Geronimo: Wolf of the Warpath

ISBN: 1402736126
ISBN 13: 9781402736124
By: Ralph Moody

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About this book

The name still sends shivers down the spine and has the power to draw in young readers: Geronimo, the legendary Indian who inspired and fought for his people. But who was this man, really? Here is the riveting tale of the last Apache warrior —told by the author of the bestselling Little Britches. Born in 1829 and steeped in the skills and stoicism valued by his tribe, Geronimo was transformed into a feared and respected renegade after witnessing the brutal slaughter of his family. Ultimately he spent more than 25 years eluding the U.S. Army, which sent 5,000 soldiers to hunt him down.

Reader's Thoughts


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Too one-dimensional.


My favorite book as a kid! By the author of "Little Britches".

Hannah-riley Blessing

Geronimo was an outlaw Apache who terrorized wagon trains and early American settlers in the Arizona area. He had hopes of becoming a chief of his people, but they rejected him for his cruel ways.


If I ever find this book in a bookstore somewhere, I will be happy to pay whatever they want for it. I can still tell you the exact location this book lived in the library at my elementary school. I probably read it 5 or 6 times during my first two years of school. I wanted to be Geronimo. Or at least be allowed to take my bow and arrow to school. Neither of which ever came to pass. I will admit that the 4 stars may be pushing it a little. I probably wasn't very discriminating at age 7.

Ms. LaPorte

Addresses the Spanish capture of Indians for slaves.Offers a look at the American West.Includes map and index.

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