Global Capitalism: Theories of Societal Development

ISBN: 0415013151
ISBN 13: 9780415013154
By: Richard Peet

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About this book

From cover:Theories of societal development cannot be wholly separated from ideology. This relationship between science and values is especially evident in issues such as the development of some people at the expense of others. This book reviews development theories, and conjectures how a global development theory might evolve. The author maintains that a politicized development theory should extend the frontiers of democracy into every aspect of human existence. He employs a dynamic structural Marxism to interpret the history and contemporary geography of capitalism.

Reader's Thoughts


This is an excellent book that gives a comprehensive account of a wide range of theories on economic development in the Global South and the strengths and weaknesses of contending ideologies that have dominated much of the discourse. A more thorough review is forthcoming, once I have the time to write it.

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