Grendel: Past Prime Illustrated Novel

ISBN: 1569713987
ISBN 13: 9781569713983
By: Matt Wagner Greg Rucka

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About this book

Matt Wagner's award-winning comics series takes on new life as an illustrated prose novel, written by acclaimed wordsmith Greg Rucka, renowned for his popular crime novels featuring detective Atticus Kodiak (Keeper, Finder, Smoker). The ranks of Grendel warriors have now disintegrated into leaderless anarchy, but a savior exists, and one lone Grendel seeks the key to restoring the empire--and she won't take no for an answer. Writer Greg Rucka (Whiteout) tells this compelling story of Susan Veraghen's search for Grendel-Prime. With 50 striking pen-and-ink illustrations and a stunning cover painting by Grendel creator Matt Wagner, Grendel: Past Prime is fast-paced, hard-edged adventure laced with thematic depth and visual firepower.

Reader's Thoughts


I wasn't expecting to really like this one when I started it. I'm a huge fan of Matt Wagner, so I figured that the story by Greg Rucka would just be a framework to enjoy Wagner's drawings. But the book was good. Really good. You get to find out a LOT more about Susan Veraghen (I remember thinking that she'd been treated pretty shabbily in the end of "War Child"), and about the generally cruddy situation that the world has fallen into after the disappearance of Grendel Prime. I'd like to seem more of Rucka's take on the Grendel series; perhaps he could be talked into writing another book.

Matt Payne

Legendarily epic dystopian cyber-punk adventure.A badass lesbian warrior treks across the brutal wastelands, looking for the legendary Grendel Paladin. She and the unstoppable cyborg work together to overthrow warlords, in an effort to create a new empire among the ruins of mankind.

Elizabeth Wallace

When I ordered this book I'd THOUGHT it was one of Matt Wagner's graphic novels, and at first I was disappointed to find it's an "illustrated novel" (heavy on the text, light on the illustrations.) But then I ended up reading it in about a day, because it's a very fun read, and sucks you in pretty quickly. For all the violence and mayhem, it's also, in a teeny tiny way, a bit of a love story. Two love stories actually. One's pretty erotic, the other...isn't. Greg Rucka does a wonderful job, very vivid descriptions and lots of excitement. Worth a read, definitely.


Good story - as opposed to other "Grendel Tales" written and drawn by other authors than Wagner, this one actually uses (some of the) characters created by Wagner.It's a good story, though I did think it ended a bit too abruptly... is there a sequel in the work? - not that I know of.Wagner's art in this is more simplistic than we're used to from him - or maybe the fact that it's in black and white and not color makes that difference stand out.Still. as a "Grendel-completist", I,m happy I finally got around to reading this, and should a sequel ever be written, I'll be sure to read that as well.

Marc Goodfellow

First prose by Rucka I have read and is was not bad for being based on someone else's work.

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