Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 09 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #9)

ISBN: 142150460X
ISBN 13: 9781421504605
By: Hiromu Arakawa

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About this book

Ed, Al and Winry return to Central Command, but only bad news greets the Fullmetal Alchemist and his friends. Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes has been murdered - and Second Lieutenant Maria Ross is the prime suspect! While Maria awaits an uncertain fate in jail, the living suit of armor bearing the soul of serial killer "Berry the Chopper" breaks free of the military and goes on a rampage. Now, the mysterious Homunculi must come out of the shadows to deal with the mess before their monstrous conspiracy is exposed. But for Colonel Mustang, Maes Hughes's former best friend, it's not about the truth; it's about revenge...

Reader's Thoughts


Every installment of Fullmetal Alchemist I could claim is a "good" one, and this is no exception. Verily, Volume 9 is (like most other volumes) a "great" one. I particularly love the increasing complexity of the situation as the Elric brothers - and readers! - must untangle information concerning the government, the philosopher's stone, and peoples' loyalties. And every character is memorable, a factor so incredibly important for any well-written work. Thank you, Hiromu Arakawa, for the enticing story thus far, and I assure you Volume 10 will be read within a few hours.


Oh dear!That was one wicked ride!A cliffhanger.Oh Hawkeye! Please Roy make it on time!The story means business this time with all the action, and drama, and revelations.The Elric brothers are back in Central with Winry and those weird guys from Shin. The characters are well mess up! They are connected to other somehow that makes the story more interesting.The story gets more interesting with Barry and his body too!There are more questions opened in this volume than answers.


RAWR! I love this book, I am not done with the series but I did watch the anime. D| Its not sad but omg...its like RAWRR! Anyways, I am not spoiling the ending for anyone here. D| You must wonder why I always know the ending before reading a book. xD Lmao well, you'll figure it out later ... or neVA! Mwahaha! D|


This one is probably my favorite so far in the series. I LOVED it.


Pretty much every volume in this series is 4 or 5 stars, except maybe the first few (it take a bit to get all the characters straight), but this particular volume has some exceptional storytelling. The scenes where the boys and Winry find out about (spoiler!) Hughes' death (end spoiler) and visit his family and process it all afterward are some of the best I've read so far.


** spoiler alert ** this volume was amazing, again like all volumeshighlights of this volume:-shocked when mustang burned the woman who was accused to kill mr hughes.-the guy in the armor, the killer saw his body, and a animal's soul was inside it. which confused me

Aidan Jones

THis one explains so much about the military backstories. and this does so well keeping a story line between books.


Ed, Al and Winry return to central command, unaware of the friend Mae's Hughes death. An the military thinks the main suspect of his death is Maria Ross. The author's main point that she trying to get across about the story,is that the main characters are helping people to understand the meaning of family and expand on those themes. Her viewpoint of the book is that she wanted to integrate social problems into the story. And, she writing about the philosophical aspects than the practical ones. The view point is convincing because throughout the book she makes the main character feel bad for getting other people they knower for a long time. For example, Edward says that " it's our fault for getting him involved. I'm sorry"(pg.128).I can compare this book to Rave master because the characters in that book go through the same problem as this book.Rave master have social problem too that they can't fix but do rash things. They think there social problem got other people involved that they have to handle the situation. I rate this book five stars because of the action and suspense it grabbed by attention that I couldn't put don't this book. So i recommend this book to anyone who love Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Tragedy.

Starkville Public Library Young Adult Section

Ed, Al, and Winry decide to head back to Central to continue their investigations--and catch up with some old friends. But they've got some unwanted tag-alongs from Xing: Lin Yao and his two followers.


This is the second time this series had almost made me cry -- the scene with Hughes' family was perfect. Arakawa gets better and better and wordless scenes and letting the pictures cary the emotional weight. The military continues to get darker and more ominous, and it is less clear who the "good" guys are; that is made extra-apparent by Barry the Chopper somehow winding up on the side of right. Sigh. Now I have to wait for inter-library loan to get me the next four volumes . . .


Lots of chess play in this volume as the reader goes back to the Hughes murder. That's the thing with Arakawa too. An event is not forgotten, especially one as pivotal the Hughes murder.We also get the intro of Xing characters in this volume.


I don't know if it's because I read book 8 so long ago, but this one seemed confusing to me. Not confusing enough that I needed to reread it, but enough that I had to use some effort to keep the storyline in my head.

Federiken Masters

Último tomo que leo hasta nuevo aviso, no porque no me haya enganchado sino porque la persona que me los presta sólo tiene de corrido hasta acá :PCuando encuentre el #10 seguro retome con ganas, porque este tomo deja con ganas de más. Si bien tiene algunos de los defectos del #09 y algunos personajes que me gustan hacen cosas que no me gustan para nada, el conjunto es muy interesante y sólido. Las muertes nuestras de cada tomo están a la orden del día y la sub-trama de los xinitos gana algo de fuerza, aunque sigo absolutamente perdido con las intenciones de estos personajes. Será un hasta luego, Ed y Cía, espero reencontrarlos saludables y de buen ánimo.


This book is the best manga since naruto! i love it! i like alphonce's armor and stuff and i think the story is well wrtitten and it is just super great if you are new to manga star off with this series! .... you think i am going to talk about bad reviews on goodreads? NO. this book kickass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Ingemar

The thing with a really great series is that you're always waiting to get the next book.... :)

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