ISBN: 0877848815
ISBN 13: 9780877848813
By: Derek Kidner

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About this book

Genesis--the Bible's account of human origins and the harbinger of human destiny--is a book teeming with critical problems. Derek Kidner provides a running exegetical commentary and lucidly handles the tough issues that Genesis raises.

Reader's Thoughts

Nate Walker

Loved this little commentary - brief, but chalk full of wisdom. You can tell Kidner was a godly man. A great aid for preaching.

Joe Haack

Kidner is my hero. His brevity is refreshing and will give you the general sense of the passage in question. That is priceless. Sometimes I want to read his thought process, though, and not just the brilliantly crafted gnomic result.

Seth Channell

Short and helpful commentary on Genesis. Have a few problems with comments made on the first three chapters Genesis, but I think this with be true of every commentary I consult on this book.

Ray Ellis

A great one-volume commentary on Genesis. Although, in common with many other commentaries the weighting is more towards the Primeval History (Genesis 1-11 takes up 1/3 of the commentary) rather than the Patriarchs ("The Chosen Family") (Genesis 12-50 takes up only 1/2 of the commentary).The whole thing is readable and insightful. What I did find interesting, for a commentary written in the 1960s, was a sustained critique of the Graf & Wellhausen JEDP documentary theory. I had assumed that it was pretty much accepted as fact at that time - And even Kidner acknowledges at one point that "the prestige of the theory tends to protect it from criticism".

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