Guide to Rock Art of the Utah Region: Sites with Public Access

ISBN: 158096009X
ISBN 13: 9781580960090
By: Dennis Slifer

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About this book

Native American cultures have flourished in the Four Corners region for thousands of years, from the early shamans, to the Anasazi, to the tribes of today. Images incised or painted on rock by these people are diverse, mysterious, haunting, and inscrutable. Many occur in the southeastern part of Utah, in and around the Colorado Plateau. Utah may contain more worldclass prehistoric rock art than any other region in North America -- over 7,500 sites have been reported.Due to increased interest, more and more rock art sites in Utah are now being managed for public visitation by state, county, and federal agencies. Guide to Rock Art of the Utah Region is the most complete guide to these sites. With maps and directions, the book describes more than fifty sites with public access in Utah, the Arizona strip, southern Nevada, and the western edge of Colorado.

Reader's Thoughts

David Johnson

If you're heading to Utah and would like to explore some of the rock art then this is a must read. Some classic sites that are easily accessible though some require a 15-30 mile drive over backcountry roads to view.

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