Fusion Fire (Firebird, #2)

ISBN: 0764222155
ISBN 13: 9780764222153
By: Kathy Tyers

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Reader's Thoughts


Just as amazing as its preceding book!


Read my review of the first book (though I actually read this book first--- it was the first one I found a copy of, I believe). Edit: The new Annotated Firebird is out. More on my blog: http://vikingsbooksetc.wordpress.com/...http://vikingsbooksetc.wordpress.com/...

Kyle Pratt

Rejected by her home world of Netaia, Lady Firebird now lives in the Federacy, with pair bond (husband), Master Sentinel Brennan Caldwell. Back on Netaia, her sister Princess Phoena, plots Firebird's murder and the restoration of Netaian aristocratic rule. Seeking to exploit the current tense situation are the Shuhr, enemies of the Caldwell family and their faith.All three books in this series have been criticized for their Christian content because the first book was originally written as a secular novel. I find it hard to understand why someone would criticize Kathy Tyers for writing about her faith. Christian art, in all forms, is meant to either to glorify God or present ideas about the faith. In all three books of this series, this is done rather subtly. You could remove every mention of faith and religion and the story would still work.Firebird, Fusion Fire and the third in the trilogy, Crown of Fire are not hard science fiction. These are stories of war, romance and yes, faith in a science fiction setting. The spiritual elements are merely a plus for believers. I recommend Fusion Fire.


Great read, #2 of series.

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