Freedom Cannot Rest: Ella Baker and the Civil Rights Movement

ISBN: 1931798710
ISBN 13: 9781931798716
By: Lisa Frederiksen Bohannon

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Biography Black Nonfiction Civil Rights Civil Rights Movement History Middle Reader Non Fiction Police Abuse Resistance To Read

About this book

A young adult biography of civil rights and human rights activist Ella Baker

Reader's Thoughts

Spicy T AKA Mr. Tea

A quick history of Ella Baker--activist and community organizer. The book wasn't very critical and wasn't so in-depth as to explain the nuances of certain stances taken by Baker. Ella was a fascinating and courageous person who had a very unassuming way of organizing: direct empowerment through direct action. Basically, she wanted to see everyone as leaders instead of a group of people following a select-few leaders. It was fast and informative--but I'm looking forward to reading more about her life from authors who dig deeper.Not a bad intro though.

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