is a charitable neighbor--especially a beautiful, gracious and persistent neighbor of the female persuasion--but there's something about Shane Abbott he just can't ignore.Vance is certain his cover story will stop his lovely neighbor from getting too friendly, but Shane is determined to break down his resistance. Vance has been burned once, so only a fool would fall for the same innocent act twice. And he's no fool. But he has no idea how relentless Shane Abbott can be when it comes to giving a helping hand--or a loving heart.He needed to simplify his life and mend his broken heart. She was searching for a place to finally fit in and a man who could love her for who she was. Together they discover that all they really needed was each other, and that love is the greatest Christmas gift of all.

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