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By: Gary Paulsen

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About this book

Here are the real events that inspired Gary Paulsen to write Brian Robesons story in Hatchet, The river, Brians winter and Brians Return: a stint as a volunteer emergency worker; the death that became the pilots death in Hatchet; plane crashes hes seen; and his own near misses. He takes readers on his first hunting trips, showing the wonder and solace of nature along with his hilarious mishaps and mistakes. He shares special memories, such as the night he attracted every mosquito in the county, and how he met the moose who made it personal. Theres a handy chapter titled Eating Eyeballs and Guts or Starving: The Fine Art of Wilderness Nutrition recipes included.

Reader's Thoughts

Cooper Jones

Ugh, I hated this book. I don't think I would've finished it if it weren't a book that I needed to read for school as an assignment. It was just something I wasn't interested in. I am not a huge nonfiction person, and I am trying to read more of the genre, but this book just included things that didn't interest me. I mean, all of the hunting and the guns and the woods and racing and everything that I wouldn't do. All of this was crammed into one little book that bored me half to death! I gave it one star, just because there was one part in the book that I was paying attention to while reading, and I honestly think that deserves a little something.


Summary: This is a biography by Gary Paulsen where he shares information about his life experiences, comedic anecdotes that relates to the stories he has written, and events that provided inspiration for many of his stories. The author perhaps most famous for the story Hatchet gives the reader insight into his life experiences and how they have resulted in the works that he has provided us with. Genre: Junior BiographicalCritique:(a) The book is provides accuracy in that he relays to the reader how his own personal experiences provided the basis for the characters in his books. The horrible things that Brian experiences in Hatchet were things that Paulsen himself experienced. All of these accounts provide an inside look into how the writings of Paulsen developed over time. (b) The strongest elements of the book were the ability of Paulsen to relate his personal experiences to that of his characters as well as his ability to provide humor that also related to the stories and provided entertainment for the reader. The only negative aspect of this book is perhaps its graphic details, which could be off putting to many younger readers.(c) Comedy is apparent in the book in a chapter that is titled “Eating Eyeballs and Guts or Starving: The Fine Art of Wilderness Nutrition.” You never know what you might have to eat to prevent starvation, and the author lets you know in very explicit detail. Curriculum Connection:This book would be a great tool for a literary unit about biographies or even as an introduction to literary units that include his books.

Casey Bowman

THOUGHTS ON THE BOOK My thoughts on the book are that is wasn't really a book for me. I thought this because I don't like to read books that talk about other peoples lives. The way he did things really didn't appeal to me. They didn't appeal to me because the way he does stuff wouldn't have been my first choice. I would have come more prepared for the voyage than to not have anything at all.SETTING The story took place while Gary Paulsen was sitting at home trying to think of something to write. He then remembered the story of when Brian was in that terrible plane accident. He began to write and came up with the book Hatchet. Hatchet is about a boy named Brian who is headed to the Canadian Oil Fields on this small cargo plane. He is on the way when the pilot has a heart attack. So that now puts Brian in charge of flying the plane to the Canadian Oil Fields. The story of the pilot having a heart attack reminded Paulsen about the time when he got called out to go help this man that had started freaking out and by the time he got there the man had died because of a heart failure.CONFLICTThe conflict that Brian and Gary had were they were both dealing with someone having a heart attack and they are not used to having to do something like this. It made both ofthem just stop and think about what they were doing instead of panicing and just settle down to let there mind catch up with what they are doing.CHARACTERIZATIONGary and Brian are static characters because they both remain the same through the whole entire book.1.Brian and Gary are both curious2.Both willing to help when needed3.Both are helpful in times of grief

Junie K.

Guts: The True Stories behind Hatchet and the Brian Books by: Gary PaulsenNon-Fiction144 pagesGuts is an extremely adventurous story about where the ideas in his books came from. An example of an event that Gary Paulsen actually experienced himself and later wrote in the book Hatchet is when the pilot has a heart attack. Gary Paulsen didn't have a heart attack but when he was volunteering as an ambulance type thing when he got a call from a lady saying that her husband was having chest pains. It took him 15 minutes to get there and when he went in to check out what was going on and help try to help him the guy suddenly went stiff and drop to the floor and stared right into Gary Paulsen’s eyes then died. For some reason Gary Paulsen said the he had experienced many people who had died of heart attacks but he still clearly remembers this one. This is the reason why he put the part where the pilot suddenly has a jolt and goes stiff and dies on the plane in the book Hatchet. Gary Paulsen also raced the Iditarod in Alaska like in the book Dog song. He stated that moose where really scary and how he got attacked by them while in the race. Gary Paulsen had a very adventous life as well as a dangerous one. He was a writer but he also had many other accomplishments like racing the Iditarod, hunting, and eating and getting attacked by the weirdest things.I gave this book a three because unlike other nonfiction books this one was actually pretty good! I was really surprised because usually it takes me FOREVER to finish a nonfiction book. But this one it took me a day and I think the reason this book was actually good compared to most nonfiction books is that it was action packed. It didn't have a single moment in this book that wasn't filled with action. What I find really fascinating about Gary Paulsen's books is that they are all or most of them are things that Gary Paulsen has experienced. I think this makes the books more fun and real when he describes the parts. Overall I recommend this book to anybody who has read a Gary Paulsen book and has liked or a person who doesn't like nonfiction (like me) and needs a quick read that is still good.


I like to know the "preface" to the books I read by authors. Guts is the perfect book to compliment the Brian Robeson series for this exact reason. I don't know if reading Guts before or after makes a difference; I read the book after reading three of the four in the Brian series. Guts makes the Brian series even more real and more amazing. While the Brian series is all fiction, Guts explains that what happens in the books are based on fact and real tried and true fact. That is a really awesome, I think. Guts is just as fun and enjoyable as the other books Gary has written. Definitely a recommendation to read if the reader has enjoyed the Brian series.


I heard about this book when the school librarian, Mrs. Peters came in and told the class about it also I have read many other of his books.The title's significance is that during the book the author, Gary Paulson tells about all the times he has been in survival situations and has had to kill and eat an animal sometimes eating the guts as well as the meat.The purpose of the book is to inform you of all the things that can be ate or used in a survival situation, all things occurring naturally in the wilderness, and what Gary has experienced in his life.The audience would be a fan of Gary Paulson's Brian series or a fan of him in general, or someone interested in how you can survive in the wilderness.One fact being that I learned when you don't have a pot to cook in you can weave one out of bark. Another one being that while writing his hatchet book, Gary Paulsen tested everything he said Bryan did to survive to keep his information accurate. The third thing that I learned is that Gary has been attacked by a moose like Bryan in his books was.I think that Gary Paulsen is trying to show that you can eat almost everything in the wilderness and that it is really easy to stay alive out there.I used the use prior knowledge reading stategy when he talked about shooting with a longbow and how aim was built up over time. Also I used the connect reading stategy when he was talking about cleaning a deer for the first time. I used the visualize stategy to picture when he went off after the moose that attacked his sled dogs.I found the book to be an interesting quick read. I liked how he covered so many topics and you got more all around information.

Zach Costello

"Guts" is an autobiography by Gary Paulsen. He talks about experieces he had in his childhood through his adult years. When he was young he made his own bow and went out hunting for days just like Brian did in "Hatchet." He then took those experiences and wrote "Hatchet" and the Brian series. This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about Gary Paulsen and the story behind the Hatchet series.


GARY PAULSEN & NONFICTION/ INFORMATIONALGuts is a book that explains the background and authorial content that led to and was involved in the writing of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet. This book goes through Paulsen's adventures throughout his life while hunting. As a child, his parents were poor so Paulsen would hunt small game to sell for school supplies. He loved to hunt and be one with nature. Paulsen began to learn how to use a bow instead of a gun to make hunting a less obtrusive on nature. He also shared a few key experiences that greatly influenced specific scenes in Hatchet. Most of Brian's experiences in Hatchet were based off Paulsen's personal experiences, so he knows that everything Brian did could actually be done. Personally, I did not love the narrative of this book, but I loved the personal and specific experiences he shared. Through this, I could tell that Paulsen really knows how to pull a reader into a story. They were the gems in the novel for me. I would recommend this novel for boys who have read Hatchet or are really interested in hunting.

Fred Merino

Guts by Gary Paulsen is about how he came to write the Brian books and Hatchet. It is about the experiences he had on his own. He says how he would love to hunt in the woods and would go there every weekend and just hunt. He would make his own bow and arrows and kill animals and cook them out in the wild with anything he could use. One struggle he has was when he was in the woods and he was very hungry because he could not kill that many animals. He learned to use every resource he could. For example it said how most people would throw away some organs of animals like the liver and other organs but he ate them because if he didn't he could have starved. I think the book was pretty good. I enjoyed reading about his experiences with everything and it made me think about what if those things ever happened to me and how I would react to that situation. I also like how the author used good description when describing a certain part and it made me feel as if I was going through the same thing as he was. I think that because these events actually happened and inspired him to write about them made it more interesting for me because I can read and non-fiction book and know that couldn't happen but when I was reading this it made me think that anything is possible in the right situation and attitude. People who like gory and kinda horror stories would like this book because there are a lot of situations with blood and dead people. It has really good description and a lot of imagery to take you to the place and it be like you are right there with him in the situation.

Ethan Lambert

I picked this book because I am a fan of Gary Paulsen's books and wanted to know more about how his life related to that of Brian his main characterThe title of the book relates to Paulsen's adventures in the Canadian wilderness, and how they weave into his booksThe purpose of this book is to inform readers of Paulsen's life and how it intertwines with his booksThe target audience of this book was most likely fans of Paulsen's books3 facts from the book were 1) Paulsen has been attacked by a moose 2) skunks dig up turtle eggs and eat them 3) Paulsen has run the Iditirod twiceThe theme of the book was that having survival skills is important, because you never know when a situation may arise3 reading strategies I used were: 1)Use prior knowledge: I could relate events in Paulsen's life to those events in his books I had previously read 2)Monitor: every chapter I would go back and review the main topic of that chapter 3)Make inferences: At the beginning of each chapter I was able to infer what the main topic would be (ie. the chapter titled: eating eyeballs and guts or starving, I infered that I would be reading about some disgusting mealsI thought this book was great! Although I strongly recommend reading some of Paulsen's other work first


GutsBy Gary Paulsen148 pagesNonfiction/Autobiography Gary Paulsen wrote a nice book about his life and what he did that relates him to Brian, the character in Hatchet. He actually had a very adventurous life, and in this book, he explained every detail about what happened to his life that led him to writing the book Hatchet. In Guts, he had to go through lots of scary, near-death moments while living in the forest and Alaska. They were very interesting too. He also shared a lot about hunting and food from forests and the wild. This book was a classic book about Gary Paulsen. I thought this book shared a lot about his other book, Hatchet. He seemed to have many similarities to the main character. It was quite surprising. Not only that, I never expected him to live an adventurous life as a writer. There were lots of ups and downs about his life in this book. In the end, it seems that Gary Paulsen wrote this book to answer his fan’s questions, and nothing else really. That is why I gave this book a 2/5.


‘Guts’ by Gary Paulsen was a considerable novel. I really liked the overall story line as well as the action packed, real life situations Gary Paulsen experienced. The book was based of a similar, well know, novel ‘Hatchet’, which Gary Paulsen wrote 15 years before publishing ‘Guts’. During the book, Paulsen describes his near-death experiences in the wilderness chapter-to-chapter making the reader feel as if they where standing right their, with him. Each chapter is based of real life events which where published in his bestseller ‘Hatchet’, but from the perspective of the main character Brain Robeson, a 13 year-old boy. One reason I really liked this book, was because of the action. Normally when you see a biography it doesn’t seem very interesting, but Gary Paulsen did an outstanding job. The book starts with a chapter called, “Heart Attacks, Plane Crashes, and Flying”. It starts by describing Gary Paulsen’s life before he was fortunate enough to become a successful writer. He lived with his wife in a small prairie town in the middle of farm country, and with so much down time, Paulsen volunteered as a medic with only a small ambulance, which was donated by the city. Gary Paulsen, being the only service available for thousands of square miles, had to witness many deaths mostly form heart attacks. And sadly, Paulsen was the only hope except for the city helicopter, which sometimes took hours to arrive. This book was a great read, and I recommend it for someone who’s looking for an easy quick-read. If theirs one thing I learned from Gary Paulsen’s life, it was that well….it took guts.

Edy Gies

The four star rating related more to the enthusiasm with which I will recommend this to students. My own interest level was low, not because of the writing (it is fabulous), but because I'm the least likely person to enjoy wilderness survival. I could feel my gag reflex kicking in when I was reading the chapter on eating all parts of the animal. :-[ I would recommend this as a book for anyone who is looking for an informational read and is the outdoor adventurer type or to anyone enjoyed the Brian books. it is always cool when a reader has the opportunity to get in the mind of the author.


a) Non-fictionb) 160 pagesc) Guts by Gary Paulsen are about the experiences of Gary Paulsen that influenced him to right his books. In the book he said that Brian’s experience with a pilot’s heart attack is one of the scariest experiences Brian has ever had. Gary Paulsen has had that experience; he has been in a plane when the pilot has had a heart attack. Also in the book Hatchet, Brian had to hunt and make a fire out of nothing but nature. Gary Paulsen had to do just that. Gary Paulsen also got stampeded by a moose just like Brian in Hatchet. This book is all about Gary Paulsen’s exciting experiences with nature that influenced him to right his books.d) This is a very good book. Gary Paulsen did a very good job at describing his experiences with a lot of detail. His life seems like a lot of fun in his book. He goes hunting and fishing. There are also some not so fun things like getting run over by a moose and the Iditarod. I really like how he describes the situation and his thoughts that are going through his mind. There are also some interesting survival techniques and facts in this book. Overall this is a very good book for nature lovers.


GUTS My book review is GUTS, by Gary Paulson. The story was the thought behind all of the Brian books like Hatchet, Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Hunt, The River. There was only one main character and it was Gary Paulson. In the story there was no real plot it was a mix up of all different things he did in his life. “I went many nights hungry” This book is an autobiography. Personally I like this book because I like to read about survival out in the wilderness, and I also like all of the stories Gary Paulson writes. If I could change one thing about this story I would change all of the side stories he goes off on I would rather him stay on one topic. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read Gary Paulson because this is a book that really sums up all of what his stories are based off of. Also by reading this book you can get a better understanding of who Gary Paulson really is not by reading some of his other books.

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