Gravity’s Angels

ISBN: 1583940294
ISBN 13: 9781583940297
By: Michael Swanwick

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About this book

Aliens who absorb the memories of those they've slain, magicians slugging it out in present-day Philadelphia, and Janis Joplin reborn as an obsessed-over saint in a barbarous post-technological U.S: these are a few of the motifs from one of science fiction's modern masters.Contents:A Midwinter's Tale (1988)The Feast of Saint Janis (1980)The Blind Minotaur (1985)The Transmigration of Philip K. (1985)Covenant of Souls (1986)The Dragon Line (1988)Mummer Kiss (1981)Trojan Horse (1984)Snow Angels (1989)The Man Who Met Picasso (1982)Foresight (1987)Ginungagap (1980)The Edge of the World (1989)

Reader's Thoughts


There was some good stuff in here- I remember particularly liking the main story, the feast of st. janis, and the one about mummers. Some stories were complete BEM scifi crap though. A mixed bag, but I think the st. janis story is worth reading.

Chase Kimball

I am nearing the end of this collection of short stories. Although Swanwick is nominally considered a Science Fiction author and is widely published in science fiction magazines, I would consider this collection to be solidly in the "fantasy" camp. But no matter, it is all wonderful stuff. He creates truly original themes and worlds, and this is warmly recommended for anyone who enjoys what might be more accurately described as "speculative fiction." A particularly strong story is "The Man Who Met Picasso," which is truly magical in its exploration of the nature of art and life and death.


Read around 1996.10/13/11: "Trojan Horse" (re-read)11/3/11: "Snow Angels" (re-read)11/5/11: "Ginungagap" (re-read)

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