Get to Work, Hercules! (Myth-O-Mania, #7)

ISBN: 0786816708
ISBN 13: 9780786816705
By: Kate McMullan David LaFleur

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About this book

Heard the one about Hercules slaying a lion with his bare hands and making a cloak from its skin? That was no cloak--Hercules was wearing the lion. We're talking Siegfried and Roy here! Sure, Hercules had great big muscles. But he had an itty-bitty brain. He couldn't have done even one heroic deed if that lion hadn't been there, telling him exactly what to do.

Reader's Thoughts



Mason Hamilton

I really love this book. ever since my friend suggested i had been hooked onto this series of how the gods have been born and lived up to there 12 labors. Get to work Hercules is my favorite especially with his big group of creatures, animals and monsters. I like his Lioness Cee that has been captured by the first labor that was done unkowingly.

Anthony Y

I have recently read get to work, Hercules .This book has some comedy and if you like greek myths you will really like it. I like how in the prolog( wich no one reads) he uses acronims a lot like U.H.T.T.R wich means uncle Hades to the rescue and T.B.F.B.O.G.M wich the big fat book of Greek myths. One of the funniest parts are when he calls Zuse T-BAMZ the big and mighty Zuse( he says it sarcastically). The thing with the main character ( in this cace Hercules ) is they alway are messed up some how. To find how Hercules is messed up you will have to read it.


I just read a fantastic book called get to work Hercules,written by Kate McMullen. It has some of our greatest gods like Hades, Zues, Persephone, and a lot of monsters it starts of with a fantastic hero named Hercules. He was just born. after he is born everyone thinks he has a bad temper, because he was playing with his cousin Eury, and he hits him in the head with a ball twice and Eury┬┤s mom tells everyone in the village. after that he gets sent to Hades uncle and auntie at there farm. After 10 years two sorcerers come and gives him two paths to his life an easy or an hard. after he chooses he has to go to his cousin Eurtheseis [Eury.] He has to go and get 12 labors, and while he does the 12 labors he makes new friends and his uncle Hades also helps out a little.It was the best book I have read in a year I really do recommend it. You can also get the rest of the seiries witch are great to.



I think that the book is a really funny spin on all the greek myth that we see. These books make Hades look like a good guy and zues look like a fool. THis book is the myth o mania version of the myth of Hercules. Hercules is to complete the 12 task that is seem to be impossible. In the original myth he does it on his own, but then in this goof off version, it tells that Hercules was an idiot and Hades gave alot of help for this.


this book is awesome and i like how Hades is the narrator of the series in myth-o-maina

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