ISBN: 0194230260
ISBN 13: 9780194230261
By: Raymond Chandler Christine Lindop

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Reader's Thoughts

Rie Matsuda

1. OXFORD level 32. about 90minutes3. Pearls, Stolen, Detective, Goldfish, Reward, Search, Given4. Have you ever had goldfish in your house? No, I never have them. When I went to festival, I thought they were cute.When my sister got the goldfish once after festival, the goldfish were dead soon. I thought the lives are very short, limited.

Phillip Thurlby

Absolutely exquisite. Chandler (I believe) did not want this story published after a while due to its "cannibalisation" for use in his novels (I won't say which one for spoiler reasons). However, I have read all of his work and Goldfish is well worth publication in its own right. With it Chandler does more in a short story than most authors can (I'm looking at you Patterson!) in full novels!


Classic Marlowe short stories. The volume contains three separate stories, each of them built in the traditional Marlowe way. I'm not a fan and personally I find reading Marlowe books a bit tiring. There's no big mystery in them and following the plot feels like watching a movie, no major thinking required. The short stories here are no exception - the good thing is that they're compressed, but otherwise, they're the same as other Marlowe books I've read.


From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Adapted from the Raymond Chandler novel, PI Carmady sets out on a misson to retrieve valuable Leander pearls which were stolen 15 years ago. Read by Henry Goodman.

Takahiko Masuda

1. OXFORD, Raymond Chandler, level 32. 110min3. Pearls, stolen, reward, madder, gun, goldfish, sunset4. ・Have you ever had goldfish in your house? Never. My mother don't like a goldfish, so I couldn't have it... ・Do you want to work as a detective? Why? No,I don't. Because I think I can't stand keeping a secret. I am inadequate for the job.5. At first, I thought that this book is about a goldfish but this story is mystery. It was too far removed from my image of this story. Most characters have a gun. Detective VS Bad guys… I was surprised to read it. However this is very interesting. I learned the working of detective.

Anja Thiede

I can think of no-one who can out class Chandler when it comes to style. This miniature master piece is not only incredibly stylish, but brainy, well paced and inventive. For a short story, or really any story, it doesn't get any better than this.



Conrad Toft

A great little film noire style story. Classic

Shunsuke Matsui

-OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY Level3-Time 9/28:60minutes-7words summary:Carmady-detective-alone-busy-Peeler Mardo-talk-long-journey-Discussion questions1,What do you think about the job detectives?I think that it is very busy and it cannot get a lot of money if they are famous, but interesting for me because they contribute to catch some criminals.2,Have you ever read books about detectives?No, I have not. However, I would like to read them about detectives. I search for some books now.I reccomend you to read this book. When you read it, you will be able to learn about detectives a little

Andy Mckinney

If you like reading about "shamuses" and "cold hearted broads" but don't have the time to read a full length classic crime novel then this is a great option. Chandler along with Dashiell Hammett are the undisputed masters of the genre and in this one we see private detective Carmady on the trail of Leander pearls. Some people may label this as formulaic in regards to the plot but I don't mind. To me it is like baked beans on toast. It may not be a very fancy meal but it is tasty, satisfying and you know what you are getting. With Chandler you get a gritty story, a chase and a pay off. And at the end because this is so short you may find yourself returning to it in the future.


I thought this book is so difficult and scarly .When I looked at the cover of this book, I imagined that this book is so relaxing .However, once I read this a few pages, I knew this is suspicious book.There were many the case of murder in this book.I couldn't expect the movement next. I think Iwant you to read this book once.

Miho Kobayashi

- OXFORD, level 3- Time 11/13 = 20 minutes: 11/19 = 60 minutes.- 7-word summary: Pearls - stolen - peopel - search - for - given - reward- Discussion questions: 1. Are you interested in treasure or someting attractive?Yeah, I'm interested in such things. Therefore I want to search such things if I have a chance to find them.2. Have you ever done dipping for goldfish?Maybe I have not done it, but my father used to do that for me because I wanted goldfish when I was a child.I expected the content of this book was history of goldfish or memory of one summer festival, but it wasn't like that. I was very surprised it was kind of mystery.


This short read by Raymond Chandler has a different feel than some of his others. Sure, there's a dame, and a sheister, and the femme fatale, and one of my favorite characters, ever, Phillip Marlowe, private detective, regardless it is as good a read as any, and I believe the only reason that I have not read all of Chandler's novels is that I will be one sad girl when there are no more to read. However, I am ticking them off the list one-by-one.In short, starts in L.A. and ends in Seattle. Starts with the dark beauty with the bad guy and ends with them too, but all the stuff in the middle is what helped me eat this book right up.

Enes Akdağ


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