Go Tell the Mountain: The Lyrics and Writings of Jeffrey Lee Pierce

ISBN: 1880985608
ISBN 13: 9781880985601
By: Jeffrey Lee Pierce

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Reader's Thoughts

Avis Black

It's not Pierce's writing you need to discover, but his singing. Go dig up some Gun Club albums and you'll find out why Pierce was important. First of all, Pierce was the greatest singer who ever recorded. Secondly, don't listen to his music unless you have a clean bill of mental health--and I stress that--because his music is also the most depressing ever recorded. Thirdly, you must have musical savvy beyond the norm; if your tastes are middle-of-the-road and you listen to him with the idea of getting some pleasant casual tunes, you're going to be bewildered. Some of his work sounds like it's from another planet, but not in an obvious way such as the work of trite hacks like Captain Beefheart. Some of his work is so strange you can't even describe why it's odd. Fourthly, even for someone of his brilliance Pierce was erratic, and you have to bear with him. I have heard Pierce sing while falling down drunk on stage and yowling off-key, and STILL manage to deliver performances that outdid everybody else. I would not have thought this humanly possible before Pierce's arrival on the rock and roll scene. I rate singers on their ability to 'Break on through to The Other Side,' and there are many professionals who never reach that level even once in their entire career. Pierce managed to hit it about 30% of the time, the highest ratio I've ever encountered.

Luca Dipierro

Love Gun Club. Had to read this. Not bad. For Gun Club fans.

Nicholaus Patnaude

I wish I could play some chinese restaurants with you Jeff. R.I.P.

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