Getting business to come to you

ISBN: 087477845X
ISBN 13: 9780874778458
By: Paul Edwards Laura Clampitt Sarah Edwards

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About this book

The Edwardses have done it again! Following the success of their classic Working from the Home, the noted home office experts here address the issue of how small businesses can attract customers. While other current titles on small and home-based businesses include chapters on marketing, advertising, public relations, direct mail, and sales promotion for the small and/or home-based business entrepreneur, none do it so well or so comprehensively as these authors. They offer tips on networking, media kits, news releases, radio and TV advertising, and other topics. ---Reed Business Information, Inc., commenting on the first edition

Reader's Thoughts


There are a lot of great helps when it comes to marketing in this book. I have used some and am starting to see the fruits from it. Great book!


Great Book - easy to read and you can easily find helpful ideas quickly.


I still refer to this book 3 years later. It has really helped me find a niche for my business and help me with "word of mouth" marketing.I really liked all the worksheets and found them to be easy and thought provoking. It's a big book but well worth the time and money.

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