Hielo Ardiente (NUMA Files, #3)

ISBN: 0307348199
ISBN 13: 9780307348197
By: Clive Cussler Paul Kemprecos

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About this book

En Serpiente, Clive Cussler creó un héroe para el nuevo milenio con Kurt Austin, cabeza del equipo de misiones especiales de la NUMA. En el corazón de la antigua Unión Soviética, un magnate cuya fortuna proviene d ela explotación minera se cree el nuevo zar de Rusia. Dice ser descendiente de los Romanov, y con su inmensa riqueza está empeñado en derrocar el débil gobierno ruso y alzarse con el poder. Para neutralizar la oposición d elos Estados Unidos planea provocar una serie de explosiones submarinas en las costas estadounidenses, que Austin, con la ayuda de su compañero Joe Zavala, deberá evitar.

Reader's Thoughts


Started off really well but the ending was a bit of a let down. Overall, it was enjoyable but Cussler wrapped it up so fast it was like he either had something else better to do or had some kind of self-imposed page limit where he had to stop.


I liked the concept of the Czar tie in with this book as I have always been interested in that part of Russian history. The killing of the villians in this book were really lame so I only gave it two stars. This book also had some mild sexual content that I really could have done without.


The four stars is VERY GENEROUS. The story was semi-complex with lots of characters/scenes that had to be kept in mind as each event took place. The ending was crap. Oh well it is Christmas time so will give it four instead of three stars. 3.51 that rou

Nathan Beck

Not a bad book, just the story was so-so. The ending was predictable and seemed to have little climax. But if you're reading the series, it's good to know what happens in this book. Each story is independent from the others, but it still builds characters.


For a Clive Cussler book, this was a very pedestrian story. In Fire Ice" Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala must team up with Paul Gamay to battle Russian bad guys. The head of the Russian gang, Razov is out for world domination. Admiral James Sandecker's warriors at NUMA must go out and twart the Russian bad guy. Story just dragged along far too slow. The ending was expected and not very good.Of all of the Cussler books I've read this one has disappointed me the most. All hard line Cussler fans will read "Fire Ice", but we'd quickly move on to another effort. If you're not a Cussler regular. Skip this one. 3 stars out of 5 and I'm grading on a curve.


This was erratic, poorly conceived, predictable, incoherent, and utterly unsatisfying. The basic premises driving the plot were flawed and the book was absolutely unbelievable. There was just enough entertainment to keep me going and to earn a 2nd star.

Ralph Neville

It was a good story, your typical evil guy wants to rule the world thwarted by super secret, super agents. It reminded me of the "Mack Bolin" series that an old GF's mom used to read.

Brian Ingram

doesn't compare to Cussler at the height of his powers, but a fun, quick adventurous read.

Peter Charleston

Clive Cussler combines with Paul Kemprecos to provide another enticingly thrilling adventure! Kurt Austin joins forces with some Russian allies in an attempt to save the destruction of major cities along the coast of the United States. A well thought out and written novel.

Teo Hoppe

Clive Cussler must have been watching the Discovery Channel on cable television and came up with a new idea for a story. Originally aired in 2000, this cable show presented a documentary on the cataclysmic effects of an undersea earthquake off the eastern seaboard of the United States. Interviewees theorized what would happen to the coast should such a natural disaster occur, citing historical proof of similar events several millennia in the past.But if Kurt Austin were involved in such a theory, we all know that this natural disaster would be the result of a corrupt mastermind bent on some evil ploy that will allow him to control the world in some way. What if Cussler invented huge deposits of methane gas strategically-placed just below the seafloor? Evil, corrupt mastermind could plot to detonate this ready source of destruction! He'll never get away with it! Why? Because Kurt Austin is here!Cussler comes up with another fun story that makes we engineers chuckle. His concoctions of scientific theory toy with our educated backgrounds, but to criticize the basis for his adventures would destroy the fun of the story. Get past all the obvious nonsense and enjoy the ride, all you fellow enginerds.


Clive Cussler does it again with action and intrigue. I would not want to meet Kurt Austin in a dark alley...if I was one of the bad guys. The history in the story was great. And of course it has a happy ending with Kurt getting the girl!

Adam Wilson

Fire Ice was my first Cussler read. I went into it nothing nothing about the author and I was very young when I read it so that might be why it did not make an impression on me at all. It was exciting in parts and it was nice to read a thriller that takes place outside of courtrooms and interrogation rooms but the adventure didn’t fascinate me beyond a three star mark. It seemed a little bloated with plots for overthrowing other countries and so on. Again, maybe I have the wrong impression, but that is precisely why I have avoided Tom Clancy’s massive books.


Looks like I am not alone, I prefer Dirk Pitt to Kurt Austin. Just doesn't have the same magic with out Dirk. With Dirk it is easier to suspend belief in reality and get into the " I out James Bond, James Bond"mentality. Fun no the less.

Benghis Kaan

Quick read, decent story line and action


Clive Cussler is indeed the Grand-master of Adventure. His books the literary equivalent of a big Hollywood action blockbuster. Fire Ice follows another heroic adventure of the NUMA team led by Kurt Austin against the mysterious Russian Cossack forces that aim to destroy the United States using a sinister underwater weapon. Page after page is filled with adrenaline pumping action, cheesy humor and Cussler's detailed description of submarines, yachts and everything that moves on, under or over sea- a testament to his passion for sea. His description of the action sequences makes you perfectly visualize everything that his happening and you feel like you are watching an action movie. Yes, the lines are cheesy, the characters stereotypical and the plot overblown, but its something I love to indulge from time to time!

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