Henry and Mudge and the Wild Wind

ISBN: 0689810083
ISBN 13: 9780689810084
By: Cynthia Rylant Suçie Stevenson

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About this book

Storms make Henry jump. They make his big dog Mudge even jumpier. When the thunder goes pow!, Mudge goes to hide. Poor Mudge! How can Henry help his best friend?

Reader's Thoughts

Jane G Meyer

You simply can't go wrong with Rylant. Henry and Mudge stories are always just right...

Tammy King Carlton

Rebekah just giggles everytime Mudge goes to bury his head in the couch when there's thunder.

Alaina Sloo

Another wonderful Cynthia Rylant early reader series, much enjoyed by kids kindergarten through 2d grade. Sweet, gentle stories about the relationship between a boy and his very big dog. Many kids love them, but boys seem to gravitate toward them most.

Emily Shazer

I thought this was a really cute book. It explains Henry's experience during thunderstorms with his dog and could potentially teach other kids not to get scared when they are in the presence of a thunderstorm. The pictures went really well with the story and it was a really easy read. They were divided up into little chapters so that kids can get a sense of what a longer read might be like and to boost their confidence knowing that they read something similar to a chapter book.




great story about a dog afraid of thunder and his boy trying to help.

Ashley Wampler

Henry and Mudge are scared of thunderstorms! When it storms, Mudge does some silly things like pace around the table and hide his head in the couch. Henry whistles. Henry's father teaches him a game to play while it storms, and pretty soon the storm is over and they can go back outside again!


My 2nd grader is learning to love reading with this series. This one is his favorite so far, since it's about the drama black-out that happens during a thunderstorm, and Henry finds himself consoling a frightened Mudge. Rylant does a great job reflecting the inner thoughts and feelings of a 2nd grade boy and makes Mudge believably quirky dog.


Beginning chapter for k-2


Henry and Mudge is a vary nice book. They are vary nice to each other. The like to be friends! This is a very good book!

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