Flight: 100 Years of Aviation

ISBN: 0789489104
ISBN 13: 9780789489104
By: R.G. Grant John R. Dailey

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Reader's Thoughts


A huge book with great info and images. The layout and design of the book really suited the amount of information. Lots of little details not in normal general aviation book, but like any book there where areas I would of liked a bit more info on specific aircraft or decades.

Juwon Kang

My book has instead the subtitle: "The Complete History." It's still the same book. At any rate, this is yet another great DK book. DK books strive to impart info in a fun, digestible way. In this book, the history of flight is presented in chronological order. From Da Vinci's vision to the Global Hawk. Very comprehensive. There is much info on space exploration too. As always, with lots and lots of rare photos of people, equipment, and aircraft. "Unparalleled" is the word that comes to mind.


An awesome book. Informative, great pictures and just brilliant for anyone interested in aviation -- sits lovely next to "Human" and "Animal"

Shawn Strope

This is a good book if you are looking to write a research paper or do a project over the airplane. this book mainly covers the wide variety of different airplanes and how they have been getting better and more advance over the years.

Patricrk patrick

don't read this as a e-book adobe edition on a netbook. It has three columns and my set-up only allows me to see about half a column at a size that is readable. Which means I was scrolling up and down each page about five times to read it. Good book with lots of information. Takes the air out of "USA stuff is always best" balloon.


An excellent book following and succinctly explaining the most important and history-making aircraft and events in the development of aviation over the past 100 years. The book flows both through time period and category of aircraft, making the information easy to comprehend even for those who don't have a background in aviation. A great reference book.


This is a very good reference for the history of flight. There is a lot of interesting information throughout the book, which makes it very fun to read. The organization, with sidebars and many illustrating photographs, helps to give variety in an interesting way. Unlike some books that only focus on different types of airplanes, Flight is good in that it elaborates on the specific usage of human flying machines at various points in the last century, tying them into political and economical developments along the way.I especially appreciate the section in which it discusses the early history of human flight in the beginning of the 1900s. Besides the Wright brothers, there are many others who are often less recognized. My biggest complaint is that the sidebar placement makes it difficult to read them along with the text if reading through smoothly, forcing the reader to stop in the middle of a page, read a sidebar, and then continue.Furthermore, it would be nice if the book's title was more clear that the book discusses human flight.Anybody who thinks they might enjoy a specific look at this history or likes to read about transportation should consider this book as a read.


I own this book and it is full of airplanes from the past and present. I have read mostly all of it and i still go back to read. This book is one of my absolute favorites.


Great text and sits brilliantly alongside my other reference books. The one thing I always find a bit disappointing with most books on aviation is that lack of historical female pilots other than Amelia Earhart who is mentioned a few times whereas Amy Johnson, a woman who gave her life flying for her country gets a single mention in one of the sidebars. Anyway, enough of my nit-picking. This is an excellent history of flying from the very, very early days of Da Vinci's flying machines to the success of the Wright Brothers, the use of aircraft for the first time as a war machine in the Royal Flying Corps, to the heroes of the Second World War right through to Space flight and everything in-between. Styled in a great format too and everything laid out in perfectly sized chunks of information.

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