Harrington on Hold ’em: Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments; Volume II: The Endgame

ISBN: 1880685353
ISBN 13: 9781880685358
By: Dan Harrington Bill Robertie

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Reader's Thoughts

Tim Brennan

A must read for any serious poker player.


I especially like Dan's formula's for Q and M. I now use them in my tournaments.


Very informative, especially the problems/examples, and the chapters on final table and heads up strategy. Builds very nicely on the first volume. I highly recommend both volumes. I am starting on the volume 3 which is a workbook of problems and so far it looks like a great way to test what you learned from the first 2 books.


Lot of good information about abstract concepts like M and Q inflection points and making moves. The pages flew by with good tips and problems.


Final table means: read this book. Seriously. Do it.


Easily compares against the likes of Moby Dick, The Heart of Darkness, Catch-22, and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest as one of the best and most important bits of literature written in the last 200 years.

William Herbst

Best instructional book on any game I have ever read - if you play tournament poker and are looking for a good series of books, start here.


One of the great strategy books ever written; this book literally changed the way I play tournaments with immediate results. Still worth re-reading too.

Michael Chaddock

I somehow got a pre-order copy of this before the SA poker guys did, quickly went through it and thought it was great...then a poker superstar (probably Adar) got to it and tore it to pieces.I liked the book, but I'm a complete amateur...and if an expert gives it the ol' super-slam, I don't know how comfortable I am with recommending it.


I loved all of Harrington's books. They read like textbooks and they have problems for solving. I learned more from this series than from any other poker book. I reread them from time to time for a refresher. . . I should probably do that again.


A must read for any Texas Hold-em Tournament player.

Andy Valen

The second half (technically just a third) of the best poker pook on tournaments. Excellent.


As the glowing reviews here suggest, this series is a standout among the glut of indistinguishable poker guides. Much better than Helmuth's book and more current than Super System, it's the place to go after you've mastered the basics. Harrington's concepts are so enlightening and unique, they should almost be proprietary. If you're just a person looking to improve your home game, this is probably too much work to bother. But if you're serious about increasing your win rate (and take home cash) in semi-pro tournaments, this is the end all be all of poker guides.


The next time I lose a no-limit hold'em tournament, it will not be Dan Harrington's fault.

Christoph Weber


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