Good Question!: The Art of Asking Questions to Bring about Positive Chane

ISBN: 1905430078
ISBN 13: 9781905430079
By: Judy Barber Coen De Groot Richard Wilkins

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About this book

HAVE YOU EVER noticed how pleased people are when you ask a good question? They even exclaim 'Good Question!' in acknowledgement. This book, which brings together some of the favourite questions used by 28 of the sharpest minds in business and personal development today, will extend your repertoire of good questions enabling you to have truly transformational conversations. For the coach and non-coach alike, this book will enable you to help yourself and others find more of the resources needed to make things better. Whether you want to change the world, improve the lives of the people you love or simply improve your relationships or business, this book provides powerful questions that compel us all to find inspirational answers. Created by Judy Barber with expert contributions from... Coen de Groot, Richard Wilkins, Mark Forster, David Ure, Deepak Lodhia, Ewemade Orobator, David Hyner, Gary Outrageous, Julie French, Richard Tod, Tessa Lovemore, George Metcalfe, Martin Haworth, Steve Halls, Gerard Jakimavicius, Joe Armstrong, Wendy Sullivan, Sanjay Shah, Tony Burgess, Jamie Smart, Debbie Jenkins, Gerard O'Donovan, Jesvir Mahil, Jean Houston, Chris Howe, Lisa Wynn, Babu Shah, Aboodi Shabi, Lourdes Callen

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