God’s Revelation to the Human Heart

ISBN: 0938635034
ISBN 13: 9780938635031
By: Seraphim Rose

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About this book

What does man seek in religion, and what should he seek in it? How does God reveal Himself in order to bring man to a knowledge of the Truth? How does suffering help this revelation to occur?These and other questions were discussed by Fr. Seraphim Rose, an Orthodox Christian monk from the mountains of northern California, during a lecture he gave at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1981. The contents of this lecture comprise God's Revelation to the Human Heart. Drawing from a variety of sources -- the Holy Scriptures, patristic writings, the lives of both ancient and modern saints, and accounts of persecuted Christians behind the Iron Curtain -- Fr. Seraphim goes to the core of all Christian life: the conversion of the heart of man, which causes it to bum with love for Christ and transforms one into a new being.

Reader's Thoughts

Macaria Corbett

This little book will surprise you with its depth.


Transcription of a lecture to U.Cal/Santa Rosa students. A good precis of what it means to become a Christian and seek God. It's the search for ultimate reality and truth, and unfortunately (from a human point of view), truly learning about God usually involves suffering.


Fr. Seraphim Rose opened my eyes to the fact that if you want someone to learn about the true faith their heart has to be ready. Here was a group of university students all taking a religions class listening attentively to what he had to say and most still didn't get it. It's one thing to take a religions class, it's another thing to be ready and actually embrace the truth when it's presented to you.Then there's the case of miracles. Some people search for miracles and those who can perform them. That's missing the mark. It's not about being near someone who's able to do these things, it's about creating your own personal miracle within your heart. When the heart finally sees and accepts the truth that's when the real miracles occur. This is just some of what I learned in this 50-page short read. My only complaint is that the book was too short. I definitely wanted to hear more.


I appreciated the heiromonk's sincerity and authenticity. I especially liked Fr. Seraphim's view of how one discovered God in suffering, but he also gave example of others who did not come to God in the gulags. The encounter with God is a mysterious thing.


In the introduction, Hieromonk Damascene laments the fact that Fr Seraphim's lecture seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. After reading the lecture, and then the transcribed subsequent Q&A, I sadly must agree but likewise understand why.The spiritual level on which Fr Seraphim operated was much further ahead of those to whom he spoke. The topics which he brings up and their content are too deep for his audience: a collective of casual seekers or wannabe Buddhists looking to ascend to some higher karmic plane. Fr Seraphim, of course, is earnest in his attempt to bring these students to Orthodoxy, but in his enthusiasm has possibly accidentally cast pearls before swine.The lecture itself lays out the basic tenets of true Christian Love, meanwhile describing the factors of modern decay. Such a lecture may have been more suited for an Orthodox youth conference, but then, as they say, he'd be preaching to the choir; but as a former seeker and questioning student himself, Fr Seraphim was aiming for a different goal.

Jonathan Halčák

It was very short, but pretty informative. A look at Fr Seraphim Rose's perspective on religions and religious trends - mostly focused on new age spirituality - in relation to Orthodox Christianity.

Rdr. Thomas

Fr. Seraphim telling like it is via a University lecture. Good stuff.


An excellent introduction to Orthodox spirituality. It was one of Fr. Seraphim's few books that was decent.

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