Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye (The Baby-Sitters Club, #13)

ISBN: 0590251686
ISBN 13: 9780590251686
By: Ann M. Martin

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Reader's Thoughts


i like this book

Ruby Rose Scarlett

I loved this. It was surprising to have Stacey move back to New York all of a sudden but I enjoyed the author's explanation of this plot twist. The whole book was very sweet and lovely. I can't wait to meet Mallory properly!

Emmy Lou

Stacey finds out she's moving back to NYC, but how can she tell her friends and -worst of all- Charlotte?


It was nice to have a book that was about a realistic life issue and not really a contrived "mystery" or plot about boys or miscommunication. I like that Stacey had decidedly mixed feelings about her situation: she loves her friends from Stoneybrook, being in the Baby-Sitters Club, and a lot of the kids she sits for, but she also has always been a New York City girl at heart and misses her best friend from NYC, Laine. So it was cool to see her conflicted feelings. I didn't really get how Stacey's family had so much crap that they'd collected in a year to have to have a yard sale in order to cram back into an apartment, though I guess it could happen. I guess this also shows how close the sitters are to the kids they sit for. On the one hand I thought it was kind of weird that Stacey's goodbye party had a bunch of little children at it, but on the other hand, these books are about their babysitting and I guess it makes sense for them to be super involved with it to the point that they have more than just a sitter/charge relationship with those kids.

Jessica Floyd

Summery- Good-by Stacy (The babysitters Club, #13) by Ann M. Martin is a story about one of the members of the babysitters club that is moving away. This story goes through the emotions of how friends feel when they are losing a close friend who is moving away. This is a story that students will and can relate to due to the realistic scenario that is set in this book. Text-I feel like the text in this book is very appropriate for younger readers. This text teaches the responsibility of having a job and taking care of children. Responsibility is the biggest theme that I can think of in these stories, and I think its a great good leisure read for students. Illustrations-The illustrations in this book are very general, I didn't see anything special or interesting about them. I think they are good visuals in assisting the readers with the text, but thats as far as it goes. In my opinion these were plain and kind of boring. How I would use this in my classroom- Since these books deal with situations that are more focused on female readers, I would not use this in my classroom. The content of these books are made for more pleasurable reading and not reading for information or content reading. I think young readers would enjoy these books so they would be good to have them in the classroom library for students to enjoy in their free time.


My first BSC book ever. I received it when I was 7. I've read this book so much I've had to tape and retape the cover so many times. I love this story. I've moved a lot so I understand what Stacey is going through having to leave her best friends behind, friends she's only had a little more than a year with. She's in the middle, happy she gets to go back to NYC and be with Laine, sad she has to leave Stoneybrook and the BSC. Ann M. Martin does a great job of depicting the mixed emotions of Stacey as well as the emotions of her friends. Stacey comes up with a "solution" of living with Claudia, but with Stacey's diabetes, Mimi's stroke, and Stacey's parents missing her, it's not a good idea. I love the party the BSC give her and I wish I had a friend like Claudia who would write me a huge letter of jokes, gossip, and whatnot for a car ride, even if she can't spell correctly. I want the BSC to come host a yard sale at my house! The BSC show that friends are not just the people who are your age, but the people who love you.


How could Stacey leave?And how will the Baby-Sitters cope without their good friend?Turns out they will all be okay.


two thumbs up!!


I really liked this book beacuse i had a friend that moved away and i had to make things right betwwen us.


This is another favorite book in the series from my childhood. I was absolutely devastated that the author would get rid of one of our beloved babysitters! Who could replace Stacey?


good riddance, Stacey.

Idea Smith

A so-so book about an important transition point in the Babysitters Club series. Stacey McGill's father gets transferred back to New York City so she has to move. The Babysitters Club are in a quandary about how to fill her place, personally and professionally. As they put together a yard sale to help the McGills move and a farewell party for Stacey, they notice Mallory Pike, a former club charge, who could be a future babysitter. This is neither a great nor a terrible book. I suppose I might have had a stronger reaction had I liked the Stacey character better, but I don't.

Julie Decker

Stacey has bittersweet news: she's moving back to New York City. While living in Stoneybrook, she's always missed the big city and her best friend from her old home, but now that she's got to leave it, she's got to tear herself away from her BSC friends and all the kids she's formed relationships with while babysitting. Not to mention . . . how will her friends function without her?This was one of the better BSC books for me because it contented itself with a realistic issue and didn't attempt to manipulate any mysterious happenings or silly misunderstandings into the driving force of its plot. It's driven entirely by the emotional side effects of the move, and it's completely relatable. It still felt "written" fairly often, since "bye Stacey, we'll miss you, but we'll do something heartwarming to make sure we're all okay at the end" is such a common thing in kids' books, but I thought it took a good look at those mixed feelings a girl in her situation would have.


The tragedy, the horror! Stacey is moving back to New York City. Gasp! What I did appreciate about this story, as well as several other books in the series, is Martin's reference to beloved works of children's literature such as Iggie's House, Harriet the Spy, and Where the Wild Things Are.

Jureshka Naidoo

This book was a little sad.

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