Froggy Goes to the Doctor

ISBN: 0142401935
ISBN 13: 9780142401934
By: Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz

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About this book

Froggy is going to the doctor for a checkup, and he?s feeling a little nervous. ?What if the doctor wants to give me a shot?? he thinks. He worries as he dresses and then he can?t sit still in the waiting room. Finally, it?s time to go in and change for his exam, but . . . OOOPS! He?s forgotten his underwear! And that?s just the beginning of Froggy?s hilarious doctor visit that ends reassuringly with a gold star and a lollipop.

Reader's Thoughts

Crotched Mountain


Monica Tenbrook

I recommend all of the Froggy books because they're fun to read! They are full of action words and Froggy is always doing something to get you laughing.


typical froggy book


This is a cute book and it's good for students to learn about the doctor.


Cute book to use with children who are nervous about doctor visits.


This is the first book I learned to read


Here is Froggy again, and this time, he is getting ready for his annual doctor's checkup. Froggy is excited until he remembers that he might have to get a shot. But, as you read the story, you can tell that the doctor is more the one who should be worried rather than Froggy. Froggy is a cute story that many children would find very funny. The illustrations, by Frank Remkiewicz, are amusing and help children understand the story a little bit more. The bright picutes also make it attractive for younger readers. I would recommend this book to children in preschool to first grade. I would also recommend it more to children after a doctor's visit rather than before. I will say that I did not really like the part when the doctor acted like she was going to give Froggy a shot. That might either get children's hopes up or show that doctors know that the shots are not good, rather than down-playing shots. I also listened to the audio version of this book. I felt that it was well done by John McDonough. I especially like the voice he added for the mother. I felt that was a good example of how children hear mothers. I alos think he did a good job reading the onomatopoeia that was in this story.


Funny book for 3 to 3rd grade. Unexpected underwear scene in the book. Good book for sound words and teaching how to read with expression.


An engaging book. Could certainly be a help to prepare kids for doctor visits.

Penny Deasy

Very funny

Nicole Holden

This book is great for discussing visiting the Doctor and routine visits that helps keeps us healthy. Students may have anxieties about seeing a doctor because they think they may be receiveing a shot. This book is also great for making connection to life.


This book would be a great way to help youngsters with their fear of going to the doctor. This would be a great book to use during Health.


Today a student handed in this book stating that this book should be very popular... i asked why she said that it was very funny and she liked it... so i read the book quickly and found it endearing and cute. the kid sure had a good review for it.


Classic Froggy fun!


Very cute pictures and once again, the animals are used to perfection to depict a real human scenario.This book would be perfect for a kindergartener or 1st grader who is scared to go to the doctor.

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