Heaven’s Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization

ISBN: 0609804774
ISBN 13: 9780609804773
By: Graham Hancock Santha Faiia

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Reader's Thoughts

Stephanie Woods

Really enjoyed this one.

Sarah Keliher

With photos, so you can play along at home: pile of rocks? Or ZOMG LOST CIVILIZATION?! You decide!


A book that makes you question everything = an amazing book!

Doris Pearson

Very enjoyable and informative. This was a library loan, want my own copy so I can spend time studying it.


Even though I may not agree with the assumptions, I found this a good read and good for creating discussions. See how many of your friends agree or disagree with you about what is presented in this book.

Johnny Martin

Extensively researched and beautifully photographed, one of my all-time favourite books on ancient mysteries! Introduced me to the legendary Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan, the enigmatic Easter Island statues and the exquisitely designed temples of Angkor Wat. Took me a while to finish it but left me feeling inspired to discover more with a list of must-see locations on my travel map.

H. Gibson

Chronicles of Han Storm Book Club ReadA very technical book, but extremely interesting.


Interessante per il parallellismo archeologico-astronimico tra varie culture. Un po' ripetitivo per chi ha già letto "Civiltà sommerse"


As a follow-up to his Fingerprints of the Gods, this is a good book. Very easy to read, and thoroughly enjoyable. I finished the book, and wanted more, that is why I gave it three stars.


Puts forward some great theories to make you rethink the world's history as we know it. Scoffed at by the "experts" but only because if he is right, they know they will have wasted many years barking up the wrong tree.

Jamie Wildman

Liked it so well, I lost it before I finished it, and bought it again -- in hardback both times.

Eli Shayotovich

A lot of rehashing of his previous works, but still contains some very interesting nuggets o' knowledge. If you can make it through the rehash (this one accompanied by a ton of color pictures, one of his first books with pics I believe) it's worth the effort. Starting to find that a lot of these speculative, alt-history books contain many of the same theories mixed in with new stuff, so it begins to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But again, worth the effort if this type of stuff interests you.


Wow... Hancock is considered a quack among the archaeological community, but his hypothesis and evidence are amazing. I think conventional history and archaeology have ruled it out because there is no immediate explanation that most would readily accept. I, for one, believe Hancock. The fact that so many ancient religious sites are an accurate skymap of constellations built on earth, all over the earth simultaneously is amazing. The pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, Angkor Wat mirror the stars in Orion's belt, Leo, and Draco as they appeared in the sky in 10,000 BC. This can be no coincidence. And the parallels of terminology, both the words and their meanings, among those ancient cultures can also be no coincidence.Again... wow.

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