Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 02 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #2)

ISBN: 1591169232
ISBN 13: 9781591169239
By: Hiromu Arakawa

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About this book

In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "auto-mail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his brother and himself...the legendary Philosopher's Stone.There are many types of alchemy in the world. Edward's commanding officer, "Flame Alchemist" Roy Mustang, can control fire. Shou Tucker, the "Sewing-Life Alchemist," specializes in the most difficult alchemy of all...biological transmutation, the ability to alter the tissue of living things. But no matter what their power, alchemists are still human. And when a mysterious killer begins stalking state alchemists, no one can escape his vengeance...

Reader's Thoughts

Justyn Rampa

Volume 2 of Fullmetal Alchemist is wildly exciting! We have the tragic tale of Shou Tucker followed by the introduction of Scar followed by a brief interlude return to the Liore storyline as well as the introduction of Dr. Marcoh! While I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, I will say that Hiromu Arakawa is definitely on the top of her game here with illustrations and writing that set up the remaining part of the series in an incredibly exiting way.This is truly just one of the best examples of manga there is!


Amazing!! Fantastic series. Highly recommended.

Jody Mena

I liked this book, it was the story I'm familiar with from the anime, but it was more streamlined, and flowed much more swiftly and naturally. I thought the story with Tucker and Nina was a tad underdeveloped compared to how it was done in the anime - it would have been more suspenseful to draw out the mystery of Tucker's experiments a bit, and more tragic and disturbing if their relationship with Nina had been a bit deeper. The little memorial box at the end, with chibi versions of Nina and the dog in heaven and Tucker burning in hell made me laugh! I really like the short extras at the end, very cute! I was happy that Major Armstrong was introduced in this book, he's got to be my favorite character! The plot continues to thicken with Lust attacking Dr. Marcoh and talking about the research, and there's a great foreshadowing of future conflict. This manga has a great way of creating small conflicts within larger conflicts, and the smaller story arcs break up the monotony so that the main story arc doesn't become too cumbersome. Very well done, I look forward to the next volume.


warning this may contain some spoilersFull metal alchemist is a very good book in my opinion because of how interesting it is and original.it has a good way to show or tell you what its about.it also dose a good thing by creating good characters which i grew attach to. Edward Elric is one character that i attached to as well as his brother Alphonse. there both intelligent and talented alchemist that look for the legendary philosopher stone to get third body's back. facing many challenges and losing people in the to get the philosopher stone in their journey. one person is nina which was fused by her father in order to keep his licence and continue to be an alchemist was on page 28-37. who both later get killed by another alchemist(scar). an alchemist that kills gov. alchemist that defy the laws of god. this i though was very creative and interesting it wanted me to read some more of this book. the back story of the metal brothers was also very interesting . and in this book Edward still is haunted by the decisions he made page 55-56this book was very interesting and does a good job of keeping you in the book and wanting you to read some more. it is something new and creative; if your those types of readers that likes sci fiction or manges this could be a book for you.


Volume 2 picks up right where volume 1 left off, with Roy Mustang “owing one” to Ed for saving the general on the train. In return Mustang introduces Ed to Shou Tucker, the “Sewing-Life Alchemist”. Ed is branching out in all directions searching for a way to restore his body and that of his brother. Unfortunately who he ends up meeting is a scientist who is willing to use any means to achieve his ends. Ed and Al have some hard lessons to learn about their own continued powerlessness and about the difference between sacrificing others for your ends, and sacrificing yourself. I thought this was a very powerful and eerie part of the series, and of course very sad.After that a new character is introduced, Scar is a man that is set on a lifetime of vengeance. Scar believes that the alchemy of this country is a perverse sin. That it is wrong to create, transforming something into a grotesque pantomime of what it should be is a sin against his god. Ironically enough he uses alchemy himself to serve justice. Scar is not without his reasons though as you discover when you read about the military's dark past with his mother country Ishvarla.To end the volume the brothers meet up with Dr. Marcoh. He is their first good lead on the Philosopher's Stone as he used to be a state alchemist that did that exact research. What he discovered terrified him and he fled to hide in the countryside as a simple doctor. Ed and Al's story and determination to right the wrongs they committed touched the Doctor. But, regardless of how horrifying the truth is that his research notes contain, can the Elric brothers not only face that truth but also look beyond to "the truth within the truth"?Unlike the first volume this one takes time to explore the world around these characters and particularly the role the military takes in it. The military's warlike past and experimental present are explored and it soon becomes clear that in his quest for knowledge Ed may have allied himself with an organization with sins blacker than anyone could have guessed.Through it all the author continues to make clear that Ed and Al are just kids themselves, so even though this manga is deservedly rated T for Teen, Ed and Al are portrayed as dealing with the problems and horror that arises in a very realistic way for someone their age. That is, not well at all. I appreciated the realism.


Real Rating 4.5 stars More characters are introduced in this one, some military people and some other alchemist's. Roy Mustang gets more depth in this one (This is where I really started loving Mustang). The intermediate villain is also introduced, who I think is an awesome villain. Anyway, the plot picks up right were it left off and while there is some serous thinking on Ed's part the plot is still filled with action and fight scenes and humor. You can't read 10 paged without laughing your head off, these characters are just so funny!There is some heartbreak in this book, when I was both reading the scene and watching it I just couldn't help but cry its just so sad!The group of bad people are also in this and again there is an air of mystery surrounding them, but the author only gives you breadcrumbs on who they are and what they are doing. All you really know is that they are evil. Like I said before, I would recommend this series to everyone, its so good. I love the characters, the plot, the illustrations, everything about it. Just read this. would also recommend that you buy the three in one volumes, because I can never decide if I like a manga on the first volume 'cause it's so small.


Okay, book two completely won me over, mainly by the breadth of characterization that slipped in so quickly. The story of the alchemist who, out of desperation, transmutes his daughter and dog into a chimera, was as gut-wrenching as any good short-story. Alphonse and Edward, in the meantime, grow in depth and complexity, settling into the perfect balance between arrogant and tortured that hints at melodrama but is still believably human.

Diana Lynn

Perfection. Without giving anything away, I'll say that the introduction of Shou Tucker and Nina in the anime (both of which I watched before the read and both of which are perfect) was the first big wow episode of the show and the actual hook point for me. Brotherhood (which I hear follows the manga whole-hearted) is soooo effing emotionally draining. Stunning artwork, funny, and amazing. Forgive me, I may have become obsessed. 10/10


In this volume, Ed and Al go with Colonel Mustang (the Flame Alchemist and Ed's superior officer) to see the leading specialist on biological transmutation, Shou Tucker, the "Sewing Life Alchemist". Ed is excited to get into Shou's archives to do research and Al befriends Shou's daughter. Everything is going great until Ed realizes the truth behind the chimeras that Shou creates. For his transgressions against God, a mysterious man kills both Shou and his new creation, and tries to kill more state alchemists. He manages to severely damage both Ed and Al, so much that they have to go to the mechanic back in their home town. On the way there, Major Armstrong recognizes a doctor from the civil war who used to work for the military. The reader finds out that he is/was working with the two shady characters from the first book, Lust and Greed. Their mission is never explained, but it seems that they are up to no good. I liked this book, but I wished they explained more about the Shou Tucker and his daughter part like they did in the anime. It is one of the most disturbing part of the series. My favorite part was the introduction of Alex Louis Armstrong, the "Strong Arm Alchemist". I thought his character was hilarious in the anime. Recommended for ages 14+, 3 stars.

Aubrey Hansen

Whereas the Vol.1 of this manga was more episodic with a few loosely-related and mostly-fun escapades, the plot in Vol.2 is more cohesive as the overall story begins to deepen, adding layers and intertwining elements. The stakes are raised, and as a result, this volume is more sober and more violent than the first. An assassin is targeting state alchemists out of revenge, and his methods of elimination are rather bloody. Although nothing is shown in full glory, it's heavily implied. An alchemist is also convicted of using humans in his experiments, so there's a sinister note to the first part of the book.That being said, I also enjoyed this volume of the manga on a deeper level than the first. The plot is sober, and so are the themes. There is discussion about the lawful use of alchemy. Is it wrong to "experiment" on human lives if one hopes to make advancements for the good of all mankind? What about the government using alchemists as weapons in war, even for genocide? The assassin claims to be the instrument of a god exacting justice, which brings up more moral questions of its own. There was more to ponder, the stakes were higher, and that gave the book more depth.


Getting better


Vol 2 opens with showing another price of being a State Alchemist. It is the price that leaves Ed shaken.It also introduces one of the great moral adversaries, Scar, and the hints of the Ishvalan war.There is no shortage of sight gags that will become FMA's hallmark but the drama is there also reminding the reader of equivalent exchange (nothing can be gained without first giving up something of equal value).That theme is never more evident than in this volume and how sometimes that exchange isn't fair at all


Bu cilt muhteşem ötesiydi!!! Galiba akıl sağlımı yitirdim. Ve nefes alabilme yetimi. Çünkü 2. cilt mükemmeldi-ah ölüyom. Edward her zamanki gibi sinir bozucu bir bücürdü. (Tabii ki bunları Edward horlaya horlaya uyurken söylüyorum. Çünkü canıma kastım yok, yaşamak istiyorum!) Alphonse daima olduğu gibi tatlı, düşünceli, nazik, sadık, eğlenceli.... ve mükemmeldi *-*. (Zırh mırh, ben onu her şekilde seviyorum xxxxxxxxxx) -Kutsal Çilek yine karakterlere sarkıyor, görmezden gelin.- DERLER Kİ ASLAN TAVŞAN AVLARKEN BÜTÜN GÜCÜNÜ KULLANIRMIŞ... (sayfa 19 -Edward) Akılçelen Kitaplar'ın 2. cildi çıkartana kadar aradan geçen şu kısacık zamanda bile Alphonse'yi özlemişim -tabii ki de Edward'ı özlemedim, gebersin bücür. (Bu arada, gerçekten Akılçelen Kitaplar harika bir yayın evi. Ne kadar çabuk bastılar 2. cildi? İlk gördüğümde serap görüyorum sandım yahu o_o)İNSAN DENEN MAHLUKLAR SAHİDEN ÇOK BASİTLER. KATLİAM KATLİAMI, NEFRET NEFRET KÖRÜKLÜYOR. (sayfa 67)Aslında bu cilde nasıl tarafsız şekilde yorum yazacağımı bilemiyorum. Çünkü bu seri için yaşıyorum diyebiliriz. Hani Alphonse, Edward'ı öldürse de ben burada "BU CİLT İNANILMAZ DERECEDE ŞAHANEYDİ!" derdim (Aslında Alphonse'nin Edward'ı öldürmesi de iyi olurdu. Dünya pis bir bastı bacaktan kurtulmuş olurdu, hı. *DAM* -Edward uyanmıştır ve Kutsal Çilek'in dediğini duyar. Uyku sersemi olması şiddet uygulamayacağı anlamına gelmez tabii-)...SİMYA MADDELERE AİT İLKELERLE AKIMLARI ANLAMAK, AYRIŞTIRMAK VE YENİDEN YAPMAKTIR. (sayfa 75 -Alphonse)(Kutsal Çilek'in Notu: Çok doğru söyledin Alphonse'ciğim *_*) BU DÜNYA DA KANUNLARA UYGUN BİR AKIŞLA DÖNER. İNSANLARIN ÖLMESİ DE O AKIŞIN BİR PARÇASIDIR. (sayfa 76 -Edward) Bu cilt, ilkinde olduğu gibi, kötü ve çıkarcı simyacılarla, Devlet Simyacıları'yla, kendini bir tanrının elçisi sananlarla, kavga, ter ve ultra komik Elric kardeşlerle dolu.Bu ciltte;Başarı sağlamak için kendi ailesinden bile yararlanabilecek simyacılar var. Edward'ın en derin düşüncelerini az-buçuk anlıyoruz. (aslına bakarsınız, o içten gerçekten düşünceli, nazik ve yaralanmış biri. Oh, hayır! Edward'a sempati besliyor olamaaaam!) Edward'ın Notu: Senin sempatini istemiyorum zaten Kokuşmuş Çilek.Üzücü sonlara kavuşacak çok tatlı bir kız (Nina) ve köpeği (Alexander) ile tanışıyoruz.Kendini tanrı adına çalışan bir "cezalandırıcı" sayan Scar'ı görüyoruz. (kendisi ayrıca bir seri katildir.)Lust ve şu yanındaki obur (+1. ciltte gördüğümüz, ama sandığımız kişi olmayan eski bir dost) ile karşılaşıyoruz.Scar vs. Elric BrothersFelsefe Taşı hakkında daha çok şey öğreniyoruz. (Kendisi hiç de sandığımız gibi bir şey değilmiş. Tamamen farklı bir amaçla icat edilmiş.)Bazılarının Devlet Simyacıla'rından neden çok nefret ettiğini anlıyoruz.Devlet, kendisi adına çalışan ve hizmet veren simyacıları bir çeşit canlı silah olarak görüyor.Edward ve Elric Alphonse'yi yaşamış olduklarının ve yaşıyor olduklarının katbe kat daha fazlası belkiyor.SON SÖZ: Çocuklar, yolunuz açık olsun. Ve acı çekmeye hazırlanın. Sizinleyim! :')


Builds nicely on the dynamics of the first volume. I enjoyed seeing more of Roy Mustang (although I can't decide if his name is completely awesome or just hilariously bad) and it was interesting to meet more alchemists. As I was reading, I kept getting distracted by the fights and goofy lines, and so I was blindsided when it suddenly turned serious. What happened to Nina and Alexander was so heartbreaking and so unexpected. I know Arakawa is setting us up for some later plot and thematic developments, but it's still so tragic.


An addicting manga with unforgettable characters and enough twists to build a story labyrinth that you will WANT to be trapped in forever! I was delighted in practicing the equilalent exchange of forfeiting a few minutes of my free time in exchange for this unforgettable storyline.(view spoiler)[ Ed and Al Elric are victims of tragedy who make a mistake by committing the "unforgivable" taboo of attempting to bring back the dead with the most innocent of intentions: to see their deceased mother's smile again. The alchemic transmutation goes horribly wrong and costs Ed both his leg and his only brother, Al. In an act of desperation, Ed sacrifices his arm to retrieve Al's soul and bind it to a convenient container: a suit of armor.After receiving prosthetics, Ed willingly becomes a state alchemist at the age of twelve in order to receive the resources needed to find or create the philosopher's stone, the only material capable of getting his brother's body back. Things aren't that simple though, and many physical and moral obstacles stand in his way. In order to get back what they have lost, the Elric brothers have to wade through a river of mud. Though the two trudge on and try to prevent themselves from getting dirty in the process, will the emerge clean on the other side? Will things have returned to normal when they do? (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>

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