Go Away, Big Green Monster!

ISBN: 0316236535
ISBN 13: 9780316236539
By: Ed Emberley

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About this book

Caldecott Award-winning author-artist Ed Emberley has created an ingenious way for children to chase away their nighttime fears. Kids can turn the pages of this die-cut book and watch the Big Green Monster grow. Then, when they're ready to show him who's in charge, they'll turn the remaining pages and watch him disappear! This lavish reissue features dramatic die-cut eyes and sparkling foil on the cover.

Reader's Thoughts

Liliana Piedra

The book, Go Away Big Green Monster written by Ed Emberly, is a great book for small children. The monster starts out by slowly appearing and revealing it's "scary" features and then slowly disappears until he's gone. The book has silly faces that are cut out page by page and is great for kids to interact with the story.

Aczel Barron

This book was way to good. I thought that it was amazing, but i think you should make it shorter . the most interesting part was when his eyes were yellow. I like his hair it was really cool. I like it The crazy part was when he started to disappear it WAS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book had me in suspence the whole time.

David Roman

To me, this book is about a reader that is a kid that has a fear of monsters, a big green monster. I feel that this relates to kids really well because many kids growing up have fears that are all in their head. Most of those fears are either fear of the dark or fear of monsters that are in closets or under their beds. For kids, this book can present them the confidence to not be scared of the dark or of monsters under their bed or in their closets.


I've read this to him EVERY DAY (to my 3 yr. old) since we borrowed it from the library. Someone recommended it to me, so I was a little disappointed the first time at how simple the text was. My mistake. The text is perfect for preschoolers, and empowering as well (you're the one in charge, not the monsters). The illustrations are wonderful. The one caveat: the pictures in this book are actually made up of die-cut shapes on each page that allow the monster to appear and then disappear. Super fun concept, but it's not a book to leave alone with the age of child that it's intended for--your pages will all get ripped. Perfect excuse to read aloud to your child, though....

Danielle Boles

Go Away, Big Green Monster! is a cute flip book that builds up a monster face and then takes each scary feature of the monster away one at a time. I think this is a really cute idea for kids, and also happened to be a favorite of mine growing up. When I was younger and scared of the dark and my mom used to read this to me to make sure I knew that monsters weren't real--they were my imagination. Because they were my imagination, I could make the monster go away. This is a great lesson for children and an easy read considering there are only a few words, but other than that it explains how children can be imaginative and control even the scariest of monsters.

Amy Musser

The Big Green Monster has two yellow eyes, a long bluish-greenish nose, and two little squiggly ears. As you turn the pages of this book the die-cut paper gradually brings the big green monster to life. But don’t worry, the Big Green Monster doesn’t scare you because you can turn the pages and watch as the monster disappears feature by feature, “Go away, Big Green Monster!”Emberley uses simple and colorful shapes and die-cuts set to create the kind of scary, kind of silly Big Green Monster. The first half of the book has illustrations set against a glossy black background, while the second uses a variety of bright colors to highlight each vanishing element. The text is very short and descriptive, just a few words per page. The colors and body parts introduced in the first half of the book are repeated in the second half as the reader is encouraged to shout, “Go away!” to each feature.Full Review at Picture-Book-a-Day: http://picturebookaday.blogspot.com/2...

Judith Barrientos

My 3-year old LOVES this book and so do I! My college-aged niece recommended it after working a few years in a preschool. The students at her school LOVED IT and I can see why.Go Away, Big Green Monster! is a book made of cutout pages where a big, green monster appears and then slowly disappears. She loves screaming the monster parts away "GO AWAY BIG RED MOUTH!"I also love how easy it is to get rid if a monster and it helps in showing that monsters who come to mind can just as easily leave. Helps with scary moments at night.The book also uses great adjectives and helps in building vocabulary "GO AWAY TWO LITTLE SQUIGGLY EARS." And goes beyond your basic 6 colors that can be elaborate on (bluish-greenish nose).I highly recommend this book.


This is a picture book intended for nursery aged children. It has won the Parents Choice Gold award. In this book part by part the big green monster appears and then part by part the big green monster disappears and is told to not come back. I believe this book deserves four stars because it is an attention grabbing picture book, especially the illustrations of the monster. The illustrations of the monster make him appear silly, they include bright contrasting colors demanding attention. The language used in the book makes it an easy read. To me the illustrations alone would appeal to children I feel this book would be put to good use in a nursery aged classroom because it would help the children cope with the fear of monsters and nightmares. It does this by telling the big green monster to not come back offering comfort to a frightened child. It can also include the children being read to by having them say “go away” to each body part disappearing. A classroom activity could be to have the students draw pictures of monsters. Then the class can discuss different ways or actions that make the monsters look silly.

Brandon Menjivar

This book is very interesting, I like the way there setting is well placed and how they knew were exactly to put the periods and stuff that's it nothing special like always its sometimes hard to read but I mean boring but yea u guys will like them I think.

Victor Marquez

This book has good pictures and they are colorful.it is about a big green monster who doesnt want to go away . They do everything to try to get hi to leave.


My 4 year old daughter has had me read this to her about a ga-zillion times. She absolutely loves it. And I've gotta say.... it's pretty cute ;)

Brittney Daniel

This is one of my favorites to read to my classroom during this school year. I love the way this book incorporates shapes as well as colors and the children enjoy watching a monster come out of it too.


Their are a lot of design elements in a picture-book, we need to take in consideration for example the space in the images also the lines, shapes and color the artist has chosen. I think the illustrator from Go Away, Big Green MONSTER had a lot of fun with this book i really liked how the story is written on only one side of the pages and it has a sequence for showing each of the facial elements the book is talking about, also at the end the cut out shapes and colors start to go away as the child wants them to go away. this was the first time i read this book and i really enjoyed it, especially the picture side of it. I really liked how it had the dark back ground i think it reminds me of the dark dorm i use to sleep in when i was afraid of a big monster. I also enjoyed the Bright colors that contrast with the back ground. The cut out shapes gives a little feeling that the monster is getting either closer or bigger. Over all i really enjoyed this book.


This is a great book to empower your little one if they are dealing with a fear of monsters. With cutout pages, a big green monster grows page by page until readers can see the whole face at the midpoint of the book. Then the cutouts allow the monster to disappear page by page, while the parent and/or child instructs him to "go away, sharp white teeth!" and "go away, two big yellow eyes!" Seeing each body part disappear after he told them to made my three year old grow in confidence (I could tell by the more commanding voice he used as the book went on. Downright bossy by the end!).I'd highly recommend this to anyone dealing with monster phobia. It gives a great prescription for the reader to practice in their own room, so parents and children can talk together about how they might make a monster go away if they came across one.

Chris Campos

It's a great book the coloring on it is perfect for the book. While reading it and flipping pages a face begins to appear and it appears to be the "Green Monster". Kids love monsters and this book would be an interesting and good book for them. I'd definitely recommend it for people to read it with their children or read it as a class.

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