Green Lantern: Willworld

ISBN: 1563899930
ISBN 13: 9781563899935
By: J.M. DeMatteis Seth Fisher

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About this book

In GREEN LANTERN: WILLWORLD, an inexperienced Hal Jordan must undergo a surreal right of passage in order to fully understand and master his power ring. Waking up on a strange hallucinatory world with no recollection of making a journey, Green Lantern attempts to decipher the insanity around him while instilling justice in a mad existence. Dealing with a senseless reality, Hal is forced to learn how to focus his will, thus accessing the true, unbridled power of his ring. Featuring strikingly beautiful artwork, this book reveals how Hal Jordan transformed himself from a novice hero to a revered legend.

Reader's Thoughts

Gunnar Tipton

A topsy-tervy, oz like world of wonderment. AND THE GREEN MOTHA F***IN LANTERN IS THERE!

Sam Denney

It's difficult to put into words what's so great about this book. Almost everything I love about it is rendered indescribably on the page with some of the most beautiful, original art I have ever seen. Every page, every panel, is a riot of insane imagery. In the same way that Guillermo Del Toro seems able to pack more ideas into a single film than most artists manage in a lifetime, so artist Seth Fisher crams a multitude of dense symbols, signs and visual quirks into a 3-issue mini-series. Willworld is the kind of book that repays multiple readings. There are so many ideas to absorb it's impossible to do so in one go. I would be equally happy just to leaf idly through the pages, flicking back and forth to catch an image here or there. Fisher takes the relatively simple concept of a Green Lantern training exercise that takes place in a world built by imagination and runs with it, using it as an excuse to build something entirely new. It's really refreshing to see an artist take an established superhero property like the Green Lantern and move away from the look that regular readers have come to know. While there are plenty of visual references that anchor you firmly in the world of Hal Jordan, they are new; less tried and tested. It was a real treat to read Willworld and feel like I was experiencing something unique.And the writing? That's pretty great too. J.M. DeMatteis crafts a story that draws you into the mystery, giving a loose framework for Fisher to build his images on while staying enough out of the way to let an incredible artist shine. I really liked the way things were tied up and the way Hal learns about a vital part of his heroic makeup. But for me, this story is all about the art.Arbitrary Rating: 5 heads out of 5.


Really interesting artwork. You see something new every time you look at a page.As for the storyline, I ultimately enjoyed it - on balance. The story meandered far too much for my liking. Whilst I fully appreciate that is as a literary device to reflect GL's confusion, that doesn't stop it making the story drag a bit.I a fan of DeMatteis. Loved Moonshadow, and really enjoyed his run on Justice League. This book isn't in the same class, and was a really a 2.5 star for me.

Jean-Pierre Vidrine

The easiest description one can give this book is "Green Lantern on acid." A lot of people would say that, and not mean it to be derisive. Accurate as that may be, I'm not fond of the phraseology. With "Willworld," DeMatteis does with Green Lantern the very thing that all writers should do when writing for a pre-existing property: he takes a character that has become myth and tells a wonderful story with that mythical character that one can enjoy without necessarily having to know decades of publishing history. DeMatteis' story here is a poignant one that calls to mind the kind of unrestrained imagination that all children have, and most adults won't allow themselves to have. At the same time it is an interesting addition to Hal Jordan's history as a Green Lantern. Seth Fisher's artwork is perfect for this tale. His style (slightly reminiscent of the styles of Quitely and Russell) is not "typical" superhero, so it fits with this very atypical superhero story. His redesigns for the main power battery, the environs of Oa, and the Guardians' robes are so great that I really do think they should be the standard for the usual look of the Green Lantern comics.For anyone who enjoyed this book, I recommend another gem from DeMatteis. If you can track down his Elseworlds tale "Supergirl: Wings," you won't be disappointed.


amazing. beautiful. spectacular. one of my favorite comic tomes of all time. weird & surreal & brilliant. most certainly not what you expect from a more or less mainstream superhero comic, this book is loving crafted with characteristic whimsy by writer JM DeMatteis & features stunning, heady visuals gorgeously rendered by the late Seth Fisher. this is a brief, perfect psychedelic bubble.

Muhammad Mustafa

More like 2.5...Other than the art, there wasn't much to like. It wasn't very entertaining and seemed quite predictable

Robert Marsh

Another title with fantastic, ground-breaking artwork from Seth Fisher. But oh, man. The story. I've read this several times and still have no idea what it's about. That's not genius. That's just bad story telling. I wanted to throw this across the room when I was done with it. But I value Seth Fisher's artwork too much. Book got saved and recommended. But only for the artwork.


The story here--about a will-power exercise in the early stages of Hal Jordan's role as Green Lantern--is no great shakes. The real draw is the obsessively detailed art of Seth Fisher, whose work looks like a cross between Moebius and Geof Darrow on acid. Inventive, colorful, and freakish, Fisher's imagery is trippy in all the right ways. This is a comic in the grand tradition of Jack Kirby, in which the words are largely superfluous to the visual narrative. What's even more impressive is this book offers a solid 100 pages of artwork, allowing one to dive in to Fisher's imagery without touching bottom. This is the first time I've encountered Fisher, but he is one to look for.


Hmmmm odd.


Seth Fisher was an awesome artist.


J.M. Dematteis channels his influences (Lewis Carrol, Eastern Mysticism, The Beatles, and many more!) into a unique Green Lantern adventure. It takes awhile for the story to gel, but the artwork is brilliant, and there's some great moments of characterization, as well. This isn't going to be everybody's "cup of tea," but if you don't mind something out of the ordinary, you'll probably get a kick out of this.

Beth Quittman

Lovely psychedelic art, reminiscent of Swamp Thing.

Devin Bruce

This was just an amazing read. I like Hal Jordan, although he’s not my favourite GL, and J.M. DeMatteis has written some really great comics. But that's not why I would recommend this book. It's because the art here is a revelation. The way Seth Fisher draws Willworld, it’s like he’s the only person who could have done it: such great attention to detail, amazing little humourous touches, and stellar panel composition. I sometimes had problems with the dialogue, which can get a little clumsy, but the characterization seems right on. Again, though, the reason to read Willworld is for Fisher’s art. He was an unbelievable talent.


One of the weirdest stories of hal

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