Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 03 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #3)

ISBN: 1591169259
ISBN 13: 9781591169253
By: Hiromu Arakawa

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About this book

Accompanied by their bodyguard, Alex Louis Armstrong, our heroes seek out their closest childhood friend, mechanic Winry Rockbell, to fix their battered "auto-mail" bodyparts. Soon their quest for the Philosopher's Stone takes them to the great central library, where the Stone's formula may be hidden...if the mysterious figure named Lust doesn't get there first! But the secret of the Philosopher's Stone may be even more frightening than the beings who guard it...

Reader's Thoughts


I don't like the Strongarm Alchemist's portrayal that much; I liked him much more in the anime, but he's very entertaining. I absolutely loved Winry and Pinako, as well as Sheska. This book is short, it takes maybe an hour to read, and it still managed to show us Ed's humanity.The anime actually brought in one of the characters previously, so it was much more interesting there, watching someone be brought back.I absolutely adore Arakawa-san's (I probably committed some sort of Japanese grammar atrocity, and I apologize) style, and her attention to detail. Whenever I get these, I read them at least twice, so I can fully appreciate the story as well as the art.


BloodyOkay not too much blood. But I can;t take my mind off what Barry the Chopper did to the guard at the abandoned research facility... Slicing the head by the cheeks?? *brrrr*I have already this before, I just can't get enough of Ed and Al, and of course Ed and WinryEd: Machine Geek!Winry: Shut up Alchemy Geek!~~Kawaii!Anyway, it is still my favorite manga/anime of all time. ;)


Tam yorum Kutsal Yorumcu'da Çelik Simyacı'nın her ciltte daha da güzelleşmesine bir türlü anlam veremiyorum. Muhteşemliğin sınırlarını zorluyor bu manga serisi. Animeleri aşırı sevmeme rağmen mangayı tercih eden biriyim; o yüzden Fullmetal Alchemist ilaç gibi geliyor bana. Bu ciltte her saniye bir şey oldu, az daha olayların ucunu kaçırıyordum -huuu *hızlı nefes alırken, elinin tersiyle alnındaki teri siler* Geleneğimi -ve Ed'e hakaret etmenin verdiği hazzı- öldürmeyerek, yoruma "Edward her zamanki gibi sinir bozucu bir bücürdü." cümlesiyle başlayacağım. (3. cildi okumadığınız sürece söyleyemeceğim bir yerde şu an Edward, gelip ona hakaret ettiğim için beni dövemeyecek kadar derde batmış durumda şu an *kötü adam kahkahası*) Alphonse bu ciltte yine muhteşemdi, yine sevilesiydi. Yalnız sona doğru bir şeyler oldu, sıradaki ciltte patlayacak gibi... Olsun, ben onu her haliyle seviyorum! Kocaman ürkütücü zırh halini sevmişim ben onunu, dengesiz halini mi sevmeyeyim?


Oh whow, whow, whow. Where is the rest? Books should not end in the middle. It's not fair!Btw, I love the brothers, they make me laugh with their personalities. :)It's epic!


mustang looks hot in the cover


In lieu of a plot summary for each of the volumes (as they do tend to run together in my memory), I've decided on a brief character summary. Perhaps the character will be relevant to the volume in question, but perhaps it won't. It's anyone's game.This time, I'll go with the simpler of the two characters on the cover: Alex Louis Armstrong, AKA the big shirtless guy in the background.Major Armstrong, the Strong-Arm Alchemist, the third child and only son of the venerable Armstrong family, is a walking mountain of a man. He has incredible pride in his heritage, intense loyalty to country, family, and comrades, a propensity for removing his shirt at the merest suggestion of an opportunity (all the better to display his insane musculature), and a tendency to burst into tears at the slightest provocation. He remains merely a Major because he's too soft-hearted to pursue promotion, a trait which not only results in waterworks when faced with another's misfortune—or joy, or displays of solidarity, or pretty much anything that might evoke an emotion—but also led to a nervous breakdown during his stint on the front lines of the Ishbal war.While he does have serious moments, mostly in his backstory, Armstrong is largely played for comedy. In case the shirt-ripping and extravagant tears weren't enough of a clue, the odd muscle-flexing competition and several (literally) crushing hugs of relief point that out quite nicely.

Piero Sevilla

This was a drama volume I started to think that Winry and Ed make a nice make a nice pair(not mentioned the part when she hits him a lot of time).The brothers Ed and Al went to Winry because Ed's auto-mail was broke(like trash), after finishing they go to capitol to have new adventures

Federiken Masters

Uno de mis tomos favoritos hasta ahora (acabo de terminar el #06) porque tiene peleas muy dinámicas y entretenidas, algunos de los mejores diálogos de la serie, nuevas preguntas con respuestas a medias y, lo mejor de todo, ¡no muere ningún personaje! Después de las escenas arrancacorazones que ya pasaron y de las que vendrán, la verdad que es un alivio ver que durante casi 200 páginas ningún personaje cae bajo la guillotina indiscriminada de la autora. Sé que en el #04 se va todo al carajo de nuevo, pero fue bueno mientras duró.


This is about where i stopped watching the anime, still good but nothing amazing I would tell all my friends about.


hihi... im waiting this comic to be published legally here coz i like the soundtrack that made by laruku, ready steady go.... so energetic and fearless. Now it have reached book three here. Not bad, i like it coz now i understand alchemy better and in a fun way.


Volume 3 has the Elric brothers finally arrive in their hometown to visit their mechanic Winry Rockbell. Their bodyguard Alexander Louis Armstrong learns along with us more details about the brothers’ past and how they came to lose their limbs, gain their new metal bodies and decide to join the military and never turn back. It’s nice to finally get some more back story on the main characters and also find out just how committed they are to their present course.After their repairs Ed and Al return to central to look up Dr. Marcoh's old research notes just to find that the Central library has been burnt to the ground. After this loss they have a stroke of luck and end up meeting a bookworm named Sheskah who has a photographic memory and recalls perfectly everything she has ever read. She had read the research notes, but didn't recognize them for what they were as they were disguised and encrypted. Being a bookworm myself I enjoyed the scenes with Sheska and totally related with her when she lamented that sometimes it seemed the only good thing she knew how to do was read.After deciphering the notes they discover the worst truth of all. Not only the main ingredient in a Philosopher's Stone but also the realization that the military was behind such horrible research to begin with. The truth within the truth led to more chilling discoveries that had the boys facing enemies all too recognizable and facing inner truths about their own accidental destruction of a human being and just what that means for Ed and more importantly for Al.With this volume the focus is back on the boys and their quest, and also on the Philosopher's Stone and what sacrifices and horrors are required to attain it. Ed and Al also have a lot more problems in store as they are still dealing with the horror and repercussions of their own actions while reeling from the discovery of the military's own sinister acts.Again, admist all the horrors, the series stays true to the characters who are just young teenage boys. They have a lot they have to come to grips with both personally from their pasts, and presently with the corruption and danger that surrounds them every day. I thought this was very well done and it is interesting to see just how much the boys have grown in some ways due to their unique circumstances, and not in others. Inside that suit of armor, attached to those intimidating automail limbs, are just two frightened boys, no matter how much they try to hide it. Though what they fear most might surprise you.

Jody Mena

Great book! There was more action in this one than the previous ones, and the artwork seemed much better to me. The plot of this one was great, I love the twist that the Philosopher's Stone is made out of people, it creates a great internal conflict for the brothers. I also enjoy the internal conflict that Barry the Butcher creates for Alphonse, telling him that he might not be a real person. I wasn't sure at first, but now I am: I definitely like the Fullmetal Alchemist manga better than the anime. Though the action is better in the anime, the story in the manga is much more succinct and the order and flow of the story make much more sense. Not to mention the pace is much more manageable - the anime was very dramatic and well animated, but it always seemed to drag, whereas the manga's plot advances at a steady and driving rate. This one in particular is driving me to keep reading, since it ended in such an big cliffhanger - on to the next book!


Real rating 4.5 StarsSo, the last volume ended on a slight cliffhanger and this one doesn't really acknowledge it until the middle of it. Which is fine with me, because in the beginning it introduces some more characters. the new characters are from the Elric brother's past, so we also get a better look on there past and how they got to where they are today.The plot in this book is really good. In the beginning not much is happening, but I was okay with that, because like I said it tells you some information on their past. In about half way though, when they get to central is when the plot really picks up and some questions are answered, but that only leads to more questions. The volumes ends on a huge cliffhanger that makes me want to read the next one.The illustrations in this are really good in my opinion, there not really detailed, but that's usually a given with Manga. I just really like the manga style illustrations.This was another really great installment in a series that I have fallen in love with and I can't wait to read more in the series.


** spoiler alert ** Ah, the third book already? Usually nothing exciting happens during third books in a series. In this case, that is proven wrong. The great thing about Fullmetal Alechmist is that it has excitement, humour, and mystery in every single volume. That is how it draws readers in, and keeps them. This volume starts out with Ed and Al traveling to their 'machanic' to fix their body armor. After that, a childhood friend is introduced, and Ed and Al go to search for answers for the Philosopher's Stone, and uncovering a horrifying secret. And even then, it doesn't stop. Ed and Al find themselves engaged in a battle with souls locked in armor, just like how Al is. And even then, the book ends with a cliff-hanger, leaving readers to guess what will happen to our beloved Edward and Alphonse Elric. Each Fullmetal Alchemist book just gets better and better, with breathtaking battle scenes. I for one cannot wait unti I get my hands on the fourth book. I am dying to find out what happens.


Dans ce tome-ci, il n'y a pas tellement d'actions mais plutôt d'informations. Enfin, c'est ce que j'en ai pensé en tout cas. A part peut-être vers la fin, là on pourrait dire qu'il y a de l'action. Mais c'est pas pour autant que ça m'a désintéressé ! Non, pas du tout. J'attends de lire la suite avec impatience.

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