Hal Lifson’s 1966!

ISBN: 1566251826
ISBN 13: 9781566251822
By: Hal Lifson Nancy Sinatra Adam West

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Reader's Thoughts


Take my word for it: Hal Lifson's 1966! is an absolute treasure trove of 60's pop culture memorabelia! It's the kind of book that will have you weak in the knees when you open it up, as it reveals image after image of 60's artifacts that you haven't pondered for decades. There is also heartfelt commentary from Mr. Lifson, who is a true historian of the 60's, having grown up in the San Fernando Valley during that time. He possesses a keen wit and his love of all things 60's really shines through in his commentary. I highly recommend this book for all rock and roll, movie, literature, and pop culture fans. It's a stunner.

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