Free Fall

ISBN: 0571062849
ISBN 13: 9780571062843
By: William Golding

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About this book

Somehow, somewhere, Sammy Mountjoy lost his freedom, the faculty of freewill 'that cannot be debated but only experienced, like a colour or the taste of potatoes'. As he retraces his life in an effort to discover why he no longer has the power to choose & decide for himself, the narrative moves between England & a POW camp in Germany.

Reader's Thoughts

Matt Escott

I have a feeling I will come to like this book the more I have a chance to reflect on it. It's a very interesting description of one man's quest to discover his "fall" from grace. Golding is not an easy writer to read; he can be very ambiguous, and approaches what he is saying from the side, almost always circling around to the point he is making. He makes the reader work for understanding (somewhat like his characters, I suppose), and to delay the gratification of truly understanding what is going on in the novel, but, as usual, he pulls it all together in the end, leaving the reader with quite an "ah ha" moment. I didn't like the book as much as some of his others (Pincher Martin, for example), but did enjoy what he said about the two realms of faith/supernatural and reason/natural, how, or if, the two can be bridged, and the implications if they cannot.




this book is different from Lord of the Flies. The author is depressed and dealing with life.


An elegant exploration of the nature of human freedom.

سامية عياش

تبدو ترجمة هذه الرواية صعبة إلى حد ما، إنك تشعر طوال الوقت وكأنها ليست لغة عربية! لا أدري أين تكمل المشكلة تحديدا، لكن القفزات الهائلة بين الفكرة والفكرة، الفقزات بين الشخوص، والأحداث، الأمور المختلطة المتراكمة دون فهم، تجعلني أترك هذا الكتاب لوقت آخر، ربما أعود إليه لاحقا، حين أملك صبرا أكبر على قراءة ترجمة كهذه!


أنا في أعماقي كلب مثير للضجر، و من شأني أن أكون طيباً لا ذكياً


Too much schizophrenic rambling. Golding's witchy style and sometimes Eastern outlook on life did keep me rapt though. Will read more of him.


I hate this book with a passion. It helped me not really graduate from high school.

Chris Earls

This is my second favorite book of all time. I like to think it was written about me!

Trevor Denyer

A fascinating exploration of a troubled soul. Exquisitely written, as you would expect from such a master.


Great book that explored how the main character realizes why he makes the decisions he now makes based on early childhood experiences. Great lines that are worth writing down for future use in life. Sometimes the structure was hard to follow but definitely worth it

Kevin Fanning

Read this in college but don't remember a thing about it. I guess I must have liked it enough at the time, because I went on to read Pincher Martin and The Spire, both of which I liked, and still remember details of.


I read this book about 20 years ago (and I'm about to read it again). It changed the way I read books and consume the content. Strange and brilliant.


از نظر من کتاب یه شاهکار مدرنیستی و بهترین اثر گلدینگ بود ولی اگه بخوام با توجه به ترجمه سهیل سمی نمره بدم مطمینا یک ستاره هم نمیگیره.کلا سمی همیشه بهترین کتابهای دنیا و کتابایی مشکل که هیچ کس جرات ترجمشون رو نداره ترجمه میکنه و نتیجه یه شیر بی دم و یال و اشکم از اب در میاد.ولی کتاب عالی بود

Alp Eren Topal

Having read this book, I now understand the cliche phrase "painfully honest and accurate".One of the best coming-of-age novels I have ever read.

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