Flash to the Core

ISBN: 0735712883
ISBN 13: 9780735712881
By: Joshua Davis

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Reader's Thoughts


This is a great book for starting out with Flash. Davis really knows what he's doing and is able to explain concepts well. My one quibble is that at times his actionscript instructions had minor errors, which, for a first-time actionscripter, can really make you scratch your head. I would imagine that this is not Davis's problem so much as a the publisher/editor's, but it's gotta be accurate. I noticed that the tutorial files that one can download online were acurate, and as such, did not have the minor errors in the book.

Matt McClard

Joshua Davis is easily my all time favorite designer/artist. This book was amazing. It was written in a simple and easy language that helped me approach Flash in a new way. I still use the things I learned in this book, now almost 6 years later. I hope that he puts out some more books, but he is busy making awesome machines.JoshuaDavis.com

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