Global Bargain Hunting: The Investor’s Guide to Profits in Emerging Markets

ISBN: 0684848082
ISBN 13: 9780684848082
By: Burton G. Malkiel J. P. Mei

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About this book

A RANDOM WALK AROUND THE WORLD With the same clarity and insight that made Burton Malkiel's enormously popular A Random Walk Down Wall Street an influential bestseller, Global Bargain Hunting shows nonprofessional investors how to reap investment profits from the tremendous economic growth potential of developing countries. Describing a variety of strategies, Malkiel and Mei show you how to significantly reduce investment risk and increase profit from an expected recovery in emerging markets. In this book you will find out: * Why long-term investment is the key to financial success in emerging markets * How to adjust asset allocation and risk exposure for a variety of life-cycle investment objectives (high growth, college expenses, retirement, etc.) * Why low-cost, low-turnover index funds should be the core of a well-diversified international portfolio * How emerging market bonds, real estate, and natural resource securities can help round out the portfolios of those with substantial assets * The most up-to-date changes in the global financial landscape in a new introduction written especially for this edition

Reader's Thoughts


This book has a quite clear structure. Although I could not say it is a very academy book. However, it's good for beginners to build a analysis perspective for whole environment. Four star for this.

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