Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy


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This book had a very conservative slant to it, made it a challenge to read without feeling irritated at the state of the government.


SPRING 2011 (St. Philip's College)Federal GovernmentProf. Dr. Gregory Hudspeth


A good textbook all in all. A good review over the US Government as a whole. I could see this as a high school text book over a college book in some ways though.

Elijah McCarty

GUD BOOOK!!!!!!!!!

Heather West

I'm reading the green label, study edition.


This US Government textbook is good for a generic overview, but it flounders hopelessly when it comes to what politics is really all about. I mean, come on! All I have to say is this:The book defines politics as: "who gets what, when, and how." That is a terrible definition, and yet the book calls it useful and efficient. I have nothing left to say, other than my personal view that Progressivist propaganda is infiltrating our school system. *shaking my head*


Good book. It gives thorough explanations of the way that politics work. It also has an online study site that can test you on all of the knowledge.


I'm reading this textbook for a class I am taking for teacher recertification. I already read the first half for the first semester--it's a really good book.I finished my class with A! This textbook is very interesting!


Textbook for PoliSci

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