Harry Potter Boxed Set (Harry Potter #1-5)

ISBN: 0439682584
ISBN 13: 9780439682589
By: J.K. Rowling Mary GrandPré

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About this book

Includes Books 1-5 plus a collectible leather bookmark (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, & Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).

Reader's Thoughts


I've been a huge Harry Potter fan since I first picked up the books at age 12. That's over half my life now! It's sad in a way that the books and films are over. I love the whole series, but my particular favorites are The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Half Blood Prince, and The Deathly Hallows. My least favorite is definitely The Order of the Phoenix.

Emmalee Miller

This series was my childhood. I can't think of a better series for a child to grow up with. Three best friends, very creative adventures, a spine tingling scary villain, a magical school, etc. I can't recommend this series enough to anyone. I honestly think everyone should read it.


I LOVE Harry Potter. I am amazed at the depth JK gave to each character. I realize in these books we only get the surface of J.K Rowlings mind. I have re-read the series as each new book was released and with the release of the first 4 movies. I think I am close to another re-read. Maybe along with Pottermore. --Order of favorites 4,6,7,3,5,1,2. House--Ravenclaw -- Wand -- Alder wood, Unicorn core, 12 1/4" Slightly Yielding


Didn't actually read the box set, but read books 1-5.Sorcerer's Stone: Good book, especially for curious little kids.Chamber of Secrets: Great sequel, a little bit of mystery. Well written.Prisoner of Azkaban: Make sure your kids can understand the time travel aspect if you read it to them.Goblet of Fire: Probably my favorite book!Order of the Phoenix: Probably my least favorite book! Actually, definitely my least favorite book.


** spoiler alert ** I have read all of them they are really good it is about this orphan harry potter who turns out he is a wizard and goes to a school called hogwarts Wierd name right? I know When in his first year he will face the wizard that killed his perants and made him famous but will he survive the encounter all five are about harry constant struggles with voldemort and voldermort come back in the 4th book hope you enjoy.... POTTER FOR PRESIDENT

Suzanne Macartney

The series is so eminently readable, it's hard to put down. Whoever knew poor orphan Harry would face so many trying times in his young life? Many many times I've laughed while reading. Small wonder Rowling is a prize-winner. The complex come-of-age stuff and tales of the larger moral universe are engaging (sometimes so harsh!) and mysteries are satisfying too. For me I think the first book was the most charming and had the most emotional impact. Of course I'm only too happy to continue reading... Must find out how the saga ends.

Saniya Srivastava

the best novel all times!! we should thank Rowling for giving us such a magical novel, full of suspense,romance,magic,mystery. i would insist all ht epeople to read this novel, i hav fallen in love with it's book, i cant stop myself from reading it again and again


** spoiler alert ** bagus.. saya seneng banget baca harry potter.. merasa seperti berada di dunia harry potter.. (pa lagi kalo liat filmnya iih daniel radcliff...i like him;p ( bercerita tentang kejadian pengalaman pengalaman yang dialami oleh seorang bocah (seorang harry potter) tiba2 ia harus mengalami semua kejadian kejadian sihir dimana ia sama sekali tidak tahu menahu tentang kehidupan orang tuanya dan apa yang terjadi pada kedua orang tuanya..) dan apa yang akan terjadi di masa depannya nanti.. (i loved JK rowling :))




I read books 1-7. Fun series, the first few were poorly written, but they got exponentially better as you get into the later ones. I actually cried at the part when the Phoenix sings after Dubmbledore dies. I don't see what Christians complain about. There's nothing really blasphemous in it.

Andre Ariono

This books is very imaginative. When you read it, you can imagine that you're inside the world of Harry Potter. This book can improve reader's imagination.When you read Harry Potter (1-5) but you're not using your imagination then there's no fun I think. And if you haven't watch the Harry Potter movies, I suggest you finnish the book first then you watch the movie...And in my humble opinion (imho), I found the book is more interesting than the movie...there's a lot of scene that change in the movie..so I suggest you to read first then watch latter hehehehe...

Reivax Elocin

Ok I'm going to put this same comment for every one of my Harry potter book reviews.Simply awesome.Fucking good.Epic!Amazing!SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousMeh i probably spelt that wrong..


This series is my second best, but i don't know why people have a problem with it. Others think it's crap and too complex but i enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for a good fantasy lol. I dont think anyone can beat this.

Edwin Vazquez

A good introduction to young readers. The stories became more and more intriquing as they progressed in volumes. Unfortunately not much more than the Goblet of Fire, which I felt was the strongest of the series. Entering the 'Order of the Phoenix' I lost interest and found myself not caring about the characters anymore or on finding out how Harry Potter once again will stump Voldemort. Great writing and progression of characters but not for my tastes.


As an adult, I did not think I would have enjoyed this series this much, but I totally did! I had a Happy Potter book with me on every vacation this year. The Happy Potter series is legendary!

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