Happy Haunting (Ghostville Elementary, Book 4)

ISBN: 0439424402
ISBN 13: 9780439424400
By: Marcia Thornton Jones Debbie Dadey Jeremy Tugeau

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About this book

Get ready for more spooky fun from the best-selling authors of THE BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS. And you thought YOUR school was scary? These third-graders are haunted by a classroom full of GHOSTS!Welcome to fright night! Mr. Morton's third graders have invited family and friends to visit their classroom. Cassidy, Jeff, and Nina are all set to turn the school basement into a haunted house for the festival. The problem is...the basement is already haunted! And these ghosts don't like visitors!Can Cassidy and her classmates stop the ghosts before they crash the party? Or will their parents find out that the school is haunted...for real?

Reader's Thoughts

Kristine Pratt

Yay, this series is getting better!First of all, the scary is fun and definitely spookier in this book. The adults are getting in on things a bit, and the kids are interacting with the ghosts more in a positive way sometimes. Overall, I'm impressed and hope that this means the author is hitting their stride and that this series will continue to get better. I actually liked this one!

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