First Impressions (Language of Love #5 – Foxglove)

ISBN: 0373510055
ISBN 13: 9780373510054
By: Nora Roberts

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Reader's Thoughts


Gostei bastante destas duas personagens, a masculina por ser bastante reservado em relação a sua posição social e não usar isso para "agarrar" a feminina. E a feminina por ser uma mulher bastante lutadora que não se deixa enfraquecer perante criticas negativas em relação aos seus sonhos, uma mulher decidida que sabe o que quer. Casal perfeito sem duvida ;) A continuo a gostar mais dos Harlequins da Nora, que dos formato normal.


It's not very Christmasy. Pretty weak on the part of the Silhouette editors to release this as a part of Nora Roberts' hardback Christmas series. But whatevs.It's Nora Roberts, and it's a solid, sweet story. Some of the stuff in the book made me shake my head and go "no way" so it wasn't completely believable, however it was enjoyable.And fast. I read it in a couple of hours.


The final installment of my holiday fill was not as satisfying as I had hoped. I read three holiday stories (to include Skipping Christmas and A Wallflower Christmas) and this was my least favorite, unfortunately. The plot was just too unbelievable for me..I'm not a cynic, I don't think, but how vehemently she professed her deep and undying love within two days of meeting our romantic hero was beyond what I could get behind (Sparks flying? Perfect! Feelings? Awesome! Passion? Definitely! But this went far beyond all of those things). I also thought the conflict between the two main characters in the end was far fetched...I just don't think anyone would react as strongly as Shane did to Vance's deception. The only other issue I had was the "clunky" writing. I think this was an early novel of Ms. Roberts', because her writing usually has a great flow for me, but she used the word "had" WAY too many times in this particular story-so much, in fact, that it became really distracting and I almost couldn't finish it. I did enjoy Vance as a character and thought that, in the end, the spark between him and Shane was definitely believable for me. Otherwise, though, I was disappointed.


First Impressions - G+Nora Roberts Escaping the rat race and the lure of gold-digging women, wealthy businessman Vance Banning moves to a small, rural retreat, telling the townsfolk that he's an out-of-work carpenter. All he wants is peace, quiet and to keep away from women. So the last thing he needs is a charitable neighbor--especially a beautiful, gracious and persistent neighbor of the female persuasion--but there's something about Shane Abbott he just can't ignore.Vance is certain his cover story will stop his lovely neighbor from getting too friendly, but Shane is determined to break down his resistance. Vance has been burned once, so only a fool would fall for the same innocent act twice. And he's no fool. But he has no idea how relentless Shane Abbott can be when it comes to giving a helping hand--or a loving heart.He needed to simplify his life and mend his broken heart. She was searching for a place to finally fit in and a man who could love her for who she was. Together they discover that all they really needed was each other, and that love is the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Kata favorit yang selalu di ucapkan oleh Cy, untuk mantan tunangannya, Shane adalah ceroboh.Shane bukannya ceroboh, dihanya tipical orang yang flamboyan, yang murah hati dan sangat terbuka. Kembali ke kampung halaman setelah neneknya meninggal dengan mewarisi rumah yang berisi harta karun, Shane merencanakan masa depannya dengan membuka museum dan toko barang antik. Cy menganggap itu investasi yang jelek, tidak dengan Vance, seorang tukang kayu kaya tetangga Shane yang bersedia ditawari pekerjaan jam2an dgn bayaran $6/jam.Keterbukaan SHane, membuat hati Vance tertarik, apalagi setelah pengalaman buruk yang dia alami dengan Amelia, istri yang dinikahinya selama 4 tahun, yang menghabiskan begitu banyak uangnya, membohongi dan terakhir mati ditembak kekasih istrinya yang cemburu.Melihat usaha SHane dalam merintis bisnisnya, membuat Vance takjub, dan merasa heran, Shane bersedia bekerja begitu keras hanya untuk menghasilkan uang yang sedikit, karena bingung, untuk dibelanjakan apa uang yg banyak. Mantel bulu? tapi Shane tidak tertarik dengan mantel bulu seperti kesukaan Amelia.Disini Shane menceritakan mengenai kehidupan neneknya yang awalnya adalah putri seorang kaya, Vance mengenal keluarga tersebut, hingga kehidupan yang dia jalani.Satu pernyataan yang menarik dan patut kita simpan yang disampaikan Shane kepada Vance adalah "kau menjadi korban hanya bila kau memilih untuk menjadi korban"Shane sebenarnya adalah buyut, bukan cucu, ibunya Anne Abbott adalah artis yang kurang tenar, memiliki sifat yang sangat jelek serta memeras Shane dengan menuntut bagian dari warisan neneknya dan membuat SHane guncang, dalam kondisi yang down Vance menemukannya dan memutuskan dia harus menyelesaikan urusan Shane dengan ibu. sayang sekali ANne sangat pendendam, dan mencoba menghancurkan hubungan putrinya dengan Vance.


I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I adored the characters :)

Anita Fleming

I found this on my local library Christmas display table. I loved this book! It is about Vance, a man taking a break from his life by buying an old rundown farm in a small town where no one knows him. Shane and Vance meet and it is true love at first sight. Both feel it but they take a little time figureing that out. She makes him feel alive again after so many years of guilt while she comes to terms with the death of the one true family member she has left!

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This one rounded off my holiday romances marathon, and I have to was, eh. The best of the best for me were definitely Kleypas with Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and Robyn Carr with A Virgin River Christmas (I know a new one came out this year, but book four is as far as I've gotten in the series). Those two packed a punch. They were sneaky with the way they used Christmas to get me all messy with emotion. I fell in love and I hurt with it, but by the end I believed it all.This one was an unfrosted cookie. Or, maybe it was all frosting, while the other two were decked out meals with all the trimmings. The points are all here. The banter. The misunderstandings. The Christmas tree. The characters are engaging, in their expected ways, but it felt like a checklist of points to make. Vance was bitter and Scrooge-like, until vivacious, loves as hard as she laughs, Shane (a girl, btw) marches up to him offering the secret multimillionaire a job for six bucks an hour. She's trying to be neighborly, and he's trying not to laugh in her face. He enjoys the chance she gives him to just be him again. A carpenter. Instead of the head of the biggest construction firm in the country. They fell in love immediately and he had a forced Rhett Butler quality about him. I got that he wasn't a gentleman, but he didn't have to be so heavy-handed and rude all the time. But eh, not horrible. Just not to my liking. All the pieces were there, I just wasn't as interested in the picture as I'd have liked to be.

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There was never a thought to deny him. She knew she was already his."I'm not an idealist, I simply don't automatically assume there's someone waiting to take advantage of me. I think you miss a lot more by not trusting people than you risk by trusting them."This book was absolutely fantastic! Such a sweet and wonderful love story that took place around the holidays! The only thing I would change about it would be to make it longer, since I didn't want it to end!A great book to read near Christmas time to really lighten your spirit and warm your heart!

Bleu Caldwell

Ugh. Sometimes Nora Roberts' traditional romances are okay, and I love her In Death series, but this was just way too much cheesy romance for me. I would've given First Impressions two stars -- it was cheeseball but cute -- but Blithe Images set my teeth on edge. The hero was mostly a jerk and the heroine was just too submissive -- I don't mind fluffy stories, but I really hate that dynamic. Also, I wouldn't classify either of these as holiday-themed. Just because it has Christmas in it doesn't make it a Christmas book.


Vance Banning datang dari Washington untuk menenangkan diri. Selama ini Vance merasa sakit hari dan lelah akibat pernikahannya dengan perempuan yang hanya peduli pada hartanya, lantas menjadikan pekerjaan sebagai pelarian Vance. Vance mengasingkan diri untuk memikirkan kembali tentang hidupnya. Ia membeli rumah kosong dan berniat menyendiri hingga batas waktu yang tak ditetapkannya.Rencana itu bubar akibat kedatangan tetangganya yang memperkenalkan diri sebagai Shane Abbott. Meski bersikap kasar agar dijauhi siapa pun, tapi Shane tak peduli. Dia tetap menjadi tetangga yang baik. Bahkan menawarkan Vance untuk merenovasi rumahnya karena mengira Vance seorang tukang kayu yang sedang menganggur.Shane yang ceria, terbuka, impulsif, dan tak bisa menyimpan rahasia membuat Vance tahu segala cerita tentang Shane langsung dari Shane sendiri. Tentang rencana pernikahannya yang gagal dan membuatnya mendapat tatapan iba dari seluruh penduduk kota, ibu yang tak pernah peduli, nenek sebagai satu-satunya anggota keluarga pun kini telah meninggal dunia. Vance sendiri tak pernah bercerita pada Shane tentang dirinya. Tentang siapa dia dan apa yang dikerjakannya di Washington.Vance mulai merasa nyaman dengan hidup sebagai tukang kayu dan pelan-pelan mulai mendapat order pekerjaan dari para tetangga yang lain. Tepat disaat itu ibu Shane yang seorang sosialita muncul dan mengenali Vance sebagai CEO Riverton, perusahaan besar di Washington. Dia mulai memeras Vance dengan mengancam akan membeberkan rahasia Vance pada Shane karena ia tahu Shane sama sekali tak tahu siapa sebenarnya Vance.Sebenarnya cerita bagus tapi entah mengapa saya tak simpati membacanya. Bagi saya karakter Shane agak kurang lovable meski saya sendiri tak mengerti dimana letak kekurangan Shane.@ Halmahera02062013


I love the characters Nora dreams up in her head. She gives them so much life. I feel like they are people i know personally everytime i finish one.

Jacob Proffitt

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to revise my opinion of Nora Roberts books released in the 80s. I liked this book more than my rating is going to show—mainly because I half fell in love with Shane, myself. She's quirky and determined, but mostly I like her self-trust and ability to accept people and events as they are. Vance is kind of a turd, but he does grow on you so I'm not disgusted that Shane was attracted to him. Plus, I like that he's running (more or less) from an unusual past that both explains his gruffness and why Shane is just the woman for him.So why the downgrade? Shane goes all stupid at the end of the novel, more or less contradicting all that we know about her to that point. It was frustrating and completely unnecessary that she forgot herself so much that she could let it affect the love she knows she has. Frustrating beyond belief and it doesn't help that her crisis is propelled by the very least appealing character of the book (and possibly of all Roberts' 80s novels). The book might have been shorter if Roberts had simply cut out the next-to-last chapter or three, but it would have been vastly improved as well. If it weren't an audiobook, I'd be tempted to perform the edit myself...A note about Steamy: A couple of truly excellent sex scenes and not just because I find Shane so very appealing, viscerally.


First Impressions: I'd call this formulaic crap if it wasn't so well written. I genuinely liked both Vance and Shane (although I hate their names) and thought there was good character development, especially with Vance. However, it's very much the "he has secrets and doesn't tell her until she finds out from someone else, even though he totally meant to, and she's super pissed" trope. Decent enough escapist reading. Obviously a repackaged Silhouette title.Blithe Images: Threw it at the wall. I have to say straight off that I am not a fan of borderline abusive "alpha" heroes. When Bret, who happens to be Hillary's boss, compels her to lunch with him despite her reluctance, straight up says "I rarely listen to 'but' or 'no.'", then stalks her to a club where she's on a date, makes her dance with him, then physically and forcibly restrains her from leaving the dance floor until she agrees to call him by his first name, and when she complains he hurt her tells her he thinks she's tough and can take it, I was completely done. That is never acceptable. I refuse to read about her falling in love with this a$$hole.First Impressions: 3 starsBlithe Images : half a star, if not lessTogether: 2 stars


I do not believe that Nora writes bad books, just some are better than others. This book is entertaining, but for me it showed it's age a bit, it was written in 1984. Nora has definately written a lot better stories. It has some funny moments and some cheesy ones. If you are a die hard Nora fan, of course you have to buy it and read it at least once. Otherwise I recommend reading a friends copy or visiting your local library.

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