Four Trials

ISBN: 0743244974
ISBN 13: 9780743244978
By: John Reid Edwards John Auchard

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About this book

It was in the courtroom that I learned how, when you build a case, every detail matters and every bit counts. And I learned that you can never for a moment forget the big picture or the broad ambitions of justice....I came to genuinely understand how smart and decent all kinds of regular people are -- even at the worst moments in their lives. And I learned how our great system can often discount the hardships and genuine suffering of such people -- and how it can sometimes seem to forget their struggle almost completely.Before he was elected United States Senator from North Carolina in 1998, John Edwards worked as a lawyer for twenty years. Raised in a small town by parents who worked in the local mills, Edwards worked in those mills himself -- and then went on to become one of America's most successful and respected attorneys. During that time, he built a national reputation representing people whose lives had been shattered by corporate recklessness and grievous medical negligence. Often those battles took aim at entrenched powers backed by the kind of financial interests that made the chance of victory seem slim -- at least in the eyes of many. Yet in landmark cases, Edwards helped people from all walks of life stand up for themselves against tremendous odds."Four Trials" provides an electrifying account of four of his cases as it tells the story of the courageous and unmistakably decent people Edwards was privileged to represent in times of tragedy, great loss, and often great joy. And in a deeply moving account, "Four Trials" also speaks of the tragedies and joys that Senator Edwards has known in his own life -- and how today life and justice are more precious to him thanever.

Reader's Thoughts


John Edwards, a great trial lawyer. Not for president though!


I know I'm a dork for reading this book, but I wanted to learn more about John Edwards (seeing that he's a fellow North Carolinian!) This book is a great insight of what made him, in two words, very rich. Hopefully, reading this book, and seeing the compassion he felt for his clients, will make me a better trial lawyer. Even for people that are not lawyers, I suggest reading this book.


Really value this book because of the information I learned about the dangers of pool drains!!! Was written quite well too.


This is a really great book.

Emiliano Orencia

I always wondered why Edwards kept letting the right and Bush/Chaney hit him for being a trial lawyer because his plaintiff work was really on behalf of folks who were small, everyday folks fighting these conglomerates who would not take the initiative to do the right thing if it hit them square in the face.


I'm not his biggest fan but I still enjoyed it.


Very descriptive, innovated, and truthful


This is a little too graphic for me at some points when explaining what physically happened to some of the plaintiffs in these cases. The courtroom stuff and the stuff about his own upbringing and personal life make for a good read.


I originally got this book for Mike because I thought he was a "fan" of John Edwards but it turns out that he is not a "fan" anymore since learning John Edwards cheated on his wife! So, I read it and really enjoyed it. I was kind of surprised by alot of stuff in his life, like the fact that he did NOT come from a wealthy family at all and he speaks of his own tragedy that happened to his family. The people he helps in this book are all everyday normal people who experience a horrible injustice that could have been prevented. I found the book to be very moving and I told Mike that he might actually like John Edwards again if he would read it!!


Be surprised by how good and interesting this book is. I was obsessed with John Edwards at the time I read it, so that may have had something to do with it. That was, of course, before everyone found out he cheated on his wife who had cancer, and just before a presidential race. Scum. But not in this book!


Considering where I work, I needed to eventually read Edwards' book...

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