Helen Keller

ISBN: 0440404398
ISBN 13: 9780440404392
By: Stewart Graff Wayne Alfano Polly Anne Graff

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About this book

From the age of a year and a half, Helen Keller could not hear. She could not see, and she did not speak. She lived in a dark and lonely world--until Annie Sullivan came to teach her. Annie traced letters and words in Helen's hand, and made Helen realize she could "talk" to people. Eager to make up for lost time, Helen threw herself into her studies. She decided to teach others about the special training deaf and blind children need. Helen traveled all over the globe and raised money to start up schools for deaf and blind children. Her courage and her determination to help others conquer the odds against them earned her the respect and admiration of the world.

Reader's Thoughts


Simple read. Always an inspiring person to learn about.


Best biography ever!


I had to read a biography for a book report and my mom recommended reading about Helen Keller because she read about her when she was young. This book told a lot of interesting facts about Helen, who was blind and deaf. Her teacher was Anne Sullivan and they were friends for Helen's whole life. Helen lived to be 88.


I think everyone should know about the life of Helen Keller. Her life story in itself is very inspirational and teaches perserverance. This book is well written for children as well as adults to understand some of lifetime achievements in everyday life to national accolades.


good book, something to read quickly

Zoƫ Katherine Littlefield

The book was interesting because it told us about Helen Keller and her growing up in Alabama and about how she grew up to be very famous even though she was deaf and blind.

Marina Ever vidal

the book is so good and is kind of sad i loved it so much i read it two times




A very brief overview of Helen Keller's remarkable life. My daughter really liked it, and she wants to read more about her.

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