Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol. 1: Strategic Play

ISBN: 1880685337
ISBN 13: 9781880685334
By: Dan Harrington Bill Robertie

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Reader's Thoughts


A practial book for pokerplayers on all levels. I have read several from more famous players, but they talk too much about their too big ego, and not enough about poker and how to become better. Harrington take this part of the job very seriously. U will learn something.


you'll laugh you'll cry you'll go all in a lot less you donkey.


Well yes, I'm part of the poker craze, and yes I read up on my addiction. If you think poker is another gambling wasteland, then read this book. You'll learn how academic the game really is. Calculating odds, weighing risk vs. reward, and earning as much as possible are some of the topics. Sounds more like a business class than a poker book. If you do play poker, read it! You'll play better in tourney's immediately.

David Long

The Standard by which all other poker tournament strategy books must be measured. A classic.


a good book about the strategy of tournament no-limit hold 'em. they make it easy to understand poker and they provide a good approach to learning how to play good poker

Daniel Young

A great book for improving and understanding good poker play. Very specific to tournaments, but it definitely made me appreciate the game much more.


Everyone seems to think that Dan Harrington's books on tournament poker are the best-ever treatments of the subject, and volume one gave me no reason to disagree.

Tim S.

HoH lays out a fairly basic strategy for playing NLHE tournaments that's easy to understand and will improve the performance of most amateur players. If you're already familiar with basic NLHE strategy you may be able to skip the first volume, which is mainly primer material, and move on the second, which contains more tournament specific strategies and concepts that are now absolutely vital to understanding the game and playing it well.


This is a poker book for people who are looking for advanced ideas. Harrington puts you into poker situations and shows the thought process throughout a particular hand. Ill bet a lot of you have been disapointed buying poker books (especially no limit holdem)because they are all the same and half the book is begginer info that you dont need. This one is worth your time!


I don't have real tournament experience, but I can't imagine entering one without having read this book. Covers essential concepts, easy to understand. Especially good for beginners because the overall conservative approach should keep you out of trouble, at least most of the time.


Probably the best poker book ever written for tournament hold 'em. Great insight and makes you think about the tournament game differently than cash games. If you play tournament poker, this book should pay for itself several dozen times over in the first few tournaments after you've read it.

William Herbst

Not only the first volume of the best poker series I have ever read but also one of the best instructional books of any sort that I have ever read. Wonderfully concise introduction to the key concepts of tournament poker with opportunities to test your wits in real situations.


I loved all of Harrington's books. They read like textbooks and they have problems for solving. I learned more from this series than from any other poker book. I reread them from time to time for a refresher. . . I should probably do that again.

Peter Altice

If you play tournament No Limit Holdem, this is an important book to read and to understand. I think the easiest concepts in Holdem to learn is pre-flop strategy, which is covered in detail in here. Don't get me wrong, the strategy is generic and depending on the players, your personal table strategy could change. But this book covers a lot of basic and advanced strategy for tournament play.If you play tournament Holdem on a semi regular basis, this is a good book to read.


Excellent foundation for a conservative strategic approach to Texas Hold'em, with many examples/exercises to keep it from getting boring.

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