Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)

ISBN: 043965548X
ISBN 13: 9780439655484
By: J.K. Rowling Mary GrandPré

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Harry Potter is lucky to reach the age of thirteen, since he has already survived the murderous attacks of the feared Dark Lord on more than one occasion. But his hopes for a quiet term concentrating on Quidditch are dashed when a maniacal mass-murderer escapes from Azkaban, pursued by the soul-sucking Dementors who guard the prison. It's assumed that Hogwarts is the safest place for Harry to be. But is it a coincidence that he can feel eyes watching him in the dark, and should he be taking Professor Trelawney's ghoulish predictions seriously?

Reader's Thoughts


(Read on the blog for better pictures.)Spoilers. Obviously.We are so behind. Sooo behind. Mimi’s on the 6th book, and we’re just reviewing the 3rd. The THIRD! And not even reviewing! I don’t think what we do is reviewing really, we just talk about it.No more nice doodles. No more! You get to see us like we really are. MIMI’S HAIR IS HARD TO DO IT MAKES ME ANGRY! AND HER EXPRESSIONS AND HER ROUND FACE. IT’S ALL HER FAULT.Well… I can’t deny that. Anyways. Hello, Mimi.Mimi: Hello. *speaks French*(She’s going to a French immersion school so she likes to show off to me.)Me: Don’t speak French. Thanks. Okay, tell me the things that made you most excited in this book.Mimi: When Ron was calling Harry.Me: Aha, I love that. But why do you like it?Mimi: Oh, because he didn’t know how to use a phone! He kept yelling. He did NOT know how to use a phone.Me: Okay, tell me about the Dursleys. You’ve known them for three books now–Mimi: Yeah and Harry hates them.Me: What do you think of them?Mimi: They’re sometimes funny, like when Uncle Vernon was on the phone… but they’re not in the book a lot.Me: But you’ve known them for three books now, and they’ve all started with Harry being with the Dursleys. You must have an opinion of them now.Mimi: Yeah, sometimes I don’t like them because they don’t believe Harry. They’re not nice to Harry, but they spoil Dudley a lot. Aunt Marge is a poo. She talks badly about people.Me: Did that make you angry? Do you think any of the things she said were true?Mimi: Pfft no.Me: Well, thank goodness you’re not a huge fan of Marge. If you were to ever come across this book again, and you just wanted to take it off the shelf and reread ONE part, what part would you read?Mimi: The Dememtors! And near the end, when we find out about Sirius.Me: Ahh, okay. But why do you like the Dementors?Mimi: Because they’re cool.Me: How?Mimi: They have hoodies. And they look like Death Eaters. And I want to know who is under there.Me: Don’t they scare you?Mimi: …ish.Me: Okay, little lady.Mimi: I like the part where Lupin is teaching Harry about the Dementors — Expecto Patronum! — and Harry hears James calling Lily. I like how he hears his parents.Me: So you do know that these moments that he hears are the moments where it’s JUST before Voldemort kills them? But you still like it? Why?Mimi: Because I get to see what his parents say. And get more information.Me: Ahhh, okay. I thought you liked it because Harry SUFFERS.Mimi: Oh yeah! That too. Yeah, yeah. I like the parts where Harry gets angry and frustrated — those are fun.Me: So really, you just like to see Harry in pain.Mimi: *laughs* It’s fun. It’s fun.You think she’s this innocent little girl, but no. No. Everytime she asks me for the next book, I see her carrying it off in her little hands, looking so so eager to read about Harry’s pain.Me: Tell me about your favourite characters in THIS book, so just this book.Mimi: Oh! Uh… uh… uh… *screams while flipping through book* I just read what Lee Jordan said. But I… I…. I… like Sirius. Dementors. And I like Aunt Marge… because she’s a poo. Well, I don’t really LIKE her, but I like her because of what she says. Ohhh, and I like the chapter, “Flight of the Fat Lady,” it’s a nice name. I like Lupin, because he’s cool. He’s an awesome teacher, he gave Harry chocolate, and he told him about the Dementors, and… *whispers* he’s Sirius’s friend. I also like the part where Ron thinks Crookshanks — Hermione’s cat — ate scabbers. Because there was blood! I like Lee Jordan — he said a whole bunch of bad words in this book to the Slytherin.Me: What about your favourite character in this book? Where was Malfoy in this book?Mimi: Uh, he doesn’t really do anything in this book? Snape is … ish… because he thought Sirius was a bad person. Oh, and I like Pettigrew–Me: WHY DO YOU LIKE PETTIGREW?Mimi: *sings* Because he’s on Voldemort’s side!Me: Good lord, help me. Okay, tell me about Sirius.Mimi: I like Sirius, because everyone thought he was a really bad guy — like he was on Voldemort’s side. I liked how he was hiding and how he broke into Hogwarts and ripped the Fat Lady’s Portrait, and Ron saw Sirius, and it looked like Sirius was gonna kill him, and Percy was being stupid, and I like how Sirius yelled at Pettigrew. Okay! You know why I don’t like Percy? He acts like he knows everything and he’s so important. He acts so mature, and he’s not. He’s stupid. You should never like Percy.Me: Ahah… ahaha… Well, you’ve already read the fifth so I know why you’re so mad about him. Tell me about Hermione.Mimi: Uhm, she’s actually smart.Me: So you thought she wasn’t smart?Mimi: No, she’s always smart. Unlike Ron and Harry. And she tells the truth, unlike Harry and Ron.Me: Does she always tell the truth?Mimi: No. No, she doesn’t. But she’s always right. You must listen to Hermione. And you must slap Harry and Ron across the face.Me: Is this about when Ron and Harry stopped talking to her? Is that why you’re mad?Mimi: Yeah. The only thing I didn’t like was that Hermione went to McGonagall about the broomstick. I didn’t like that. But it wasn’t fair that Ron and Harry they treated Hermione like that. Oh! I like Mrs. Weasley because she’s really nice and she gave Harry a sweater.Me: You’re completely random, but okay.Mimi: And I like when it was Mrs. Trel… Mrs. Tewerl… Mrs. Trelawny? Mrs. Trewalny’s class and Hermione didn’t like it so she just left. OH yeah! And I like it when Snape just came in — when they found Sirius — and he started yelling! “Be quiet you stupid girl!” “Silence! I will not be talked to like that!”Me: You like it when Snape’s mad.Mimi: YEAHH, it’s fun! Because you don’t know what he’s gonna do. Like in the first book. He’s scary! Like, he’s even scarier than Voldemort when he gets mad! With his slimy hair.Me: Oh my god.Mimi: I also liked the Dementor’s Kiss part. Because I thought Sirius was going to die. Okay, I give it ten stars! All of them!Me: Ah, of course. OKAY, TO THE NEXT BOOK! See you all later.Book One.Book Two.


***There may be some spoilers ahead, but can these books really be spoiled at this point?***So this time through Prisoner of Azkaban something struck me about our general pop cultural acceptance that Albus Dumbledore is the goodest of the good, the best of the best, the most heroic of the heroes in Rowling's world (trumping even Harry because his sacrifice is genuine).I am not interested in Rowling's intentions for the characters in this; I am interested only in what I see. And what I see tells me that only one character is good and great and heroic in the kind of goodness and greatness and heroism that interests me.I am not saying that Dumbledore's a bad guy. He's no Voldemort, obviously (although I am not entirely convinced that Voldemort is the embodiment of evil we often think of him as), and he leads the battle against Voldemort's fascist rise, which makes him the Churchillian leader of English myth. He does sacrifice himself. He does risk his health and welfare to destroy horcruxes. He does protect Harry (while moving the boy around like the chess piece that the boy is). But what strikes me is that everything Dumbledore accomplishes is accomplished to maintain the status quo, and the status quo I see is far from worthy of maintenance. It is a status quo with a classic English power structure, rich white guys at the top (Dumbledore anyone?) and everyone else beneath. It is a status quo with the usual class divides. It is a status quo with some pretty hefty racism (goblins and giants and other Others). It is a status quo with institutionalized slavery (and Dumbledore himself uses a small army of House Elves to run Hogwarts without a hint of distaste). It is a status quo with a prison system of torture. And Dumbledore does nothing to disrupt that status quo. In my opinion, the character who is the goodest of the good, the best of the best, the most heroic of the heroes is the one who rails against the status quo while simultaneously battling Voldemort, and she fights Mr. Riddle far more significantly than the rest of the wizarding world. And she fights the status quo in spite of being mocked for her beliefs by everyone at every turn. For me the paragon we should aspire to is Hermione Granger. Not Dumbledore and certainly not Harry Potter. So with that in mind, what's not to love about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It is the moment that Hermione comes into her own. She is the key to the resolution. She keeps them all alive. She's sceptical, she's smart, and she is potent. I love Hermione. Take that Hermione haters.


:D That's a really good read!My first impressions:1) So much backstory!!! I LOVE IT!2) I know what a boggart is! Finally!3) I want butterbeer :D Especially now!4) The Shrieking Shack section is amazing :)5) LOVE REMUS & SIRIUS <36) Great flow/pacing7) Tried really hard to block out the movie version. I got confused a couple times @__@Check out my full review here: http://thereadables.tumblr.com/post/3...


Not as tight as the second book in terms of pacing and the major plot twist(s) at the end, but still enjoyable. Because Camp NaNo has my brain fried, here are a few random tidbits that stood out.1) Professor Lupin, who I accidentally called Professor Lupus in the middle of a conversation with my friend. Love this guy, and he better come back into the series because awesome mentor figures are awesome.2) Loved the minor character development. Rowling knows how to keep each character in the fray; I definitely would not consider this a character-driven story, at least compared to other books outside of the science-fiction/fantasy genre, but she has a wide cast that she manages to develop with every installment. An example would be on page 149 when Professor McGonagall asks for the Hogsmeade permission forms and she informs Neville that his grandmother thought it would be safer if she sent it directly to the school.3) Ronmione. I sense I will ship them like no other in the future. The entire Crookshanks/Scabbers debacle as well as Ron's awkward pat on the head to Hermione has solidified my faith in this couple. Curious as to where the Harry/Cho Chang relationship will lead - maybe we'll finally see more of the houses other than Gryffindor.Looking forward to the fourth book! Also, here's an insanely intriguing blog post that determines your Harry Potter house based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Where are my fellow Ravenclaw/Hufflepuffs?


People love this book, I know, and I feel bad about giving it just two stars. But look, J.K. Rowling has a great imagination and is skilled at world-building, but those don't automatically add up to a good book. Writing skills are necessary, as is character development. And those are sorely lacking here. I know from having seen all the HP movies and from having read The Deathly Hallows that some things are resolved, such as Snape's hatred of Harry. But, really, what's the point of his hatred? How is it important to the story, other than to add an unexpected twist at the very end of the series? What's the point of the Dursleys? Why are they so over-the-top hideous to Harry? One expects to suspend disbelief when reading books about wizards and the magical world, but this was just too much. Nobody is purely evil or purely good, and yet everyone that surrounds Harry and his friends is exactly that. It gets tiresome.There's plenty to like about this book. I love the descriptions of Hogwarts, of the people there, and of the classes. I can easily picture everything, and I find myself wishing I could attend Hogwarts, too. But that doesn't change the fact that this story leaves soooo much to be desired. Good for the people who like this series, who can see things in it that I just can't see. I really wish I could love it as they do. But I just can't.

Miloš & Brontë

Pa: So we finally finished Prisoner of Azkaban, you turkeys, what did you think?Miloš: I thought that the time-turner was really cool.Pa: How come?Miloš: Because I liked how Harry and Hermione went to save Sirius and save Buckbeak, and how Ron woke up and said what happened.Pa: How about you, Te? Did you like that part?Brontë: Yeah, I liked it. I like how they were going back in time. And I love how Harry, at the end, didn't know it [the person who cast the Patronus] was him because he thought it was his dad and it couldn't be him and it's the wizard world, so his dad could have been a ghost there doing the spell even though he was a ghost, but it was actually Harry, but I thought that was an amazing part, and the other one that I liked was that they were going back just to save Harry's godfather, that was really awesome, and even the fact that he was being impatient with whats-his-name...?Pa: Snape?Milos: LupinBrontë: Yeah, Lupin. I loved that he was impatinet with Lupin, and then they went to save him even though they wanted to kill Peter Pettigrew. Two little kids saving Harry's godfather. It was awesome. I just think the whole book was amazing.Miloš: Me too. Pa: Wow. That's crazy. Ummm. Did you like the book better than the movie?Miloš: Yeah.Brontë: Of course we liked the book. Even though we haven't heard all the books we love them because the books are the real story, and the movies are just made up, or some parts are made up from the book, and the book is really the real story. Pa: Cool.Miloš: Next time we go to the movie theatre, if we take Prisoner of Azkaban, I going to take the book up the steps and put it in the theatre we're stiting in and then we can watch it. I mean, I know we won't be able to see all of it, but I will just imagine the parts I can't see and get it into my brain.Pa: Wow! That would be cool. Anything else?Miloš: No that's it, oh, but I love the book it's really cool.Brontë: There is one more thing for me to say, though. Even though I like, like one or two maybe of the Gryffindors, I mostly like the Slytherins. I don't know why, but you look in ghosts past, and you can see Harry's dad hurting and torturing Snape, and Snape has been good to Harry, and Harry still doesn't like him, and Snape was in Slytherin, so I just like Slytherin best. Oh, but I like Ginny from Gryffindor, and I love Luna Lovegood the most.Miloš: She's RavenclawBrontë: She wears a blue scarfMiloš: Yeah, Ravenclaw.Pa: So what should we read next? should we finish Pippi, or read Goblet of Fire or Beedle the Bard? What do you think?Miloš & Brontë: Beedle the BardPa: Beedle the Bard it is. Okay, go play.

Carmen Maloy

What stands out in book 3 (this is my favorite of the series btw):* Ron's attempt to use a telephone to call Harry at the Dursleys'. * Harry's first encounter with a Dementor on the train (and just about any other encounter with Dementors). Harry's brush with the Dementors is terrifying and prepares Potter fans for a darker, scarier book. * Harry, Ron, and Hermione's behavior in Professor Trelawney's Divination class. Some of the best moments in Rowling's books occur when she reminds us that the wizards-in-training at Hogwarts are, after all, just children. Clearly, even at a school of witchcraft and wizardry, classes can be boring and seem pointless to children. * The Boggart lesson in Professor Lupin's classroom. * Harry, Ron, and Hermione's knock-down confrontation with Snape. * The mystery of Ron's rat and Hermione's cat* We are introduce to Hogsmeade for the first timeAmazon ReviewFor most children, summer vacation is something to look forward to. But not for our 13-year-old hero, who's forced to spend his summers with an aunt, uncle, and cousin who detest him. The third book in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series catapults into action when the young wizard "accidentally" causes the Dursleys' dreadful visitor Aunt Marge to inflate like a monstrous balloon and drift up to the ceiling. Fearing punishment from Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon (and from officials at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who strictly forbid students to cast spells in the nonmagic world of Muggles), Harry lunges out into the darkness with his heavy trunk and his owl Hedwig. As it turns out, Harry isn't punished at all for his errant wizardry. Instead he is mysteriously rescued from his Muggle neighborhood and whisked off in a triple-decker, violently purple bus to spend the remaining weeks of summer in a friendly inn called the Leaky Cauldron. What Harry has to face as he begins his third year at Hogwarts explains why the officials let him off easily. It seems that Sirius Black--an escaped convict from the prison of Azkaban--is on the loose. Not only that, but he's after Harry Potter. But why? And why do the Dementors, the guards hired to protect him, chill Harry's very heart when others are unaffected?


Since pretty much everyone I know has read these books, I figure reviewing them is pretty pointless. But with the new book coming out in a couple of weeks, I have to go through them beginning to end. To make the reviews more entertaining, I will be doing them in a variety of unexpected formats. For this review, I will be writing as Crookshanks fan fiction.Crookshanks swished his tail back and forth as he crept up the stairs to the boys' bedrooms. He knew the rat wasn't what it was pretending to be, but all of his attempts to alert the humans to this fact had failed. "I don't know why I even bother," he muttered to himself. "I could get along fine without any of them. Let the rat do whatever it is it's trying to do. So long as Girl keeps feeding me and scratching my belly, I'll - hello, what's this?"He could smell the rat. Its scent was like nothing Crookshanks had ever smelled, and for all his time living in a magical pet shop, he'd smelled a lot. The rat did smell like a rat, yes, but there was also something else. Something... human. It was just like that big black dog he'd met on the grounds the other day. Every instinct in him had screamed to run away, but there was that smell. And even Crookshanks knew what they said about cats and curiosity. The dog had turned out to be more than just a dog, and it had convinced Crookshanks to help it. First order of business: retrieve a certain rat from the bedroom of the Red-Haired Boy.The Boy wasn't in, but the rat was. Crookshanks circled the bed a few times. This time, maybe, he would be able to get the damn thing. He tensed for a moment and then leapt onto the bed.By luck or skill, he was nearly on top of the thing when he landed. "A-HA!" he yowled. "Gotcha!" He pinned the rat under his sizable paw. "Where you gonna run to now, ratty?" he asked, sneering as best he could.The rat writhed in his grip. "Please," it said. "Just let me go. You don't know what will happen if you eat me, it would be a terrible mistake!""A mistake, eh?" the cat said. "We'll see about that. I have a great big doggie friend who's just aching to get his jaws around you...."He barely had time to finish his sentence when the rat went mad. It squealed and bit and slashed with its paws. And then, against all of Crookshanks' previous experience - it grew! It nearly threw the cat off the bed as it became much more massive - its legs lengthened and its arms stretched until it had reached a human size and shape. Crookshanks goggled. Of all the things he'd expected from this rat, this wasn't it. The human grabbed at him, but Crookshanks was too fast. He jumped off the bed and shimmied under the wardrobe, where he could see but not be seen.The human looked around, breathing heavily. He was pale and thin, and still looked ratty. "Think, Peter, think," he said. "Gotta get out of here, but..." He stopped, glanced at the wardrobe, and grimaced. "You may just have given me my way out, cat," he said. And then he bit the ball of his hand.Blood dripped out, leaving spreading red blotches on the sheets. "They'll think it was you," he said. "They'll leave me for dead and I'll be free to rejoin my Lord." He looked at the recently repaired curtains on Ron's bed. "It's not safe here anymore." He sucked at the wound to stop the bloodflow and then went to the window. Perched on the windowsill, he looked over at Crookshanks' hiding place. "If I were human," he said, "the fall would kill me. But as a rat...." His body rippled and twisted and shrank, and then there was an old grey rat on the sill. Crookshanks was pretty sure it winked at him before leaping off.After a minute or two, Crookshanks wriggled out from under the wardrobe, his thoughts dark. The Red-Haired Boy was going to be angry, and so was the Girl. But more importantly, the Dog was going to be furious. It was barely holding on to its sanity as it was. Crookshanks shook his head. This was going to get worse before it would get better...


It was September 1998; the third Harry Potter book had just been released. Pottermania? What's that? It was still unknown except to a vast population of younglings who'd read it... and I fell in love. Oh, how I fell in love. I fell in love with the poor, starved-for-affection, later known to be a twit Harry. I fell in love with the pretentious know-it-all Hermione. I fell in love with the awkward, grew-up-in-his-brother's-shadows Ron... and most of all? I fell in love with the snarky, unplatable, snarling, rude, hygienically-disinclined professor of potions, Severus Snape. Almost ten years later, I'm still obsessed with it in many ways. I think this is my favorite of all the Harry Potter books thus far. This is the one that introduces Sirius Black, who I sometimes loathe (only sometimes!) and Remus Lupin, who I will always, always love. And of course, this is the book that gave us one piece of Severus Snape's background. And that was the infamous Prank that may or may not have destroyed Snape's trust in Dumbledore. Would you have trusted someone who didn't at least suspend the one who'd tried to kill you? I don't think so. This is also the book where I found myself looking at Dumbledore with a new eye. He's a crafty old fella, I tell you that. He'll do anything to gain his means, regardless of how he may personally feel on the matter. Grandpa Albus, he ain't. And Severus Snape, my heart did bleed for thee.


Look. I know I'm probably the two millionth bleeding person to point this out, but if they have a bleeding time machine then why don't they bleeding use it in the later books? It would have been bleeding useful. It's things like this that make me seriously doubt her bleeding claim to have planned out the whole bleeding series from the beginning. Bleeding heck. Why I am writing this bleeding review? I must have something better to do. And excuse me for swearing.

Jo ★ The Book Sloth★

Mohammed Arabey

عندما قرأت هذا الجزء...كنت متخوفا من ان اجد احداث مشابهه للجزئين السابقين..ولكني كنت مخطئاكلب اسود غريب يظهر لهاري وحده يسبب له الفزع, انه نذير الشؤميبدأ هاري عامه الدراسي باغرب الاحداث..منها مقابله مع وزير السحر الذي يقدم استثناء خاص لهاري غير متوقعمجرم وقاتل هارب من ازبكان..له ماض سئ مع عائله هاري بوتر..ينجح في التسلل للمدرسه مما يسبب فزعا كبيرا لم يستطع احد الامساك به بالرغم من حراسة المدرسه بحراس افظع من المجرمين نفسهم..يبثون الرعب في التلاميذ..بالاخص هاريمدرس الدفاع ضد السحر الاسود بالرغم من انه الافضل..الا انه يختفي ويظهر في ظروف غامضه,وسناب ياخذ مكانه احتياطيا..وايضا يتصرف بغرابههيرموني تشتري قط جديد..يتصرف بغرابه, ورون يكرهه خوفا علي فأره الذي يختفي...هيرموني نفسها تتصرف بغرابه هديه متميزه لهاري مجهوله المصدر..عرافه تتنبأ بموت هاري بوتر الوشيك بسبب نذير الشؤم بيت مسكون...هاجريد ينتظر حكم الاعدام لحيوانه المفضل بسبب مالفوياشخاص ميتون يظهرون في خريطه المدرسه علي انهم يتجولون في المدرسه..ولكن لا يمكن تتبعهم او رؤيتهممــجـرم هارب وحــــراس رهيــبه عــــرافه ونــبوءه ونـذير شـؤمكـــــلــب, قـــــط وفـــــأرعندما قرأت الجزء الثاني –بعد ان كنت شاهدت الجزئين كفيلم سينمائي- شعرت ان "وماذا بعد؟"توقعت ان يكون الامر مملا لاحقا..بالرغم من اعجابي الشديد بالعالم والشخصيات الا ان حبكه الجزء الثاني –خاصا قبل معرفه سر الهوركروكس في الجزء السادس- كنت اشعر بخيوط رفيعه متشابهه في تسلسل الاحداث ونهايتهاليجئ الجزء الثالث اكبر,عمق اكثر للشخصيات..نظره اعمق لعالم السحر المخفي بين طيات عالمنا والاهم..احداث وحبكه مختلفه واقوي في تصاعدها وغرابتها وغموضها وحتي "الرعب" فيها عن الجزئين السابقين مجتمعينوفعلا اشعر ان الفصول الاخيره كانت بها كميه احداث تقلب مسار الروايه بالاخص"كلب وقط وفأر"وتتأكد فعلا ان جي كي رولينج بجعبتها الكثير لتقدمهبصعوبه شديده تحاملت علي نفسي لتقسيم قراءه الروايه علي 3 اجزاء وكنت احترق شوقا لمعرفه ما سيحدث بعد ذلك, وكيف ستكون الاجزاء القادمهالروايه اعمق بكثير جدا جدا من الفيلم وهذا احبطني..التغيير في "نغمه"الفيلم من الجزء الثالث بالمقارنه بين اول جزئين له مزايا وعيوب الا ان عيبه الرئيسي بالنسبه لي هو اختصار اجزاء من الروايه ,ربما لانها كانت اول مره اكون قد قرأت الروايه قبل الفيلم ولكني فعلا ارشح مشاهده الجزء الاول "وربما الثاني" قبل البدء في القراءه ثم قراءه السلسله كامله قبل مشاهده باقي الافلاممحمد العربي


The first of her series where Rowling really catches her stride. Though her plotting is always a forced joining of unnecessary moments smoothed over Lucas-style by action and magic, in this occasion, the emotional and character exploration of such moments helps to lend them a certain importance. There is an irony here: that Rowling seems to profit from the reader leaning on Chekhovian Realism in a story where the psychology and meaning are so contrived and poorly-executed that it cannot be considered with that genre.As ever, Rowlings adoption of characters, themes, and tropes from other British authors prove to be her best and most powerful elements. From Mr. D'arcy to Gandalf to Gaiman, she runs the gamut, arms outstretched and grasping gleefully.Of course, for those who argue 'there are only XX stories' (scientifically defined as somewhere between 1 and 77), Rowling's gentle lending is not much of a literary crime. Quite the opposite: she is not an author who could create from whole cloth, her strength lies in combination of elements and in romantic adventure.And though her disparate story elements are as hastily built as old Winchester Manor, and as unkind to see from afar, traveling interiorily--though sometimes needlessly confusing--provides a view of many well-constructed and beautiful rooms: a lovely little tour. At the risk of insulting someone who misses my intent, the greatest gift to her merry throngs may be that they cannot step back and look upon the whole picture. A house of cards is a pretty feat, after all.My Fantasy Book Suggestions


Harry is a 13 year old boy, and is a young wizard. When he was 1 year old, his parents got killed by the most powerful dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. But when Voldemort tried to kill Harry as well, he failed and since than, Harry is very famous. He is a 3rd year student in Hogwarts, the school for Witchcraft and Wizardy. Harry wants to go to Hogsmeade with his friends. But he can not  because Uncle vernon obviously would not give him permission, and Harry does not have any other relatives. Even the Ministery of Magic would not sign it for famous Harry Potter because there is another reason. The reason is that the Minestery of Magic, Mr. Fudge, thinks that Sirius Black, a prizoner that killed 13 people in a curse is after Harry. Black worked under Voldemort, and hates Harry for making Voldemort lose his powers.So Fudge wants to keep Harry safe in Hogwarts.Also, Harry wants revenge. He hears that Black killed his parents; Black was Harry's dad's best friend, and was a spy for Voldemort. Black had betrayed Voldemort. But it was not Black that had killed his parents. It was Peter Pettigrew, who had been living 12 years as a rat, and no normal rat; Ron's pet Scabbers. He had powers to transform into a shape of an animal. When Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Professor Lupin, and Black had tried to hand him over to the dementors, he had escaped. So once more, Black had been captured. But Harry and Hermione rescued him by using the time warp charm. He escaped with Haqgrid's bird. And Harry had ended his 3rd year at Hogwarts.

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SPOILERS psttt there may be errors in this, I am not to blame. Blame dey feelsThere are so many feels when it comes to this book. It was my favorite book in the series and now I finally re-read it and it broke my heart a million times over.The first time was when Remus was introduced as the new teacher and Snape was glaring at him. I couldn't. I just wanted to bawl my heart out because. BECAUSE. We all know what would happen. I thought a lot of things while reading this book. It just made me think about the whole series as a whole. Like Snape and why he was the way he was. About Remus. About Sirius. About everyone. One of my other thoughts was how WRONG it was for Ron and Hermoine to end up together. I amp probably n the minority with that one but I don't understand why they did. It's so weird seeing them not really be bffs in the first couple of books and then become a couple. I don't want to imagine how these two, such adorable kids, will grow up to well. Yeah. Which also brings me to Harry and Ginny. I never ever ever liked the idea of those two. It was too random for my tastes. It seemed force. They shouldn't have ended up together. Hell while I was reading this book, I was wondering if I would have liked the ending of the 7th book a little bit more had J.K. pulled a Luke Skywalker and left Harry single. I love Sirius to bits and pieces (he is my fav character) but sometimes I wonder about him and James. I don't agree with the way they treated Snape. They were bullies. It hurts me to say that but they were. Snape was an annoying pain the ass but he was also somewhat powerless compared to them. They did some pretty awful things to him and it sometimes makes me wonder why I love Sirius so much. Lily isn't that much better in my eyes. I actually realize that I may be too harsh in judging her but I cannot help how I feel. She basically cut off all ties to her muggle life and embraced everything James offered. Her life seemed to revolve around him. His best friends were hers and yeah. It always pains me to imagine how Snape must have felt. She may have hated James initially but when Snape became a douche bag what did she do? First of all, she knew him for almost all her life, she should have known better and should have seen through his bullshit, second.. she kind of did marry the guy who bullied her ex-best friend. That breaks some sort of code doesn't it?I mean whenever Harry mentioned that wedding photo and the best man who was 'their best friend' it kind of just broke my heart into little pieces because at that point Snape held no value in Lily's heart whereas for Snape, well we all know how it was. Despite how I feel about Harry's parents. I love this book to bits. Also I thought I'd make a list of my favorite characters, it might explain why re-reading this series sucks.-Sirius-Snape-Remus-Dumbledore-Dobby-Hagrid-Fred-George-Neville-Draco

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