Hard Rain

ISBN: 1569471045
ISBN 13: 9781569471043
By: Janwillem van de Wetering

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About this book

In an attempt to solve the mysterious death of a wealthy banker, the Amsterdam Murder Brigade finds itself outside the limits of the law, using computer-based espionage and the risky influence of friends.

Reader's Thoughts


One of my favorite cop/mystery writers.

Stuart Lutzenhiser

The detectives of the Amsterdam murder brigade have to work while they are all suspended. 10 corpses and a huge amount of in-fighting in the service. This seemed like the last book. I really liked this one.

Karen Heuler

I love the mundane and the zen philosophizing that goes on here--makes me recall it days later. I have to find the one with someone's Small Satori in the title--I know I thought that was brilliant.


Interesting in its own way but I am tiring of the quirky Grijpsta and de Gier. This was philosophically rather muddled to me.

Zeb Kantrowitz

Sometimes it's hard to write a review of a book because there is no way to summarize what you have just read. van de Wetering writes (or wrote, he died in 2008) what he called 'zen mysteries'. Since Zen itself is a mystery, sometimes the books are an exercise in 'anarchy'. That is nothing and everything goes on at once. Zeb Kantrowitz

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