Global Assassins: The Limp Bizkit Story in Words and Pictures

ISBN: 1842401440
ISBN 13: 9781842401446
By: Tim Footman

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About this book

Not since the phenomenal rise (and subsequent demise) of grunge superstars Nirvana 10 years ago, has an American band caught the imagination of the worlds rock fans in the way Limp Bizkit have.In just a couple of years this Florida 5 piece have gone from being seen as white boy rap wannabees to major league, million selling, nu-metal godfathers, with a following to match.Acclaimed critically and commercially in equal measures, the Bizkits' now notch up awards and top polls on a daily basis, with their latest album 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Coloured Water' selling huge quantities consistently and so remaining in the top 10 months after it's release.Global Assassins charts this incredible rise to fame and fortune that mainman Fred Durst and his loyal partners have achieved. Ideally presented for the average Limp Bizkit fan, compromising equal parts intelligent text and full colour photography, with a corresponding price tag, meaning the target market of 14-25 year olds should find it easy to fit into their budgets.

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