Forever Cool: How To Achieve Ageless, Youthful, and Modern Personal Style

ISBN: 0977457001
ISBN 13: 9780977457007
By: Sherrie Mathieson

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Reader's Thoughts


how do you wear adult diapers yet stay cool? You probably can't. And its probably best just to not try. That goes for the young as well. "cool" isn't worth striving for. In fact, trying to be cool, is uncool. You have it or you don't. This book on fashion advice for the aged made me sad. If you want to dress conservatively and sort of upperclassy and it isn't already obvious to you how to do so, than this book is perfect! Cool is king and it seems every commercial tries harder than the next to convince the boomers that they will somehow be able to hold onto their sexy youthfullness if they just buy product x. I have always had a respect for those, especially the elderly who seem completely above the world when it comes to fashion. Making you folk more fashion conscious will not help the world be a cooler place, it will just raise the collective level of insecurity. Don't read this, I'll outline her nuggets of cool for you;don't wear pastels- they are undignifieddon't wear purple- save it for hippes and psychicsdon't wear orthopedic shoes- nothing says old more than goofy shoesdon't wear lots of makeup and don't get your hair donedon't wear denim skirts or skirts with floral printsin short, don't wear anything over 5 years old, and that can't be bought at Nordstroms, Ann Taylor, etc. Old folks who are genuinely naive to their odd appearance is part of the charm of the old. Who dies with more cool, that homeless woman on the corner in the coonskin hat or a 90 year old decked out in Ralph Lauren? Seriously.


Gives suggestions to both men and women how to dress age-appropriately, yet with current easy style. There are a few flaws, as the author shows bad examples and then corrections, because she sometimes uses "bad" details, and then a few pages later, they are "good", and you have to consider her artistic nature in her color and style selections, but there is some helpful info in here for adjusting and modernizing a tired wardrobe.


Great ideas for picking out (mostly women's) clothing that suits your age, body frame, etc.


Very fun visual tutorial of what's cool and what's not. A must read for those of us stuck in a fashion rut

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