From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality

ISBN: 0867167408
ISBN 13: 9780867167405
By: Richard Rohr Joseph Martos

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About this book

From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality is a revised and updated edition of Richard Rohr's earlier best-seller, The Wild Man's Journey: Reflections on Male Spirituality. For this new work, Rohr added three chapters that discuss John the Baptist, Saint Paul and grief. An appendix provides a structure for a men's group, based on Rohr's work with M.A.L.Es (Men As Learners and Elders), a program of the Center for Action and Contemplation, which Richard Rohr founded and now directs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Reader's Thoughts


Anyone with experience in the Men's Movement will find much to enjoy in this book. Rohr offers a great deal of consolation to men who grew up in a church that felt over-feminized and left them wanting something more. I found that as a young Catholic already comfortable within the Church, this book provided some interesting ideas and advice, but it is definitely written for a certain generation and a certain type of man.Some of the talk about male sexuality and virility might seem strange to some people, and some of the metaphors are difficult to take seriously, but there are also themes in the book that are relevant to all men. I really enjoyed the thoughts Rohr gave on a man's journey through life which are summed up in the chart near the end.


John is reading this book and says it is excellent.

Melvyn Foo

Some insightful points. But what killed them were the lack of structure and lack of tightness and precision in the conveyance of concepts.


Thought provoking book...would make a great resource for a male small group ready to move forward.


Really stimulating reading. The book is organised into short chapters for men's groups. So far, the book has got me thinking through the nature of belief/fundamentalism, the nature of Biblical salvation, the place of spirituality in life, where I am on the journey that Rohr maps out. I always come away with something from the chapters, and have read only a chapter at a time, finding it necessary to take a few days to mull over what I have read.


Loved the book. Many new insights. Rohr makes me think in a different way. He's so refreshing.


Generally I liked it. Neat chart towards the end :) Certain parts were a little too new age-y for me but the general concepts are good in a sense that they challenged my established notions of what it means to be a man. It's useful in that it has added another set of lenses to view the journey of life with. What i wished he had done was to create a more cohesive argument, rather than just bunch together a collections of essays which were loosely connected to each other.


A Catholic view on male spirituality. Inspiring.

David Woods

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Monk. This book had some really great stuff. A few of the chapters didn't really resound much with me, but a few of them struck me so deep it made up for the others. Overall, great thoughts and reflections on being a man of God. Morris Dirks pulled some material from this that he shared at Salem Alliance's men's retreat a couple years ago, which was fun to see. There are a handful of chapters I think I should keep rereading every couple months indefiniitely!


I actually rad it because it was recommended to me as the best book of fathering. A great book on spirituality of men. Good for our over-sexualized, underdeveloped "man boys" that are rampant in the U.S. Rohr is prophet in this one.


I appreciated Richard Rohr's insight into masculine spirituality. In a time when spirituality can feel feminine it was helpful to have a well articulated picture of a spirituality that reflects masculinity and works out of the strengths of masculinity. Granted, some things Rohr says are a bit out there! However, overall I found the book insightful and helpful for me. Quick comparison to Gordon Dalbey's book I just read. Rohr's book felt less evangelical (which makes sense!), more idea oriented and less story oriented. I found it slightly more thought provoking and compelling.

Bill Wendel

Have picked this book up, after reading selected chapters a year ago. Insight and inspiration on ever page. Wonder if anyone in Greater Boston would like to discuss the book, or form an ongoing group for men in New England? See link below for other regional groups.


I have underlined a third of it's entire content. This book is remarkable, and truly a powerful read!

Jan Schroeder

I think it is great read and reflection for all young adults just beginning their families. Husband and wife should read this. I picked it up for the young men in my life and may pass it on to more.


Update to Wildman's Journey. I read the changes

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