Fragments of the Artwork

ISBN: 0804742871
ISBN 13: 9780804742870
By: Jean Genet Charlotte Mandell

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About this book

Fragments of the Artwork brings together Jean Genet's critical writings and open letters on art and aesthetic issues. This collection testifies to Genet's enormous influence on the modern theater, on the development of the novel, and on the representation of crime, sex, gender, and race. In lyrical essays and one candid interview, these works present an untutored, original, defiant Genet, displaying his provocative insights and acuities on a range of topics.Genet wrestles with the athletic genius of Rembrandt, adores the intricate criminal resurrections of Dostoevsky, challenges our easy readings of Brecht, and, in what is one of the most exalting art historical essays ever written, provides us with his detailed personal account of the work and presence of Alberto Giacometti. Altogether these essays comprise a series of engrossing meditations on the central motives of theatricality and art.

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A book I must read!

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