Grace Gone Wild!: Getting a Grip on God’s Amazing Gift

ISBN: 1578565219
ISBN 13: 9781578565214
By: Robert Jeffress

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About this book

Beware of “the grace escape.” “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!” we sing…“For by grace you have been saved by faith!” we recite…“We live under grace!” we preach…But do we really understand grace?Grace has become a part of the basic vocabulary of every Christian. Unfortunately, many believers are abusing God’s amazing gift of grace. They have perverted God’s undeserved gift of forgiveness, making it a license for immorality, self-indulgence, and minimal involvement in God’s kingdom. In the process they are robbing themselves of the joy that comes from obedience to God.In his provocative new book, pastor and author Dr. Robert Jeffress challenges you to gain a biblical understanding of grace, and reveals how “good grace” can protect your marriage, church, and relationships from confusion and even abuse.Start experiencing the true freedom of living obediently in God’s good grace. Discover Grace Gone Wild!

Reader's Thoughts

Apostle Okwori

is a nice one

Cindi McMenamin

This was the best book I've read this year!!! I was looking for a book that would help me find that balance between extending grace toward others and yet not going soft on God's standards of holiness. THis book rocked my world!! It showed me how much of a legalist I can tend to be and yet how easily we can excuse God's standards through a misunderstanding of the word 'grace.' I would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow in holiness and in their love for others.

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