Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol. 1: Strategic Play

ISBN: 1880685337
ISBN 13: 9781880685334
By: Dan Harrington Bill Robertie

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Reader's Thoughts


A practial book for pokerplayers on all levels. I have read several from more famous players, but they talk too much about their too big ego, and not enough about poker and how to become better. Harrington take this part of the job very seriously. U will learn something.


I don't actually play poker, much less for real money, but it was an interesting look into the complexity of the strategy that goes into advanced tournament play.

Terry Pearce

Five stars for content, three stars for layout and ease of use. The problem pages could be much better laid out, in particular. It's an old book but not that old -- as a classic that people will buy because of the name, it could use a facelift. At the same time, you see why it earned that classic status. He knows what he's talking about.

Don Bernal

fantastic book on texas hold 'em; takes a beginner and amateur player to a higher level of playing; extremely focused on a tight, solid game; writing in clear and simple; the examples are a good introduction to thoughtful hand thinking; lacking on alternative - ie aggressive, loose - play, but that's not Harrington's forte


Everyone seems to think that Dan Harrington's books on tournament poker are the best-ever treatments of the subject, and volume one gave me no reason to disagree.


This book is a couple of years ago and today you see all the playes Dan teaches in this book used in as low as 5 and 10 dollar tournaments online. Due that the book is out of date it's still a great read and absolutely a must read for a novice tournament player. Dan Harrington have with this book and his record at the tables proved to be one of the best tournament poker player on the planet.

Kyle Thompson

This was a great book to learn about Texas Hold 'em. Harrington really goes into the whole strategy of the game - position, when to bet/raise/fold, how much to bet/raise in certain circumstances and positions. He gives you a few overview/ workbook examples at the end of each chapter so you can practice what he just talked about. Right after I read this I implemented the stuff he talks about into my game and it has worked very well for me; I started to win a lot more than I lost. It still works for me, and it is so simple to remember, once you read it you can easily implement the basics forever. I'm not an everyday, or even monthly hold 'em player, I just play once in a while with friends, and like I said the stuff discussed in this book really works, and well.


great book for any poker player. The quizzes are great, and really helps one to get a better understanding for poker math. My only slight against the book is that it's made my already conservatie game even more conservative.


The examples and problems in this book are very instructive and represent actual play. Harrington explains not only the various possibilities at each point, but the many considerations that go into each decision. A valuable resource, definitely recommended.


a good book about the strategy of tournament no-limit hold 'em. they make it easy to understand poker and they provide a good approach to learning how to play good poker

Michelle Burkhart

Still the most straightforward presentation of basic tournament strategy. Solid advice while still being readable. Essential poker reading.


This is entirely changing my ideas about poker—in the best, most thought-provoking way—and I haven't even made it to Betting After the Flop yet!


This is a poker book for people who are looking for advanced ideas. Harrington puts you into poker situations and shows the thought process throughout a particular hand. Ill bet a lot of you have been disapointed buying poker books (especially no limit holdem)because they are all the same and half the book is begginer info that you dont need. This one is worth your time!

Michael Chaddock

This is, by far, the best poker book I've ever read. It's well written, very informative, and contains many example hands to show exactly how different scenarios should be played. The important thing here isn't just how to play - it's WHY to play a certain way. And he tells you in very straightforward fashion.A must for any poker fan unless I'm playing against you.

David Long

The Standard by which all other poker tournament strategy books must be measured. A classic.

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