Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 03 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #3)

ISBN: 1591169259
ISBN 13: 9781591169253
By: Hiromu Arakawa

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About this book

Accompanied by their bodyguard, Alex Louis Armstrong, our heroes seek out their closest childhood friend, mechanic Winry Rockbell, to fix their battered "auto-mail" bodyparts. Soon their quest for the Philosopher's Stone takes them to the great central library, where the Stone's formula may be hidden...if the mysterious figure named Lust doesn't get there first! But the secret of the Philosopher's Stone may be even more frightening than the beings who guard it...

Reader's Thoughts


** spoiler alert ** This is my review project...SUMMARY..In an achemical ritual that went wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm an his leg and his brother Alphonse was reduced to a soul in a suit of armor. Ed got mechanical limbs called auto mail in there place,and becomes a state alchemist to try and restore him and his brother to their orginal bodies. They go and look for the legeary philosophers stone that is rumored to be powerfull enough to restore them.after being attacked by a murderer nicknamed scar for the x-shaped scar on his face, Ed ad Al go to there hometown Resembool to get there auto mail body parts fixed. They go to there childhod frends,Winrys house,who is there mechanic. She gets really mad at Ed for breaking his arm and throws a wrench at his head. When there bodyparts are fixed,they go to central city library to find out how to make a philosophers stone. Whe they get to the library,however,the branch that had the informaion had been burned down by Lust,a mysterious person who is not human. They meet a girl named Sheeska,who has a photographic memory,and she remembers the books they need,and writes it down for them. After a few days of translating the code its in,Ed and Al find out the stones main ingredient is a live human,and are back to square one.CHARACTERS...the main characters are...Edward Elric.Alphonse ElricWinry RockbellGranny PinakoAlex Lewis ArmstrongRoy Mustang CONFLICT AND RESOLUTION...Th conflict is Ed needs his arm fixed. Winry gets really mad at him for breaking her 'masterpiece' and throws a wrench at him.Also Ed is bored at the house he's staying at. The resolution is Winry fixes Eds arm and he fixes Al with alchemy. WHY I LIKED THIS BOOK...I liked this book because i liked the artwork. I also liked the dialoug because they talked like real people unlike some mangas iv'e read where they sound stiff and unnatural. i really like this series so i was really happy goodreads had this to review.

Jody Mena

Great book! There was more action in this one than the previous ones, and the artwork seemed much better to me. The plot of this one was great, I love the twist that the Philosopher's Stone is made out of people, it creates a great internal conflict for the brothers. I also enjoy the internal conflict that Barry the Butcher creates for Alphonse, telling him that he might not be a real person. I wasn't sure at first, but now I am: I definitely like the Fullmetal Alchemist manga better than the anime. Though the action is better in the anime, the story in the manga is much more succinct and the order and flow of the story make much more sense. Not to mention the pace is much more manageable - the anime was very dramatic and well animated, but it always seemed to drag, whereas the manga's plot advances at a steady and driving rate. This one in particular is driving me to keep reading, since it ended in such an big cliffhanger - on to the next book!

Piero Sevilla

This was a drama volume I started to think that Winry and Ed make a nice make a nice pair(not mentioned the part when she hits him a lot of time).The brothers Ed and Al went to Winry because Ed's auto-mail was broke(like trash), after finishing they go to capitol to have new adventures


Real rating 4.5 StarsSo, the last volume ended on a slight cliffhanger and this one doesn't really acknowledge it until the middle of it. Which is fine with me, because in the beginning it introduces some more characters. the new characters are from the Elric brother's past, so we also get a better look on there past and how they got to where they are today.The plot in this book is really good. In the beginning not much is happening, but I was okay with that, because like I said it tells you some information on their past. In about half way though, when they get to central is when the plot really picks up and some questions are answered, but that only leads to more questions. The volumes ends on a huge cliffhanger that makes me want to read the next one.The illustrations in this are really good in my opinion, there not really detailed, but that's usually a given with Manga. I just really like the manga style illustrations.This was another really great installment in a series that I have fallen in love with and I can't wait to read more in the series.


What I have been finding most interesting about manga have been the all too human characters with their own agendas being confronted by difficult ethical dilemmas, and this volume is a fine example of this.


Chapter Nine is where Fullmetal Alchemist finally fully clicked for me. Before, I was like, "yay, it's fun, it has a good premise" and that sort of basic thing. But chapter nine, where Ed, Al, and Armstrong go back to the Elric brother's village to repair the two brothers, absolutely made me smile and laugh and just enjoy the characters for being who they are.Following chapter nine, the plot continues smoothly. Whereas a lot of manga books I have read feel slightly disjointed between volumes and chapters, here I get a lot of really interesting and exciting new revelations and advancements of plot. Ultimately, this volume contains moments to make me smile, laugh, stare in interest at the plot twist, and flip pages hurriedly to get to the end of the action.


hihi... im waiting this comic to be published legally here coz i like the soundtrack that made by laruku, ready steady go.... so energetic and fearless. Now it have reached book three here. Not bad, i like it coz now i understand alchemy better and in a fun way.


An addicting manga with unforgettable characters and enough twists to build a story labyrinth that you will WANT to be trapped in forever! I was delighted in practicing the equilalent exchange of forfeiting a few minutes of my free time in exchange for this unforgettable storyline.(view spoiler)[ Ed and Al Elric are victims of tragedy who make a mistake by committing the "unforgivable" taboo of attempting to bring back the dead with the most innocent of intentions: to see their deceased mother's smile again. The alchemic transmutation goes horribly wrong and costs Ed both his leg and his only brother, Al. In an act of desperation, Ed sacrifices his arm to retrieve Al's soul and bind it to a convenient container: a suit of armor.After receiving prosthetics, Ed willingly becomes a state alchemist at the age of twelve in order to receive the resources needed to find or create the philosopher's stone, the only material capable of getting his brother's body back. Things aren't that simple though, and many physical and moral obstacles stand in his way. In order to get back what they have lost, the Elric brothers have to wade through a river of mud. Though the two trudge on and try to prevent themselves from getting dirty in the process, will the emerge clean on the other side? Will things have returned to normal when they do? (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>


This is about where i stopped watching the anime, still good but nothing amazing I would tell all my friends about.


Volume 3 has the Elric brothers finally arrive in their hometown to visit their mechanic Winry Rockbell. Their bodyguard Alexander Louis Armstrong learns along with us more details about the brothers’ past and how they came to lose their limbs, gain their new metal bodies and decide to join the military and never turn back. It’s nice to finally get some more back story on the main characters and also find out just how committed they are to their present course.After their repairs Ed and Al return to central to look up Dr. Marcoh's old research notes just to find that the Central library has been burnt to the ground. After this loss they have a stroke of luck and end up meeting a bookworm named Sheskah who has a photographic memory and recalls perfectly everything she has ever read. She had read the research notes, but didn't recognize them for what they were as they were disguised and encrypted. Being a bookworm myself I enjoyed the scenes with Sheska and totally related with her when she lamented that sometimes it seemed the only good thing she knew how to do was read.After deciphering the notes they discover the worst truth of all. Not only the main ingredient in a Philosopher's Stone but also the realization that the military was behind such horrible research to begin with. The truth within the truth led to more chilling discoveries that had the boys facing enemies all too recognizable and facing inner truths about their own accidental destruction of a human being and just what that means for Ed and more importantly for Al.With this volume the focus is back on the boys and their quest, and also on the Philosopher's Stone and what sacrifices and horrors are required to attain it. Ed and Al also have a lot more problems in store as they are still dealing with the horror and repercussions of their own actions while reeling from the discovery of the military's own sinister acts.Again, admist all the horrors, the series stays true to the characters who are just young teenage boys. They have a lot they have to come to grips with both personally from their pasts, and presently with the corruption and danger that surrounds them every day. I thought this was very well done and it is interesting to see just how much the boys have grown in some ways due to their unique circumstances, and not in others. Inside that suit of armor, attached to those intimidating automail limbs, are just two frightened boys, no matter how much they try to hide it. Though what they fear most might surprise you.


I like that we get more details about Ed and Al when they visit their hometown to get patched up. Winry and her grandma, Pinako, were great fun, and I love how welcoming they were to the brothers. (Also, I love how egalitarian this series is regarding gender roles: there are women in the military, the villains are a mixed group of men and women, and no one blinks an eye that the engineers and metalworkers who help repair the Elric brothers are two women.)The secret of the Philosopher's Stone is appropriately horrible, but I'm intrigued to see what Marcoh's "truth that lies within the truth" turns out to be. And I'd love to find out more about our villains; right now, they just confuse me.Some of the dialogue sounded off to me, particularly Al's when he became reflective. Maybe it's an effect of the Japanese-to-English translation, or because it's a different person translating than previous volumes, or simply different cultural perspectives as to how teenagers talk, but he just doesn't sound the way I'd expect a fourteen-year-old boy to sound. Most of the time, it didn't bother me--I mean, we're talking about a guy who's lost his body entirely and wanders around in a suit of armor, so we're pretty far from "normal teenage boy"--but it was very noticeable during the parts when the action had slowed down.


Tam yorum Kutsal Yorumcu'da Çelik Simyacı'nın her ciltte daha da güzelleşmesine bir türlü anlam veremiyorum. Muhteşemliğin sınırlarını zorluyor bu manga serisi. Animeleri aşırı sevmeme rağmen mangayı tercih eden biriyim; o yüzden Fullmetal Alchemist ilaç gibi geliyor bana. Bu ciltte her saniye bir şey oldu, az daha olayların ucunu kaçırıyordum -huuu *hızlı nefes alırken, elinin tersiyle alnındaki teri siler* Geleneğimi -ve Ed'e hakaret etmenin verdiği hazzı- öldürmeyerek, yoruma "Edward her zamanki gibi sinir bozucu bir bücürdü." cümlesiyle başlayacağım. (3. cildi okumadığınız sürece söyleyemeceğim bir yerde şu an Edward, gelip ona hakaret ettiğim için beni dövemeyecek kadar derde batmış durumda şu an *kötü adam kahkahası*) Alphonse bu ciltte yine muhteşemdi, yine sevilesiydi. Yalnız sona doğru bir şeyler oldu, sıradaki ciltte patlayacak gibi... Olsun, ben onu her haliyle seviyorum! Kocaman ürkütücü zırh halini sevmişim ben onunu, dengesiz halini mi sevmeyeyim?


Oh whow, whow, whow. Where is the rest? Books should not end in the middle. It's not fair!Btw, I love the brothers, they make me laugh with their personalities. :)It's epic!


And we're back to the funny. I am really, really liking this series. I am a little embarassed to read it in public, just because I feel like maybe I'm too old for it? Or...something, I don't know. The utter geek in me is thrilled to be seen reading it, but the part of me that loves to be seen reading feels like I'm wasting the opportunity to show how smart I am.It's the kind of inner conflict I enjoy.


This is one of my favorite early volumes because it introduces some of my favorite characters in Winry, Pinako, Sheska, Maria Ross and Denny Brosh. Humor and drama continues to be an easy mix for Arakawa but it is her distinctive characters, characters that you think will disappear but she never forgets, that is something I really appreciated.Ed & Al return to Resembol to be fixed by his auto mail mechanics and family friends, Pinako Rockbell and Winry, her granddaughter. In quick succession, we learn that Pinako was an old drinking buddy of the estranged Elric father and Winry was Ed & Al's childhood friend.Arakawa establishes the link of the Rockbells to the Elrics but she doesn't linger in Resembol for long. That may be the one weakness of the volume that I see in that the pacing may be just a bit too quick but others might enjoy that especially as this volume highlights one of Arakawa's big strengths in her fighting sequences. The scenes at Prison 5 are tight and focused and easy to follow.An excellent continuation of an excellent series.And not it is off to read Volume 4!

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